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“Tang Feng, why don’t you go first? I remember you were a good singer and also exceptional at playing the piano back in the group.” Wearing a faint smile that gave off a favourable impression, Ge Chen pushed Tang Feng into the spotlight. To others it seemed as if Ge Chen was merely being modest about his own talents, but Tang Feng knew that that wasn’t the case.

Tang Feng was already immune to these kinds of small taunts and jabs. Looking at it now, these kind of taunts was rather childish and ridiculous.

Ge Chen did think that “Tang Feng” had a pretty good voice. He was telling the truth about that, but it would be farfetched to say Tang Feng was exceptional at the piano.

Tang Feng, on the other hand, had already read over most of the information on his body’s former owner. He knew that the past Tang Feng could play the piano, but his skills were only mediocre and not exceptional at all. What the past Tang Feng liked was noisy rock ‘n roll and electric guitars. He definitely wasn’t the type to sit quietly and play the piano.

“Sure.” Tang Feng cheerfully accepted the suggestion. It was very easy for young people to get trapped in their own small worlds without a way to break out. But the actual world was huge and there weren’t any insurmountable obstacles. The only thing holding one from crossing over those obstacles was oneself.

Tang Feng liked playing the piano, especially around eight or nine in the morning and three or four in the afternoon. The faint sunlight that shot through the curtains during those hours would coat the warmly coloured room with a layer of hazy beauty. Barefoot, he would sit in front of the piano and play whatever he desired. The cool breeze would brush against the edges of his ears, blowing loose a few strands of hair. The smell of earth, flowers, and grass from the garden would mix together and drift indoors, leaving behind a faint trail of their collective scent as they passed through the room. The whole room would be overflowing with the fragrance of sunlight.

Warm, enriching, pleasing, and beautiful, the room would be brimming with hope and vitality.

Tang Feng walked over and sat in front of the piano, his fingers lightly brushing over the alternating black and white keys. He closed his eyes and felt as if he had returned to the past. With the sounds of the notes, he started humming along in a slightly husky voice. His distinct voice had a hint of something special; it made people joyful just upon listening to it.

It was Tang Feng’s first solo vocal and piano performance after his rebirth. Even though he liked music in his past life as well, his voice back then was incomparable to his new one. As this was the case, wouldn’t it be true to say that he had been extremely lucky this time around?

Tang Feng’s mood improved as he sang and played. At the parts he especially liked, he even showed off by switching between his real voice and his falsetto and changing his pitch. The unconstrained feeling in his freestyling infected the people around him as each lively note jumped out of the piano.

Sting smiled as he moved his head along with Tang Feng’s beat. At the duet parts of the song, he even happily joined in and sang together with Tang Feng.

Some people could appear like a figure in a painting just by standing there. Some people could tell a story with just an expression in their eyes. And some people could infect a crowd with their energy just by singing a song.

The TV sets in a display case in an electronics shop by the street was showing this exact scene from the training class. Occasionally, a few people would stop to watch what was happening on the screens.

Coincidentally meeting a red light, a black car that had been rushing towards the airport slowly came to a stop. The pleasant music from the electronics shop drifted into the car through the open crack in the window. Albert was reading The Hunchback of Notre-Dame with his head lowered, but his eyes flashed when he heard the voice that was singing. He quickly turned his head to look at the TV screens that were largely hidden by a crowd of people.

Albert pushed open the car door and walked towards the display window. The TV screens were displaying a scene of a man singing while playing the piano. A few girls who had just gotten off from school stood beside him on the sidewalk and gossiped idly.

“Eh? Isn’t that person Tang Feng? He has such a lovely voice and is really quite good at singing. I wonder if he’s going to release an album soon.”

“Do you think Charles will continue to choose Tang Feng in the next episode? I think there’s a good chance that he would. Tang Feng is both handsome and talented after all.”

At that moment, Tang Feng finished his song onscreen. The girls weren’t interested in standing on the sidewalk any longer and left while chatting. The TV screens quickly switched to a shot of Ge Chen’s angelic face. In comparison to Tang Feng’s carefree and joyful way of singing and playing, Ge Chen’s style leaned more towards beautiful and moving ballads.

Living up to their reputation of being from a former idol group, both of them were good singers. Each sang with their unique styles, but Tang Feng’s performance was more tasteful and pleasing.

Albert lifted his mouth in a smirk, his eyes staring straight at the man on the screen who was sitting quietly in a corner. A spark of fire gradually lit up in his eyes.

“My Esmeralda. Passionate, hopeful, and utterly beautiful.”


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  1. Ecle Chan says:

    ¿Por qué el idiota de Charles tuvo que llevar a TF a esa reunión con ese pervertido?
    Ah, Charles… te vas a arrepentir aún más de haberlo dejado ir, sino hubieses hecho ese movimiento idiota…

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    Oh damn, shit, every cuss word in the book. Albert, you better back the fudge off man. U hurt Tang Feng (if anyone hurts Tang Feng) I’m gonna have to sharpen my knife. Just no, leave the guy alone. I really don’t like that guy lol. ^^

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    …Albert…yikes!!! That’s some terrible foreshadowing here if Albert thinks of TF. as “his” Esmeralda….does that make Albert out to be Frollo or Charles….hmmm

    • yaniehime says:

      Albert thinks he is Frollo. (Symbolism and all that stuff.)

      I finished reading this several times in the gt version. So glad I could understand it. lol.

      I think all three (Lu Tian Chen, Charles, and Albert) are pretty relentless people. I won’t be giving spoilers but they will definitely pursue Tang Feng. They are men who, once they know what they want, will do anything to get it.. and this time, what they all want to Tang Feng.

      It’s a happy ending though (I envy Tang Feng so much! hahahaha) because Tang Feng is the queen of his harem. hehehehe.

      • Mikleo says:

        Really? It’s a happy ending?

        Thanks for the hint, I actually want to know if this is a happy ending or not because I can’t stand sad or bitter-sweet endings. :(

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    Thank you for the updates despite your busy schedules! Wow oh Wow!
    I didn’t think I would see Albert again.Things are surely getting very interesting and might if I add.. “HOT” for Tang Feng >.<
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      Gino will definitely have a lot of ‘screen time’ in the novel. (Sorry, I don’t want to give spoilers. But I can if you ask. hahaha)

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    Oohh so Albert now joins the competition!

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      Sure does. He’s a weirdo but I like him.

      • yaniehime says:

        Albert definitely has his quirks. Lu Tian Chen, Charles, and Albert all have their idiosyncrasies but that makes them all interesting.

        I think Albert is the most ruthless out of the three when it comes to Tang Feng. But he can also be gentle (if he puts his mind to it) and he is straightforward with what he wants, what he can give, and what he expects in return.

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