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“I’ve read a few works about China. In one of them, it mentioned how after a phoenix bursts into flame, it will be reborn from its own ashes. Of course, that has to do with fire. You fell into the ocean,” Albert added a long stream of strange-sounding sentences.

“Mr. Tang, can you tell me? I’m obviously uninterested in your type of person, yet why do I become more curious the more I learn about you? Also, in a world this big, the two of us managed to meet here by chance! God has let us meet. This is our destiny!” Albert’s expression made it seem like he was performing a Shakespearian play.

At that thought, Tang Feng felt an urge to laugh, but he resisted. Nodding slightly, he said, “Yes, maybe. Albert, exactly what are you trying to say?”

Albert narrowed his eyes and leaned in towards Tang Feng. With a slight smile on his lips, he responded, “I don’t know either. Perhaps you can tell me?”

“You’re merely bored for the moment and want to pass the time by teasing me. People like me can be found everywhere on the streets.” Even though Albert leaned in towards him, Tang Feng sat in his spot with a smile, appearing calm on the surface. However, he was thinking about what he should do next. If Albert could leave in the next few minutes, that would be the best. But thinking of the worst possible scenarios, Tang Feng felt he should probably ask for help.

Albert shook his head repeatedly at Tang Feng’s answer. “No, it’s not like that. When Charles first brought you in front of me, I already thought you were different from others. When I returned to the United States, I realized something: even Lu Tian Chen seems to care about you.”

Pretending that he was shifting positions, Tang Feng leaned forward and used the opportunity to take his phone out of his back pocket. Meanwhile, he stared at Albert to keep the other’s attention on his eyes. “Lu Tian Chen? I don’t think that’s the case. I’m only his employee. Plus, he knows I can make money for him.”

“You are unique, is that it?” Albert seemed to like answering with questions.

Using his memory, Tang Feng typed in a series of numbers on the keypad. As if nothing was happening, Tang Feng continued speaking with Albert. “Yes, but every single person is unique.”

Albert smiled and shook his head. “No, no, no, you aren’t the same. Few people can remain as calm as you when facing me. Not to mention… right now you’re secretly asking for help on your phone.”

He got exposed? Tang Feng sighed, as expected, he really wouldn’t make it as a spy. As he had already been exposed, there was no need for him to hide anymore. He didn’t want to enrage Albert.

Tang Feng placed his phone on the table. The phone’s screen showed that the call had already connected and that the one at the end of the line was Lu Tian Chen.

“So you saw, I thought I was hiding it rather well.”

Despite knowing that Tang Feng had been secretly calling for help, Albert wasn’t the slightest bit angry. In fact, his mood improved when he heard Tang Feng’s straightforward confession.

“I was born to do this line of work. Nothing can be concealed from my eyes.” Albert raised his chin. Nobody would reject words of praise from others, especially when the “other” in this case was someone Albert was greatly interested in.

“I have to admit, if you’re acting right now, then your acting skills are truly astounding. But I believe you’re acting as yourself at the moment.” Albert spread his arms and chuckled. He stood from his seat, collected Tang Feng’s phone from the table, and ended the call to Lu Tian Chen. Afterwards, Albert stepped towards Tang Feng. While doing so, he said, “I like beautiful things. Like the flower bud before it blossoms. Like the pure, green skin of a sour apple that has yet to ripen and become red. I… have the patience to wait however long I need to.”

Stopping right behind Tang Feng, Albert bent down and placed his mouth right next to the actor’s ear. The warm breath on his earlobe gave Tang Feng a somewhat strange and uncomfortable feeling.

“I will wait until the day you become the brightest star in the sky.” Albert then returned the phone to Tang Feng. Taking advantage of the moment, Albert clasped the actor’s hand in a tight grip. “Not a bit of sweat, trembling, or even a hint of panic. Your exceeding calm is very likable.”

“It’s the fundamental requirement for an actor.” Tang Feng lifted his eyes and looked towards the door. Lu Tian Chen was standing there, slightly out of breath.

Albert also noticed Lu Tian Chen. Smiling, he straightened up and walked towards the door. “President Lu, we meet again.”

Lu Tian Chen pushed aside the two watchdogs blocking the doorway. Seeing that Tang Feng was alright, Lu Tian Chen did not hurry over to the actor’s side but glanced coldly at Albert and said, “I believe our deal has already ended.”


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  1. I am REALLY hating on Albert right now. ^_^

  2. Eva says:

    Go tang! You have balls of steel! Lol. Even though Albert is kinda creepy and psychotic he is still very fascinating to read about. Poor tang, he’s like a magnet for the thuggish type. Is he gonna become even more embroiled in the underworld? I have no doubt he would be able to handle it with style.

  3. Samantha Heart says:

    Yes! THANK GOD FOR LU! XD I give him props for saving him. Words cannot describe how much I HATE ALBERT. Like seriously, he comes off as someone who isn’t very sane. Plus, Tang doesn’t have any intrest in him what so ever. Doesn’t even want to SIT near him. Get the hint Albert. However, starting to like Gino a bit more. At least he’s honest about what he was saying. ^^

  4. phat008 says:

    Thank you for the new chapters!! Albert is indeed a dangerous man…but because of that he is really interesting to read about.

  5. klakamol says:

    I’m just so confused rn
    Who is Albert exactly?
    Why he know so much
    How?? Such a mysterious character

    • lolkika says:

      Well Albert and Tang Feng met because Charles wanted to get high. (Albert is a drug dealer)
      It was a love at first sight for Albert, for he got immediately interested after meeting him.
      However, Tang Feng’s did not like, or scared of him because of his work. (or something like that….)
      Charles went to Lu Tian Chen complaining saying he likes the current Tang Feng, he doesn’t want the sick bastard to get interested with Tang Feng.
      So Lu Tian Chen showed Albert some of the previous Tang Feng bad acting films and videos. He got totally disinterested, since Albert’s a picky lover.

      Well that sum it.

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