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“My dear, my dear. My dear Tang, is this the kind of heartfelt affection you should grace me with?” Charles’ expression was one of exaggerated pain that only made it all the more difficult to believe him. Lately, he had been leaning towards theatricality and taking pointers from plays, putting on his own version of Shakespearean tragedies with a touch of .

“What?” Tang Feng couldn’t find anything heartfelt or affectionate on Charles. If it hadn’t been for Lu Tian Chen keeping Charles in check, Tang Feng felt the man wouldn’t have been able to resist acting out earlier.

Tang Feng didn’t understand why a playboy like Charles had fallen for him. Exactly which part of him did the man fall for? He didn’t want things to reach the point where Charles would be pining to death for him. As a result, besides his training class examination and the upcoming film with Gino, Tang Feng was also wondering how to get rid of Charles.

Playboys like Charles became bored easily, but Tang Feng wasn’t sure he could direct things toward the result he desired. Maintaining an ambiguous relationship with Charles wasn’t a desirable choice; besides, Tang Feng didn’t like leaving things that way.

Perhaps he should start treating Charles with indifference. It didn’t matter if Charles ended up hating him, Lu Tian Chen was there to protect him. As for Lu Tian Chen’s own feelings… At the moment, there was no need for Tang Feng to consider that problem.

Between being a man and a businessman, Lu Tian Chen definitely leaned towards the latter.

“You truly are cold, babe. You didn’t treat me like this before. What changed you?” Charles plopped down onto the sofa carelessly, spreading his arms and resting them on the back like a dirty millionaire. Raising his chin, he looked at the actor and said, “You told me that you didn’t have time today because you had to practice. But what did I see just now? Oh that’s right, our Tang Feng who should’ve been focusing on his job had spent half an hour alone inside his room with a little white rabbit.”

“You might think I’ve changed, but I merely stopped living the way you wanted me to. Charles, you don’t know the real me.”

Charles laughed loudly at Tang Feng’s response. “My dear, what are you saying? The real you is standing right in front of me. How could I not know?”


“Let me guess, you want to start a relationship with that rabbit? Forget it, my dear. That little rabbit doesn’t suit you at all. A man like you was born to be doted on by others.”

“Besides sex, what else can you talk about?”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sex. Even when I’m eighty, I want to keep loving. Just admit it, my dear, you actually want to be held by me. You miss my body.” Charles was drifting further from the topic at hand, a hint of indignation flickering in his eyes. “Even if you pretend to be mature and calm, I’ve seen your eyes. And they’ve told me that you’re actually lonely and hurt. You just haven’t noticed.”

“I don’t want to notice at all.” Tang Feng sighed and rubbed his forehead with his palm. “Charles, I still have things to do. If you don’t have anything important to say, we can talk another day.”

“You’re kicking me out?” Charles’ voice grew higher with a hint of disbelief.

“I only wish that you could show some understanding.” Tang Feng was certain a megalomaniac like Charles wouldn’t know how to sympathize with someone. For the most part, the consideration and gentleness Charles showed were results of the personal image he sought to display to the public.

Charles stood up suddenly and leveled a long look at Tang Feng. “I think I’ve shown you enough consideration, my dear.”

“Is that so? Should I thank you for that?” Tang Feng forced a smile.

“All right, all right. I won’t disturb your practice anymore.” For once, Charles left without saying more. Gazing at the closed door, Tang Feng let out a light sigh.


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Translator: Nannyn
Proofreaders: CC Britannia, Jinny

A popular Taiwanese novelist who is best known for writing the My Fair Princess series. Known for her melodramatic plotlines.

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  1. kezi says:

    This is why I love Charles. Despite being the most incompatible harem member, he manages to endear himself to Tang Feng through lots of effort.

  2. phat008 says:

    Thank you for the new chapters ^__^
    I kinda feel bad for Charles bc I think he may have “feelings” for Tang Feng, but here Tang Feng is pondering on how to get rid of Charles.

  3. Haven says:

    Thank you for the update! I’ve had a rough week but this really helped cheer me up :)!

  4. blackitty says:

    Somehow I’m on charles team! please keep updating!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    thanks a lot for your hard work ;)

  5. Vivi says:

    I support LTC. He is a cold bastard. But he is a cold and practical bastard. The earlier Tang Feng was a waste of money, he had nothing to offer but his pretty face. So obviously the cold bastard treated him like dirt. He’s not a good person by a long shot, but he seems like the type that would treat a person according to his merits and not his status or money. So president Lu it is. Ship sailed.

  6. Tanya says:

    Thank you so much for these 2 chapters ^^

    Poor Charles… Hard work for you to get Tang Feng lol

  7. Junki Yard says:

    Thanks for the update!

  8. Koala Htet says:

    Thanks for the update!
    I’m pinning for little white rabbit lol!
    Even though I know TF will never fall for him.

  9. Anna Tong says:

    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    boohoo i like lil rabbit better than charles :<

  10. Miri Skiecer says:

    For everyone who is unsatisfied with the two short chapters… Remember, it could be worse; we could be getting ONE chapter instead. Always be thankful and thanks for the chapters~

  11. hikari says:

    I know, i shouldnt be greedy..but this is not enough..need more Tang Feng

  12. Pouchki says:

    Charles oh Charles…*sigh*

    Thank’s for the chapter

  13. Asushi says:

    Eww, I sort of hate egotistical and clingy guys like Charles, scratch that, I REALLY hate guys like that. Sure he’s handsome and rich, but as a person, that sort of person that Charles is the worse kind of partner. I know honest affection is important in a relationship, but Tang Feng isn’t even in a real relationship with him, truly doesn’t feel that way for him, and as a experienced, wise, and old man Tang Feng truly is– that sort of guy just gets in the way of a career.

    • Andrea says:


    • ten says:

      I thought a fair amount of readers liked and preferred Charles.

      At the beginning of the story I was not fond of him because he seemed have varying degrees of opportunistic, manipulative and willful character traits. Combined that makes for a person who is looking to satisfy his needs and sees others as less and to be used by him. He also was dabbling in criminal practices. All that made him dangerous and a somewhat unsympathetic person.

      But the moment Charles couldn’t let go of TF, he also became clingy and started spouting nonsensical sappy lines. He didn’t change, he became worse xD Who would want a relationship with someone whose entire life focus is on himself (and to some extent sex) and forcing and wearing down his love interest so he can have his way? Imagine getting stuck with that every day :P

  14. tsuki_hana says:

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  15. Fruits Punch Samurai says:

    Oh, I feel sorry for Charles. I also, feel sorry for my Tang Feng, because he obviously only wants to ward off unwanted advances from Charles…
    Thank you so so much for these chapters! I’m glad I can start every month with a dose of this awesome novel!

  16. intan says:

    Soooooo fast. I hope in 15 Jul, the capter will be long. But thank u for ur hardwork n thank for always update the True star.LOVE it So Much.#Poor Charles, Tang Feng must be considerate for him,maybe he want TF to spent time with him#

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    • Lolli says:

      Well I feel for Charles too but you have to think back on the way they first met…..He pretty much raped Tang Feng and treated him like a commodity until he realized his feelings later on. So I can understand why Tang Feng just thinks this is a phase that Charles is going thru and that as time passes he’ll lose intesest.

      • Andrea says:

        I agree. Charles’ initial treatment of Tang Feng warrants this type of treatment from him. I guess people are quick to forget that the man drugged and practically raped our dear Tang *le sigh~.

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