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A luxurious mansion, designer clothes―Lu Tian Chen obviously intended on packaging Tang Feng as a celebrity of style and quality rather than one that seemed easy to approach.

Despite all that, the outward packaging didn’t really add anything Tang Feng didn’t himself already possess. Tang Feng’s personality and mannerisms matched well with the designer items he was wearing. Even when clad in a custom-made suit by Gucci or Louis Vuitton and wearing a Swiss-made timepiece by Patek Philippe, Lu Tian Chen did not see any clashes or overshadowing of the actor by the luxurious items.

For some people, even if they were wearing the most expensive clothes available, they wouldn’t look any better than what they originally did. For others, they would look good whether they were wearing cheap-end shirts or expensive suits.

Some people were never born to be an actor or a singer, but some had been ordained to become a true star the moment they were born.

The theme of the photoshoot today was freedom. The photographer hoped that Tang Feng could relax and display his unique charms instead of relying on an established template of poses. The public liked sincerity, and liked seeing it in celebrities even more. No one liked celebrities who put on airs.

For Tang Feng, photoshoots were things he could do with both hands tied behind his back. Not to mention, he had no plans of hiding anything about himself in today’s shoot. When the camera pointed at him, he would adopt a suitable pose that matched the theme exactly.

At first, Tang Feng went with gentlemanly and handsome poses, appearing like a modern aristocrat. The photos turned out quite well, but like the photographer had said, Tang Feng needed to bring out his own unique charms. If their goal was simply to take good photos, there were a bunch of models who could do it better than Tang Feng.

After becoming familiar with the photographer, Tang Feng started fooling around with his poses. He pulled at his neat tie, making it skewed.

The photographer quickly clicked the shutter and memorialized the moment. While doing so, he praised the actor and inwardly rejoiced at the speed at which he had taken the photo. He was under the impression that he had captured a shot of Tang Feng at his most charming point.

The photographer had taken photos of many celebrities before. Often, the photos printed inside a magazine might be the only few successful shots out of hundreds. Just when the photographer was rejoicing that he had taken a successful shot of Tang Feng this early on, the actor showed him that this was only the beginning of the shoot.

“I want to do something bolder.” Tang Feng seemed to be becoming high off the thrill of the shoot. As it was the first photoshoot of his rebirth―the theme also being “freedom”―Tang Feng felt he needed to liberate himself.

The photographer was extremely happy when he heard the actor. They didn’t fear celebrities who fooled around and struck weird poses, they were more afraid of celebrities who never tried to experiment. “All right. As long as you’re comfortable.”

Tang Feng pulled his tie straight off and bound his own wrists together. He looked at the camera and made a humorously exaggerated expression, as if surprised to find that he’d been bound by a tie.

If the first few sets of photos displayed Tang Feng’s charming masculinity, maturity, capability, and high-classed air, then the following sets of photos displayed his playfulness and showed that he was a child at heart.

Tang Feng would beam a bright smile at the camera as he lay on the couch with messy clothes. One foot would be on the floor while the other placed on the armrest. His carefree and audacious poses would sometimes make the staff members nearby blush out of shyness, their heartbeats skipping up a notch.

Most of the public still linked unoriginal monikers like “Classic Male Beauty” and “Refined Gentleman” to Tang Feng’s name. When they see the photos from today though, they’d definitely have a new understanding of the actor. The steady and calm man would narrow his eyes and bite his fingertips while staring at the camera. He would widen his eyes and stare into the lens with an innocent and pitiful expression as if trying to curry favor with someone. But not a minute later, he would morph his expression into a vicious one and a murderous gleam would appear in his eyes.

The photoshoot progressed at an unprecedented, smooth rate. Not knowing the meaning of tired, the photographer and Tang Feng ran all over the mansion taking photos. Lu Tian Chen stayed near them, following the entire shoot. He didn’t step up to stop any of Tang Feng’s actions. Seeing the results of the shoot, he realized that Tang Feng not only had the potential to become a great actor, but also a great model.

Once the camera was aimed at him, the charm Tang Feng exuded made people unable to stare directly at him out of shyness and awe. Sometimes, Lu Tian Chen felt as if he had been living under an illusion. Was the Tang Feng who chatted with him daily really the same as the Tang Feng before the camera?

As everything went very smoothly, the entire shoot only took till noon.

Tang Feng’s likable attitude allowed him to make friends easily. If not for the fact that the photographer had another job in the afternoon, they’d probably get together and chat over afternoon tea.

“You should stay and have dinner. Charles will be coming around too,” Lu Tian Chen said after the magazine’s camera team left.

To Tang Feng, that didn’t sound like a dinner he was especially looking forward to.


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