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A few customers sat in the coffee shop located on a terrace midway up the hotel while a cool afternoon breeze brushed over them. The fragrant aroma of coffee lingered in the air and a display of intricate desserts was arranged in front of them…everything was relaxing and comfortable.

Gino lightly swirled his coffee, his eyes on the man reading the script across from him. He looked down at the script occasionally as well, but most of the time, his line of sight was on Tang Feng. There was an oddly familiar feeling about the other actor. Just what was it about him?

The feeling had been there since they’d first met. It was also the reason he’d asked Director Li Wei to give Tang Feng a chance. When one of Lu Tian Chen’s assistants had called, asking him to contact Tang Feng, much to his own surprise, he agreed even though he rarely participated in variety shows.

“Even if you keep staring at me, I won’t turn into a flower.” Turning the page, Tang Feng took a sip of his coffee without looking up. He took his coffee without sugar or milk, it was an old habit of his that never changed.

Gino rested his chin on his hand; his sunglasses covering his eyes. With a slight smile, he said, “You’re already a flower.”

“If I’m a flower, then what are you?” Tang Feng snickered. It was the first time someone had compared him to a flower.

“Me? As for me, I’m the gardener who takes care of the flowers, but I could also be a flower thief.” Gino laughed as he spoke. “What do you think?”

“I find you boring. What you say is silly without any significant value. If you really were a gardener, then you wouldn’t be able to grow any flowers at all.” Raising an eyebrow, Tang Feng spoke in an uninterested, bored tone.

Gino’s eyes suddenly widened. “Tang, do you know? Ever since the first time I saw you, I’ve had a very weird feeling, like I’ve met you before.”

Tang Feng’s heart skipped a beat, but he continued looking down at the script. He had read up to the point where the two characters were bickering at each other. Thinking of their past and now the present, Tang Feng quietly laughed to himself. At that moment, it certainly seemed like they were “quarrelsome lovers.”

“I know I’m your dream lover. You don’t need to repeat it,” Tang Feng joked.

“No, not that,” Gino shook his head, eyes still staring at Tang Feng, as if trying to decipher the other’s thoughts. In the end, all he saw was an indifferent, composed man drinking coffee.

“Do you know Fiennes Tang?” Gino asked.

“Yes, of course, he’s famous.” Not only that, the two of them were very familiar with each other.

Gino continued, “Tang, you’re really similar to him. Even your names are the same. Look, you both like coffee without sugar.”

“This is a preference that many people could have.”

“Not just this. You probably can’t imagine it, but what you just said is exactly the same as what Fiennes had told me before. He always told me that I’m a boring and silly person, and that everything I said was meaningless.” With a hint of sadness in his eyes, Gino sighed, “Fiennes was a really good man, but… Even God was jealous of him, and took him away early as a punishment.”

Tang Feng raised his head and put the script in his bag. They were supposed to be discussing the movie, but not even one sentence of their conversation so far had anything to do with it. Since the topic was on “Fiennes Tang” now, Tang Feng’s interest piqued. He wanted to know what kind of person he was from Gino’s point of view.

After all, Gino had just said that he was a good man.

“It sounds like you were really close with him,” Tang Feng said. “What kind of person was he?”

“Fiennes?” Gino shook his head and smiled. As though reminiscing the past, he looked at the cup of black coffee in his hands. “He looked mature, calm, and charismatic on the outside, but he’s actually proud and self-assured. Sometimes you can’t help but tease him. For some reason, I especially liked seeing him bristle all over.”

“I recall that he had heart disease.” Treating a sick person like that, Gino, you bastard!


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  1. phat008 says:

    TF is like the ultimate snooty neko-chan….very high handed and proud ^__^

  2. phat008 says:

    OOOh….TF wants to hear Gino’s insight of Fiennes….kinda unfair, but excellent read. Thank you for the quick update for the past chapters….looking forward to this ^___^

  3. KT says:

    Oh, how interesting, I feel like Gino had a crush on the original Tang.

  4. AnAn says:

    wow They’re look cute with each other and suitable than I though!

  5. Opal says:

    Love tang feng! Thank you for translation. I wish we could have a new chapter everyday.

  6. joyce says:

    Tang is acting super cute.. and hard to get!! so exciting! i wonder who tang ends up with. thanks for translating!!

  7. Porchesama says:

    Thank you for the translation >_<

  8. belllda says:

    Thank you! :) ♥

  9. Fulmine Raiden says:

    I seriously snicker at the last line
    Thanks for the translation
    More please!

  10. D.D says:

    Soo it basically kindergarten syndrome… You like em’ bully em’
    That what i think when I read Feng F/B bout Gino
    Gino/Feng = Kindergarten syndrome
    Lu/Feng = Tsundere I love you not syndrome
    Char/Feng = Playboy first true love syndrome
    Al/Feng = Possessive YOU BELONG TO ME ONLY ME syndrome
    and Ge Chen n Feng basically ‘only kid that suddenly got new brother’ type of jealousy n ‘I love everything that you love that I will make them mine’
    BTW I ship Al/Feng

    • belllda says:

      This is so true!!! :) ♥

    • kezi says:

      I like your taste. My favorite seme is a tie between Al and Charles. I like Lu too but I’ve seen his character type too many times in other stories so I’m not too invested. Although admittedly he’s probably the best pick for Tang Feng- patient, kind, caring(not so much in the beginning ) and most of all keeps out of Tang Feng’s personal space which Tang Feng really appreciates lol

      As for the rest, Al is a nut and Charles cracks me up and that’s why I love them. Makes their conversations with Tang much more interesting. Even Gino is cute in a boy next door sort of way. In fact I just like everybody, even Ge Chen, which is rare for me XD (wait I lied, the one character I dislike hasn’t shown up in the story yet).

      • D.D says:

        Well gotta say I to had hard time deciding between Al@Charles…
        but whatever maybe they can get together like threesome

  11. Mori says:

    Officially switched to this ship. Team Gino!!

  12. Asu says:

    As tempting as Gino seems, I’m still all for President and Charles.
    Thank you for chapter! I hope to see more from this story since it has been capturing my attention the most out of all the other stories you guys are translating. I’m all set to see TF being an actor again and blowing everyone away.

  13. Reisi says:

    Honestly, outta of all the guys I like Gino the most. It isn’t just the bickering but the past chemistry these two had together. It makes them a really nice couple, you can tell Gino really cared for him.

  14. libraryrocker says:

    Kya!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I ship, I shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

  15. Asushi says:

    Oh my gosh, please go for Gino. I am all for Gino.

  16. Reader says:

    Thx for the chapters! They’re so cute. I don’t ship them but Gino’s love for him is sweet. Also, “I find you . ” I think there’s a missing word? I find you what?

  17. Koala Htet says:

    First, it was Charles.
    And it was President.
    Now Gino joins the gang!
    I have the most positive opinion on Gino out of all the love rivals huehuehue. I still don’t ship him with Feng though. But the bickering between those two certainly bring a refreshing air into the story.

  18. teckie says:

    ohohohoh! this interactions were fun: D

    I can’t stop picturing Gino as adalbert from KKM xD

    thanks for the yummy coffee ~ I mean, chapter xD

  19. re says:

    Lol, that last line!

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