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Tang Feng thought for a moment and nodded after a long while. “Yes, I’m satisfied.”

In truth, he wasn’t that experienced in bed. The reason why he knew how to act in bed was because he was knowledgeable in a wide area of things. Even if someone had never eaten pork before, they would still know how a pig runs. Moreover, in his past life, he had lived in the open-minded west. He could infer many things just from experiencing it once.

As the people he could compare Charles to were few in number, Tang Feng only hesitated for a moment before replying. Unknowingly to him, his hesitation hurt Charles greatly.

Rather wounded, Charles frowned and shook his head. “You hesitated. That means there’s still room for improvement in my techniques and ability.”

“Then do your best,” Tang Feng added, too lazy to explain any further. The reason he had slept with Charles was because they had a deal. Charles was a great person, but that didn’t mean Tang Feng wanted to maintain that sort of relationship with him. Therefore, Charles’ abilities in bed had nothing to do with him.

Charles continued his questioning, “Do you have anyone you like at the moment? A man? Or a woman? Or perhaps someone entirely different?”

Tang Feng’s eye twitched at Charles’ question, but he shook his head and answered openly and succinctly, “Nope. I don’t have anyone like that.”

Tang Feng’s answer first made Charles happy, but after thinking a bit, Charles felt something wasn’t right. The various men he had lived with before all loved him to death. At times, he even needed to resort to different methods to kick those annoying guys aside. Tang Feng had lived with him for a month; the longest relationship he’d ever had with a man. But Tang Feng said he didn’t have anyone he liked at the moment, meaning that Tang Feng hadn’t fallen in love with him.

“Listen, we got along quite well before and had an enjoyable time together, right? Do you want to continue that sort of relationship with me?” With his elbows on the table, Charles tilted his head toward Tang Feng and offered an invitation. “Tang, how about you move back and live with me again? I’m a wonderful lover and I’ll take care of you with the utmost care.”

Tang Feng lifted his teacup and took a sip of the fragrant, green tea. He narrowed his eyes and smiled at Charles. He glanced at the timer on the table and noticed that there was a minute left until he could end this conversation.

“Alright, but my requirement is that you will lie on the bed this time and I will be the one to top you.” Tang Feng put down his teacup as he spoke. As a man, Tang Feng didn’t think he needed anyone to take care of him, even more so when it came to personal needs in an intimate relationship. The whole idea made him uncomfortable.

Upon hearing Tang Feng, Charles felt as if he had a large, red date stuck down his throat. He choked back his words and chuckled drily. He looked at Tang Feng and said, “It’s a hard and strenuous job being on top, so why don’t you let me do it? You can just lie down and enjoy.”

“Our time is up.” Unhesitatingly, Tang Feng stood up and walked back to his seat.

Charles put his hands on the armrests of his chair and made as if to follow after Tang Feng. In the end, he settled himself firmly back on his chair. No worries, they had plenty of time to discuss this problem during the dinner that followed.

After an hour and a half of consecutive ten minute dates, it was time for Charles to select eight celebrities and pour tea into their cups. The celebrity who was not chosen could only go home and enjoy tea by himself.

As was only natural, Tang Feng was one of the eight celebrities to advance into the next round.

Only the special prize segment remained for this episode. Charles would be inviting one of the eight remaining celebrities to have dinner with him. Without any hesitation, Charles walked right up to Tang Feng, not even bothering to conceal his affectionate feelings for the man.

“May I have the privilege of enjoying dinner with you?” Charles pulled at his collar, appearing like a gentleman.

“Can I refuse?” Tang Feng smiled and tilted his head sideways to look at the man whose mind was dominated by sex.

Charles shrugged and said, “Of course you can refuse, but I’ll just take it as a yes.”

The cameramen who had wanted to capture the two’s dinner date were kicked aside by Charles. The most they were allowed to take were faraway shots. Charles didn’t want a bunch of third wheels rolling around while he was having dinner with Tang Feng.


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  1. Danity Rin says:

    Charles do your best. I’m rooting on you.

  2. SayNoToDogsWithoutBalls says:

    I wonder why that show is so popular. The only thing the audience is seeing is basically far away shots. Moreover, most of their private conversations aren’t recorded, all because of the bear’s interference. . I mean it’s a fricking reality show that doesn’t really show anything…

  3. DMag says:

    Who do you think tang feng would end up with? I bet for threesome!
    Pres Lu X Tang Feng X Charles.

    If you cant choose one of the 2 people that love you, then choose both lololololol

  4. Samantha Heart says:

    LMFAO, Charles I wish you the best bro. You know, since you really do have your work cut out for you lol. ^^ Tangs gonna be a lot harder to get so…good luck lol. ^^

  5. Lint says:

    I see that Charles is going to have his work cut out for him.

  6. Rem says:

    Oh, Charles!
    All of us knew you would be crawling back.

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