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Charles sat glumly at the dining table. He stared at Tang Feng, who was chatting away pleasantly with Lu Tian Chen. Gazing upon the scene, Charles’ expression was like that of a jealous wife who had been separated from her husband for too long. How he missed that one month with Tang Feng when the actor had been with him day and night.

Back then, Tang Feng had been both charming and delightful. During the day. he was a gentle, understanding, and adorable man. At night however, he turned into an enchanting demon that demanded the love of everyone who gazed upon him. Ah, just thinking about the nights they had made Charles happy.

But what was going on now?

“Tang, are you just going to flirt with my good friend right in front of me? I am angry!” Charles said belligerently while savagely cutting up his steak with his knife and fork.

Tang Feng glanced at Charles, and then…did nothing.

Tang Feng had no plans of engaging Charles in such a worthless conversation. He turned back to Lu Tian Chen and said, “I’m a man. I don’t need a stunt double for nude scenes. The contract even stated that there wouldn’t be any explicit nudity. At most, only my back will be seen.”

Do you really expect a man who had lived for almost forty years in the open-minded West to be embarrassed to death just because he has to show his little brother onscreen? Even when Tang Feng was seventeen he never thought that way.

“What? There’s nudity in your film?” Charles’ attention was quickly caught by Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen’s conversation. He tossed his fork and knife onto the table and leaned back in his chair like a gang leader. He grounded out, “I don’t consent to this! Only I am allowed to see your body!”

Tang Feng nonchalantly picked up his glass and took a sip of wine. Glancing reproachfully at the stone-faced Lu Tian Chen, he grumbled, “I don’t know why you called Charles over.”

“It’s because what we are about to discuss requires Charles’ input.” Lu Tian Chen tapped his fingers on the table and turned to look at his old friend. “You were the one who incited Albert and caused all these problems.”

“Hey, don’t phrase it that way. I just wanted to show that classless pervert how superior my taste is and how exceptional the men I favor are. Those little kittens by his side can’t compare at all.” Charles’ gaze fell on the Tang Feng, who was still calmly eating his dinner. He spread his hands and exclaimed, “I admit I made Albert realize the difference between his kittens and Tang Feng, but I never thought he would be so shameless as to fight with me over someone.”

“You are like children fighting over a toy.” Tang Feng smiled helplessly as he cut a slice of tender steak and savored the flavor.

Lu Tian Chen raised an eyebrow and said, “There’s a child in every man’s heart.”

“Then what kind of child lives in your heart?” Tang Feng asked curiously.

Feeling neglected, Charles immediately cut in to answer, “Just by looking at that icy face of his you’d know he was a repressed kid. What else can he be? My dear Tang, be careful of getting too chummy with Lu Tian Chen. He may look cold and indifferent, but he’s actually a man-eating lion inside.”

“Thank you for the reminder. But because of Albert, I’ll have to pretend to be friends with benefits with both of you in the future.” If he left Charles and Lu Tian Chen to it, it would take them until tomorrow morning to return to the topic at hand. Tang Feng decided to take care of it himself and directed the conversation back to Albert. After all, this matter was related to his own personal security.

“You can pretend with Lu Tian Chen, but do the real thing with me,” Charles said without skipping a beat.

“You should ask for Tang Feng’s opinions first,” Lu Tian Chen replied lightly.

Tang Feng shrugged and said, “I’m not easy to chase, especially under these circumstances. I just want to work peacefully.”

“I will give you the time and space to work. As for the rest of the time, I will definitely be a perfect lover!” Charles raised his chin with matchless arrogance.

“My reply is the same: Remember to line up. Good luck.” Tang Feng narrowed his eyes and chuckled. He was starting to doubt whether anything useful would come out of this dinner.


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    Do you really expect a man who had lived for almost forty years in the open-minded West to be embarrassed to death just because he has to show his little brother onscreen? Even when Tang Feng was seventeen he never thought that way.

    GOD this is so totally my favorite! thanks you so much!

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