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Tang Feng didn’t leave the hotel for two days straight. If he wasn’t reading a book inside his room, he would be actively working out in the gym. Tang Feng’s current body was in rather good shape and he hoped he could keep it that way. Moreover, for a man who could never run in the past in fear of a heart attack, being able to exercise and work up a sweat was simply a great feeling.

Lu Tian Chen would sometimes pull Tang Feng along for a game of tennis. At first, Tang Feng suffered utter defeat at the hands of a seasoned player like Lu Tian Chen. But Tang Feng was a fast learner, even though he still wasn’t able to beat Lu Tian Chen in a game, at least his score wasn’t zero anymore.

Just like this, he passed two leisurely days. Tang Feng was going to meet with Director Li Wei the next day. Even though it was well before the prearranged meeting time, Tang Feng had already arrived at the meeting place. Luckily, he was meeting Director Li Wei in the exact hotel Lu Tian Chen had booked. All Tang Feng had to do was take the elevator to the right floor.

Tang Feng looked down at his watch. There was still half an hour left until nine. It wasn’t too early or too late: just the right time for him to show up.

The young actor took a deep breath and pulled lightly at his collar. Tang Feng did his best to remain calm. He might look completely unperturbed on the outside, but he couldn’t suppress the faint excitement in his heart.

Ever since he was first nominated for the International Award for Best Actor, Tang Feng never had to go through an interview again. However, it wasn’t too difficult for him to get accustomed to auditioning for roles once more. After all, he wasn’t an international star or a well-known actor at the moment. He was simply a nameless small-time celebrity from China. After adjusting his state of mind, Tang Feng strode into the elevator and pushed the button for the right floor. Slowly, the elevator doors closed upon itself.

“Albert, what were you looking at just now? A man, right? Wow. You got tired of your old toy and found a new one already?” A tall, young man wearing sunglasses said in a somewhat jealous voice. While speaking, the youth walked over to a green-eyed man’s side.

The young man wearing sunglasses looked to be about twenty years old. His height and stylish way of dress drew many eyes to him as he walked across the hotel lobby. The tall youth didn’t spare a glance at anyone, instead he headed directly towards a man who had just stepped inside the hotel.

The green eyes of the man in question seemed to be covered with a layer of ice. Under the lamplights, the man’s golden hair gave off a resplendent shine that charmed the eyes. Only, the prominent gloomy expression on his face warded off anyone who might’ve thought about approaching him.

“Ah, I just saw a familiar face by chance.” Albert retracted his eyes from the elevator, a small smile gracing his lips. He slid an arm around the young man’s waist and led him towards the elevator.

“You didn’t let me pick you up at the airport, but I’ll look past that. Now you’re staring at some other man right in front of my eyes. If I didn’t come here today, you’d probably forget all about me.” The young man smiled and leaned against Albert.

The two of them stopped before the elevator. Albert pressed a button and looked at the floor number displayed above as the elevator came back down. Quietly, he said, “I’ll give you ten seconds to get lost from my sight. Ten…”

The young man didn’t know why the attitude of the previously smiling Albert did such a sudden flip. But when he heard the countdown, he immediately broke into a run and left Albert’s side, his hurry to leave drawing many curious glances. He knew of Albert’s kindness, but had also personally witnessed the man’s cruelty.

“Hi, Esmeralda. We meet again.”  Lifting his lips in a smile, Albert cracked his neck left and right. “This is what we call destiny. God had ordained us to meet here, to continue our destiny.”

In another room inside the hotel, Tang Feng met with Director Li Wei once again. Although the clock hadn’t hit nine, the director was already there, waiting. Besides the director, there were a few other people that Tang Feng didn’t recognize inside the room. It seemed like they were the director’s manager and assistants.

Like two old friends, Tang Feng and the director hugged in greetings.

“You came early. We’re still waiting for another person, so why don’t you sit with us for a while?” Director Li Wei smiled and asked.

“There’s another person?” Tang Feng asked suspiciously. Was it an actor from another country competing for the same role?

“Yes. Oh, speak of the devil, here he is.” Director Li Wei smiled and looked in the direction of the door. “Gino, we were all waiting for you.”

“Eh? Am I late?” Gino spread out his hands in a shrug. The internationally well-known actor had a pair of oversized sunglasses perched on his nose and a wild mess for hair on top. Gino leaned against the door frame and smiled at the occupants of the room.

“No, you aren’t late, we all just came early. But if we look at it that way, you might as well be late.”

Gino took off his sunglasses and glanced at the man who had spoken. With a big smile on his face, he replied, “Hi, Tang. Did you decide to move in with me?”

“What?” A simultaneous exclaim of surprise sounded in the room. Tang Feng and Gino looked in shock at the director and his assistants sitting opposite of them.

“Specifically, this film will have two male leads. There won’t be any female lead.” Faced with the shocked expressions on both of the actors’ faces, Director Li Wei merely smiled placidly. He explained slowly, “In regard to selecting which actors to play the male lead roles, I’d honestly never expected it to be someone among you all. This screenplay had been specifically written for Fiennes, but unfortunately, he left us too early. Luckily, Tang Feng, I saw something in you that resembled Fiennes exactly. You are mature and charming just like him. I can see your desires to live vibrantly and your great hopes for the future. People can’t help but want to get closer to you.”

Director Li Wei sounded sincere when he spoke, but Tang Feng inwardly rolled his eyes while he listened.

The screenplay this fellow had specifically written for him was a love story between two men. Did he look that much like a homosexual man? All right, he had looked over the rough draft of the screenplay before his death, but the one in front of him right now was very different from the one he’d looked at. One of the things that was different was that he and Gino had to make love to each other in the movie! He also had to perform oral sex on Gino!

Regardless of whether they were using stunt doubles or props to film those scenes, wasn’t Director Li Wei’s taste a little bit heavy? When the director had come asking for him to take the role before, he’d never mentioned any of these!

“Ah! In that case I need to go work out. That way my body will look good onscreen.” After a split-second of shock, Gino returned to his normal state. It seemed like the director hadn’t told him about the exciting bed scene either.

Frankly, Tang Feng didn’t reject films that contained homosexual themes. It was enough for him as long as the film provided a chance for him to display his skills and allowed the director and audience to enjoy his acting.

Despite this, he still thought Director Li Wei was overly two-faced. He only told them about such an important scene when they were about to make the last decisions on the film.

“Director, why am I on the bottom?” Judging from what Director Li Wei had told them, Tang Feng was going to play the role of the one under Gino.

The director replied tactfully, “Although we are talking about a homosexual relationship, one of the men will usually take a more frontal role in the relationship while the other a more passive role. The reason why I had you two kiss during the audition was to help me choose which role the two of you will play.”

Having spoken up to there, Director Li Wei added directly, “Since I’ve decided to tell the two of you all the plans we have for this film, I’ll also tell you which role you’ll be acting. From the results of the audition, I’ve decided to let Mr. Gino take the more frontal role. As for Mr. Tang Feng, I feel that the atmosphere about you is very suitable for the more passive role. What are your opinions? If you have any differing views, please tell me.”

“I don’t have any problems with this. I’m extremely happy to have the chance to work with Director Li Wei,” Gino answered with barely any hesitation and reservation.

Tang Feng stared at him in surprise. He’d never expected Gino to answer this quickly.

Director Li Wei’s name and reputation might be a golden lure. However, a film dealing with homosexual themes could affect those involved in unexpected ways. It could turn out good or it could turn out bad. They could never be sure.

Gino’s firm answer gave Tang Feng both a jolt of surprise and indescribable feeling. It also further changed his opinions on Gino. The other must really want to act in this film…

“Then my answer is the same,” Tang Feng said with a smile.

In any case, it was his rebirth. He should use it to act in all different sorts of films. Gino had given such a straightforward answer, Tang Feng didn’t want to appear conservative and narrow-minded in comparison.

“I have some information here for you to look through, including the script. After the two of you sign the confidential contract, you can take these home to look over. You can use the three months before we officially start filming to read through the script and figure out your role.” Director Li Wei smiled and added, “However, what’s most important isn’t the script. There are many intimate scenes in this film. If possible, I would like the two of you to get to know each other better so that you wouldn’t be awkward and tense when we get to those scenes.”

“We will.” Gino smiled at Tang Feng and patted him on the shoulder in a familiar gesture. He said, “Don’t worry director. By the time you come back, Tang and I will be a loving couple.”

“I haven’t agreed to this yet,” Tang Feng added jokingly. This overly-familiar fellow.


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