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“True, he did have heart disease. However, you’d never remember that if you were standing right next to him. You’d never think Fiennes was someone who could die at any moment from the onset of a heart attack.” Gino’s voice turned gentle, carrying with it a hint of worship. “He was such an optimistic person. He always strove to improve himself and was hardworking to a fault. Moreover, he knew how to live a good life better than anyone else did.

“His type of person is very attractive. Who wouldn’t love someone who brings so much vitality to his surroundings? When you talk with him, you’d feel that every mundane day was wonderful. You’d try to improve yourself along with him. It was inconceivable. I admired him, but I was also envious of him. I used to quarrel with him for no reason. I know I didn’t hate him. I only wanted… to get closer to him.” Stirring his coffee with a porcelain spoon, Gino smiled bitterly. “Because I knew I would never be able to become someone like him.”

It was a strange yet fantastic feeling being able to hear Gino’s opinions about himself from an outsider’s perspective. Tang Feng never knew Gino felt this way about him. Nevertheless, Gino’s past actions and words concerning him were unavoidably childish.

“From what you say, he truly sounds like a good person.” Tang Feng praised himself without holding back. It was a rather good feeling.

Gino laughed in response. “You’re right. I once wondered that if I were in his shoes―an abandoned orphan with genetic heart disease―would I be able to stand up on my own or would I resort to blaming everyone around me for my predicaments? Even if I were able to pick myself up, I think it’d be difficult for me to climb to Fiennes’ position. Even now, I can only gaze at his back and continue to climb.”

It was wonderful being complimented like this; so much that Tang Feng didn’t mind consoling this junior actor of his. “You’re a Hollywood star right now. Even if you are to compete with him, you aren’t that far below.”

Gino shook his head and replied, “Who can even compete with that old man? He’s a natural-born actor. He was made to succeed in this industry. In the future when people talk about him, they’re going to describe him as ‘a greatly respected actor.’ As for people like me, all we’ll get is ‘a very popular star.’ A title like that can be easily taken by someone new.”

Tang Feng didn’t even notice that Gino had described him as “a greatly respected actor.” What had Gino called him just now? An old man? Please, he hadn’t even been forty when he died. Men were supposed to be at the height of their maturity and charm in their late thirties. He wasn’t old at all.

“I don’t think Fiennes is an old man. He’s at the age when men are the most charming.” You cheeky youngster!

In those Top 100 Sexiest Men Around the World lists in magazines, more than half of the men were older than thirty-five. Only teenage girls would like cheeky youngsters like Gino.

Gino glanced curiously at Tang Feng when he heard the other’s retort. “You care about him?”

“He’s my idol.” Tang Feng quickly came up with an excuse.

“No wonder you’re so similar to him. So you’re emulating him.” Gino’s reply almost made Tang Feng cough out blood in anger.

Emulating? His personality was normally like this, all right? Tang Feng hesitated over whether he should fling the remainder of his coffee at Gino or not.

“This is my normal personality.” Tang Feng’s voice was heavier than usual, clearly somewhat unhappy.

Gino quickly waved his hands in surrender. “All right. I’m sorry. I was wrong. Forgive me? Tang Feng is definitely a unique person. He’s not emulating anyone at all.”

Tang Feng didn’t even have the energy to retort. What kind of an apology was that? Gino acted like he was comforting a child.

At that moment, Gino’s phone rang. The actor picked up the call and responded to the other side with a few sentences. Afterwards, he found a piece of paper and spoke in an apologetic voice while scribbling something down. “My manager needs to see me for something. I have to go. This is my private cell phone number and messenger ID. Remember to contact me!”

“Okay,” Tang Feng responded.

“Remember, you definitely have to contact me!” It seemed like Gino was in a hurry as he immediately strode away after leaving behind the piece of paper.

Tang Feng sighed. Just when he was about to pick up the slip of paper, someone else got to it first. Tang Feng looked up: a pale man with golden hair was standing in front of him.


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