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Time passed rapidly and in the blink of an eye, only six weeks remained until the filming for Director Li Wei’s movie started. True Star Training Class and Dream Lover would soon reach their endpoint as well.

Tang Feng’s phone was playing I Want Love by Elton John. With his door shut, Tang Feng faced the mirror in his bedroom and practiced acting to the song. Leary―their acting instructor―had given them an exam topic for their class two months ago. Placed in an empty room, each trainee would interpret a song through merely acting and eye expressions, without the use of any words or body language.

The song Tang Feng had chosen was one the public wouldn’t be familiar with. The reason he had chosen the song had much to do with his actual age, experiences, and frame of mind.

He replayed the song nonstop. After practicing five or six times, his phone vibrated and his ringtone replaced the song immediately. Tang Feng had no choice but to answer the phone. He should have put it on airplane mode beforehand.

Before he tapped on “Accept,” Tang Feng glanced at the screen. The familiar number displayed there made his lips quirk up in a smile.

Five minutes later, Tang Feng was no longer the only person inside his bedroom. Chen Ming Xu pulled a jar of honey out of a gift bag and said, “Since you’ll be undergoing exams in your training class in two weeks, I got some wild honey for you. My friend brought this back from . You can mix it with water and drink a glass every day. It’ll soothe your throat and it’s also good for your stomach.”

“Thanks.” Tang Feng stood off to the side and watched as Chen Ming Xu busied himself with preparing a glass of honey water. Since when had the tension in their relationship disappeared without him realizing? Tang Feng wondered to himself.

Carrying a glass of freshly mixed honey water, Chen Ming Xu walked over and sat beside Tang Feng. The soft cushions of the sofa dipped under his weight. “Here, have a taste.”

“It smells very fragrant. Wow, it’s very good. The best honey water I’ve ever had.”  The sweetness of the water spread from the tip of his tongue to the insides of his mouth and to the corners of his lips. Tang Feng praised the sweetness of the honey without holding back.

It had been more than a month since the time Chen Ming Xu fell sick and Tang Feng went to take care of him. After that day, Chen Ming Xu’s attitude towards Tang Feng changed for the better. No, it was more accurate to say the difference was like that of night and day.

Before, Chen Ming Xu would throw a few barbed remarks whenever he saw Tang Feng. The barbed remarks were still there, but they were now a covert form of concern, an awkward way of conveying his feelings. How wouldn’t Tang Feng be able to tell? All he had to do was look at the obvious smile in Cheng Ming Xu’s eyes to understand.

They sat together and chatted for a bit. The album Chen Ming Xu had put out years ago sold rather well, so the two of them had common topics to discuss when it came to music. Half an hour later, Chen Ming Xu left as Tang Feng still had practice and other tasks  to do.

The mutual understanding he and Chen Ming Xu had was a rather good way of getting along with each other.

Knock knock knock.

Less than five minutes after Chen Ming Xu left, Tang Feng walked over to open the door again upon hearing the knocks. Without glancing at the person outside, he said, “Did you forget something he―Umph!”

A tall man wearing an expensive three-piece suit barged into the room and roughly pulled Tang Feng into kiss while shutting the door behind him.

The kiss tasted like cigars but turned sweet as the taste of honey water still lingered inside Tang Feng’s mouth. It was light, sweet, and delicate, a kiss that spoke of longing and the pain of separation.

“Charles, what are you doing?” Tang Feng didn’t need to look at the man’s face to know who he was. The faint scent of cigar was the dead giveaway.

“I’m kissing you, babe.” Immediately after coming up for breath, Charles had the urge to kiss Tang Feng again. However, the actor reached out and brusquely covered the other’s mouth. Unexpectedly, Charles stuck out his tongue and started licking Tang Feng’s palm.

“Is today your mandatory monthly ‘Mating Day?’” Tang Feng released his hand and took two steps backwards to distance himself from Charles. After the various sequential eliminations in Dream Lover, only three celebrities remained on the show. As Charles took great pains to choose Tang Feng each time, the audience no longer worried about whom he would choose in the next episode. Rather, they were more curious about whether Tang Feng would continue to be chosen until the end of the show.

Additionally, more of the audience wanted to see the two of them date and fall in love.


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Translator: Nannyn
Proofreaders: CC Britannia, Jinny

Northeast China, consisting of the three provinces of Liaoning, Jilin, and Heilongjiang.

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  1. Realistically, Chen Ming Xu and Gino are infinitely better love interests than Charles and LTC, but for plot’s sake Tang Feng is probably gonna end up with either one of them or both

  2. Jay En says:

    lol, the current season of Dream Lover would be so boring in RL that the producers would be crying.

  3. Freeter says:

    Waii !! Freeter also wants to have annual ‘ Mating Daaaayy ! ‘ :D Freeter is back ! I mean Student . XD

  4. Dragon says:

    I totally forgot about that Dream Lover show… hahaha the audience will surely be disappointed, unless Tang Feng uses his amazing acting skills.

  5. phat008 says:

    Thank you for the new chapters ^__^
    I really enjoy Tang Feng’s dialogue with Charles…”Is today your mandatory monthly ‘Mating Day?'”….lol

  6. Anna Tong says:

    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    there’s much yaoi manga translated >.<
    please please there going to be much more yaoi novel to be translated!!!

  7. Nashrif says:

    I think I’m starting to hate tang Feng. He’s old and too cold. Too experienced. Too hard on Charles. That guy’s the only one unconditionally in love with him. He should just soften up already and fall in love with him! He’s too perfect to even exist and it’s annoying the hell out of me! Stupid old fuvkfuck!

    • Andrea says:

      Why is Tang Feng cold to Charles?

      1. He was bought by Charles from Lu Tian Chen to be his sort of sex slave. What normal person buys a human being?
      2. He brought Tang Feng to his house, drugged him, and raped him. All in one day. Wow.
      3. Charles is a playboy. That much is obvious. He switches from one lover to another in under a month– his word not mine. This makes people wary usually, you know.
      4. How would he know Charles is in love? Charles is probably in love with a thousand other men, p-l-a-y-b-o-y remember?
      5. The man practically just always wants sex. WTH.

      He seems sweet now, but let’s not forget what he did to Tang Feng before. TF has good reasons as to why he’s cold to Charles.

      • Koala Htet says:

        took words out of my mouth.
        And however perfect or nice a person is, if you don’t fall in love with him…you don’t fall in love with him. Emotions are not something out of logic.
        And even if you think logically, TF is a household name (in past life) and he’s used to that kind of affection towards him. He’s seen thousands of men and women swoon over him. The guy has only one heart. He can’t share it to all.
        You hating him based on his age and experience? Sorry to tell you. You’ll be his age when the time comes and will be even older if you’re lucky. But on experience ground…ugh..let’s not go there. Someone who cannot appreciate the lessons life has offered is called ignorant person. TF is basically the best student.
        And Charles being the only one who loves him ‘unconditionally’ ? Puh-leese!
        Chen Ming Xu is way better candidate on that area. He even loved someone like past TF who was a spoiled, messed up kid. He now have a very good relationship with current TF. When TF is with him in a room, he doesn’t need to put his guard up and defend himself from continuous sexual advances or think about deals and business like with LTC. Even LTC is better than Charles on that ground. He act like an adult which goes well with TF since both of them are mature. He knows when to push and when to pull. He may kiss TF and make moves on him occasionally but he always use his brain and put their business deal as priority. What’s more. He RESPECTS Tang Feng for his talent. TF has always been an artist both his lives. He’s born to be acknowledged for his talent and is glad to be that way. In case of Charles, he only want to keep TF as a pet. He wants to spoil him and shower him with luxury. He won’t care if TF quits entertainment world or not. And everytime he sees TF, he thinks with his d*ck. I can see TF is clearly not impressed by his playboy moves. Looks and money can only take him so far. TF used to have both of those and he doesn’t lust for those things.
        Now tell me again why Tang Feng needs to choose him over others? Oh and, he still has Gino and Esmeralda guy lol.

    • Ruth says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Too old and too cold, too experienced with being careful and wise and calm and being on guard. It’s like there is no emotions in him other than 100% dedication to his profession which is sort of strange for a young main character like Tang Feng. He works, he eats, he sleeps, takes baths. That’s it. In other words, his old soul took over this young body and young heart. As if there were no reciprocal influence from this young body and young heart, of his young brain and the peaking hormones on his soul.

  8. tsuki_hana says:

    Thanks so much for the chapter!

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