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Warm sunlight trickled down to earth from the dark blue skies. Each fragment of light carried with it the fragrance of the sun. They tumbled, fell, and dusted the people below like sand flowing through a sieve. Horses’ hooves thudded across the ground, raising up clouds of red earth as they went. Mixed with the sunlight, the dust seemed like a sandstorm belonging to the world of ants.

Sweat dripped through his riding helmet as Tang Feng grasped the reins of his horse and urged it into a trot. Beside him was Lu Tian Chen, decked out in similar riding gear.

“Don’t be scared,” Lu Tian Chen said.

Like he had promised, Lu Tian Chen took two hours from his schedule to give Tang Feng a horse riding lesson. An hour had already passed and Tang Feng’s biggest improvement was that he could hold the reins by himself and trot around the riding fields. Occasionally, Lu Tian Chen still had to come over and give the reins a tug so that Tang Feng’s horse didn’t wander off by itself to snack on the grass.

“I will do my best to befriend it.” Tang Feng patted his horse’s neck and smiled.

Even though he hadn’t improved much today, it was still an improvement, right? After being baked under the sun for over an hour, the two men moved to the side to rest and watched as the horses grazed on the grass. Suddenly, Tang Feng remembered something he wanted to ask.

“President Lu,  is there any misunderstanding between Chen Ming Xu and me?” The only person Tang Feng could ask was Lu Tian Chen as he didn’t really have any friends by his side.

All right, it was more accurate to say he didn’t have a single friend that he could openly talk about this kind of stuff.

In the month after Tang Feng woke up from his dive into the ocean, people had come to find him to hang out. However, they wanted him to go gambling and drinking. Without hesitation, Tang Feng cut off all communication with those people. Some people were never happy being degenerates by themselves, they had to drag others down to hell with them in order to be happy. The most unfortunate thing about the past Tang Feng was that he had no one beside him to pull him up from that hell.

When you are incapable of picking yourself up as well as not having any friends by your side, the only choice left would be falling into the abyss of the deep sea.

“If the ‘misunderstanding’ you’re talking about is the matter of you sleeping with Chen Ming Xu and refusing to admit to it afterwards, then I don’t think it counts as a misunderstanding at all.” As expected, Lu Tian Chen knew the answer to everything. Tang Feng had asked the right person after all. However, the answer Lu Tian Chen gave him was beyond the limit of his expectations.

Good grief! He and Chen Ming Xu actually had that sort of relationship? And what did Lu Tian Chen mean by saying that he had refused to admit to it?

Lu Tian Chen glanced at the bewildered Tang Feng. He said nonchalantly, “The truth is that boy liked you from very early on. But you were a bastard, or to put it nicely, an inconsiderate and immature kid who didn’t know any better. You only went to find Chen Ming Xu when you needed his help with something, like when you ran out of money.”

That did sound immature. Feeling a headache coming on, Tang Feng rubbed his temples.

“Then how did I end up…” Sleeping with him!

“You were drunk and the two of you ended up sleeping together. In the morning, you ran off.” Lu Tian Chen lifted his mouth in a semblance of a smirk. “Don’t ask me why I know all this. You’ve created a lot of trouble for me in the past. All right, don’t think about Chen Ming Xu anymore. If you feel guilty, then go find him and explain everything to him clearly. Apologize to him. Though I don’t think an apology would solve the problem. At least it’s better than keeping it all inside.”

Tang Feng sighed and forced a smile. “You’re right. I think I owe Chen Ming Xu an explanation.”

But where should he start explaining? The real Tang Feng had passed on. Should he tell Chen Ming Xu that he was actually Fiennes? Even if that were the truth, it might sound like a terrible excuse in other people’s ears.

Whether it was Chen Ming Xu or the past Tang Feng, they were all pitiable, immature kids. The past Tang Feng who had loved Lu Tian Chen lived in misery. Wasn’t it the same with Chen Ming Xu?

Even if Chen Ming Xu was a bit more mature than the past Tang Feng, he wouldn’t feel any better about being overlooked all the time.

He definitely needed to do something. Besides living out Tang Feng’s life for him, he needed to do something about the debt the past Tang Feng had left behind.


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