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Although Lu Tian Chen had been mercilessly mocked by Tang Feng, he remained rather expressionless. Silently, he downed a mouthful of wine. When he spoke, he immediately changed the subject. Tang Feng also tactfully did not pursue the matter any further.

“You don’t have to worry about these matters. I will send someone to set things straight. In any case, Ge Chen will withdraw from the training class because of his injured leg. All you have to worry about is attending the class and doing well in your learning.” Lu Tian Chen suddenly paused and raised his head to look at Tang Feng. The young actor had been staring at him the whole time while he was speaking. It was hard to ignore such an intense stare even if he wanted to.

“All right, I know what you want to ask. It’s exactly as you have suspected. Ge Chen is the one responsible for when you had been beaten on set last time, for spreading the rumours about you pushing him into the ocean, and for the incident this time as well.” Lu Tian Chen was somewhat unnerved by Tang Feng’s stare and decided to explain everything straightforwardly. “It’s true that he loathes you. As for the reason, I have no idea.”

“It’s because he loves you, like how I loved you in the past.” Young people always liked doing stupid and rash things because of love.

Lu Tian Chen glanced at Tang Feng and lifted the corner of his mouth in a semblance of a smile. “Only in the past?”

“Now I only have the utmost respect for President Lu. There aren’t any other feelings mixed in at all.” Tang Feng quickly drew the line between them to avoid inviting any trouble onto himself.

Letting out an almost inaudible snort, Lu Tian Chen said sternly, “We will make some strong statements about these false claims against you and carry out the necessary actions. However, you must understand, Ge Chen will not be exposed as the perpetrator just because of this affair. .”

Uh oh, Tang Feng once again heard things he shouldn’t have heard.

Charles had acted like this with him before, but now Lu Tian Chen was also acting like this. Tang Feng really wanted to cover his ears up and say “I didn’t hear anything.” He didn’t know why Ge Chen was with Su Qi Cheng when he was actually Lu Tian Chen’s employee. He also didn’t know that Lu Tian Chen and Charles were actually using the company for money laundering. Tang Feng was only an ordinary actor. The only thing he wanted to focus on was acting. He didn’t want to get involved with the internal affairs of the underworld.

Why were Charles and Lu Tian Chen always casually telling him things he shouldn’t know?

Now it was Tang Feng’s turn to change the topic. “Then do you know who injected Ge Chen’s horse with the stimulant?” Tang Feng suspected that for the perpetrator to pull a trick like that, they had to be someone who was jealous of Ge Chen. Lu Tian Chen’s subsequent answer, however, made him want to chew up and swallow his question.

“No one in the entertainment industry is bold enough to do something like that. You needn’t worry about this matter. For these few days, don’t go anywhere except the places you need to for your job.”

Tang Feng nodded. “Ok, I understand. I will leave first then. President Lu, you can continue working.” The second he finished speaking, Tang Feng stood up to leave.

“Tang Feng,” Lu Tian Chen suddenly called out his name.

Tang Feng paused, turned around, and smiled. “President Lu, do you have any other business with me?”

“In a few days when you have free time, go to America and have a talk with Director Li. You have a great chance of winning one of the lead roles for his new movie. You can ask Xiao Yu for the more specific details.” Just when Tang Feng was about to leave, Lu Tian Chen absent-mindedly tossed out such an important information bomb.

“That sounds like great news.” Tang Feng didn’t seem much surprised or excited. He merely smiled cheerfully and replied, “Then I will start preparing for the trip in the next few days.”

Lu Tian Chen stood up and walked over to Tang Feng’s side. “The company has spent a great deal of effort recommending you for the movie. Tang Feng, don’t disappoint me.”

“Your words put a lot of pressure on me.” Tang Feng furrowed his brows and smiled faintly.

“Actually, the reason why Director Li chose you was partly because Michael Gino had strongly recommended you for the role.” Lu Tian Chen lowered his head and looked at his watch. “It’s already noon. Let’s eat together.”

Lu Tian Chen looked up and saw Tang Feng staring at him; the young actor’s eyes were as bright as ever.

“For the telephone game on Cheng Ming Xu’s show, you helped me out by contacting Gino, right? Lu Tian Chen, thank you.” Out of habit, Tang Feng reached out and hugged Lu Tian Chen and patted him on the back.

Lu Tian Chen easily slipped his arms around Tang Feng’s waist. “If you want to thank me, wouldn’t action be better than words?” It was hard to tell by his tone whether he was serious or joking.

“I don’t have a habit of sleeping with my boss, but I can give you a kiss.” Clearly joking, Tang Feng leaned over to kiss Lu Tian Chen on the cheek. Just as his lips were about to touch Lu Tian Chen’s cheek, the man suddenly turned his head, meeting with him lip to lip.


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Translator: Helen
Proofreaders: Xiao Seiran, Nannyn

This line can also be translated as “You belong to me, but he…he also belongs to me.” However, adding the word “employee” makes more sense when you consider the next paragraph.

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  1. Smellmyfeet says:

    Dont understand why people hate Lu Tian so much? This is literally the first time hes gotten close to tang fang, every other time hes distant and doesn’t meddle in tangs life unless to help him. Cant believe people prefer the flower theif charles over Lu Tian, not to mention tang fang is worse than Lu Tian whose been a reasonably normal person or at least more normal than other characters, as tang fang also stole Li tians flower without consent after having him intoxicated, just like what Charles did but with drugs on tang feng. Sure it might’ve been the past tang fang but the current one has taken his life secretly so with benefits there is also backlash. Tbh I prefer Gino, but shes barely in the story at all so I’m rooting for la Tian chen

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    Kiss kiss fall in love… Who watch this anime??

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    oi oi…LTC you sly bastard… ;3

  5. Grrr says:

    Lu Tian Chen is a bastard! Compared to Charles I think LTC has the worst personality. I truly pity Tang Feng. Someone as good as him has only attracted bastard Tang Feng, crazy Albert, and obsessive Charles.

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    hmmm… the relationships are so ambiguous. Well, all the more reason to keep reading.

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    Awwww this cliffhanger really hurts~
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