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Subject: Why did that super wealthy bachelor choose Tang Feng!

Content: Why did that super wealthy bachelor choose Tang Feng! Feng Xiu Jie is obviously more handsome and charming than Tang Feng. I don’t understand what these rich people are thinking at all. Tang Feng is a has-been C-list actor. He’s not popular, nor does he have any works under his belt. Don’t tell me the production team accepted bribes?

Reply 1: It goes without saying that Charles would choose Tang Feng. If you had watched the first episode of True Star Training Class, then you would know that Tang Feng has excellent manners and conversational skills. He was also ridiculously handsome while dancing!

Reply 2: Hahaha! You guys are seriously hilarious. When it’d been leaked that Feng Xiu Jie was going to stay until the end, you all said that it was a given that he would. Now that Feng Xiu Jie has been eliminated in the first episode, you say the production team had been bribed. Don’t make me laugh dear. Do you think the production team needs such a small amount of money? Do you also think that wealthy bachelor needs money?

Reply 3: Judging from Tang Feng’s bearing and manner of speech, I personally think that both his EQ and IQ are quite good. I predict that Tang Feng will become an A-list celebrity three years from now. If he doesn’t,  I will eat my keyboard!

Reply 4: Problem is, will this thread still be here after 3 years? I do think Tang Feng has become famous recently. It’s a shame he doesn’t have any works to show though. No matter how popular he is, it’s all in vain. So what if his EQ and IQ are high? It’s useless if he’s not good at acting.

Reply 5: I’m the original poster. After evaluating Tang Feng’s performance, I’m now a fan of his. That is all.

Reply 6: Passing by. No comment. It’s hard to earn some points.

Reply 7: Tang Feng? Who the hell is he? He’s been working in the entertainment industry for that many years yet there are barely any news about him. When Ge Chen joins True Star next week, Tang Feng will be buried under Ge Chen’s popularity. Tang Feng is only suitable as a plaything for that wealthy bachelor. That’s just the kind of man he is. Do you all seriously believe that Charles would fall in love with Tang Feng? Just for show! All of these are just for show!

Reply 8: I can’t wait for the new development in Charles and Tang Feng’s ambiguous bromance!

Reply 9: Hey 7th poster, who the hell are you to be saying that?


Lu Tian Chen closed the page without reading the rest of the comments. The phone on the table suddenly rang. He picked it up to look. Two words were displayed on the screen: Ge Chen.

Lu Tian Chen pressed “Ignore.” As if nothing had happened, he continued looking at various pages and reading news and discussions on Dream Lover and True Star Training Class. While reading through the discussions, he clicked on another thread.


Subject: Does anyone else think that Charles and Tang Feng are very suitable together?

Content: Does anyone else think that Charles and Tang Feng are very suitable together? I think they are a well-made match. When Charles gave Tang Feng the rose at the end of the episode, he was so handsome and romantic! They were so cute together! I couldn’t even look at them without blushing. I’m begging here, please get together the both of you!

Reply 1: Hey, original poster! I just wanted you to know that the way you think is like you are another me. Handshake!

Reply 2: The other celebrities were simply too fake. They were either narrow-minded, shy, or overly enthusiastic. Compared to them, Tang Feng definitely acted more natural and relaxed. He is the obvious choice here!

Reply 3: It seems Charles likes Tang Feng a lot. This is really strange as he didn’t even pay any attention to Tang Feng in the beginning. It shocked me greatly when he chose Tang Feng in the end. This wealthy bachelor is a funny fellow.

Reply 4: What I want to say is, isn’t it awesome that this bachelor is raising lions on his own private island? He’s super handsome and humorous, a complete gentleman with a little bit of naughtiness thrown in. Isn’t he just so charming? He is what you call a true magnate. Those idiots can all go to hell!

Reply 5: Dream Lover is just amazing. How did they manage to invite this Charles onto the show? A tycoon like him probably doesn’t lack lovers, right? Won’t Tang Feng be ruined if he gets together with Charles?

Reply 6: I don’t think Tang Feng suits Charles…


Upon reading that comment, Lu Tian Chen quickly typed out a reply: Charles is the one who doesn’t suit Tang Feng.

After contemplating a bit, he tacked on another sentence: Tang Feng will become a true star in the future.

After clicking “Submit,” Lu Tian Chen felt much better.


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Translator: Poisonwords
Proofreaders: VRVain, Nannyn

Fuerdai (富二代), children of the Chinese nouveau riche, a result of the various reforms within the country in the 70’s.

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  1. Danity Rin says:

    “Charles is the one who doesn’t suit Tang Feng” I died HAISHSKAJAJAJ. Lu president what’re you doing??

  2. Dude’s defending Tang Feng like a white knight lmao. He’s even ignoring Ge Chen now. I wonder if he even liked him in the first place? One things for sure though, Lu Tian Chen is definitely jealous. WWwwww

  3. 梅花 says:

    Aww, he’s jealous.

  4. Someone says:

    All of everyone that is considered Tang Feng’s love interests, Lu Tian Chen is the only one I’m actually rooting floor (since Gino doesn’t count, unfortunately) but I hope all three men get better as the story goes on. I don’t want to dislike the love interests (not hate anymore lol).

  5. Oweng says:

    I kinda feel like he’s saying that comment out of protectiveness because you know, he’s the boss. But a part of me is thinking… IS HE FALLING?

  6. Naga says:

    ROFL Lu Tian Chen. Jelly much? xD

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