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“Cut! Okay, that wraps up the filming for today. Thank you everyone! You’ve all worked hard.”

Several of the celebrities who had received roses were reluctant to leave; the daring ones even wanted to chat with Charles a bit longer. But they were turned away by staff members who had already received instructions from higher-ups to make everyone leave. As they didn’t want to sour their relationship with the production team and thus the TV station, the celebrities left resentfully. Before stepping through the terrace door, they didn’t forget to glare at Tang Feng, who was still standing next to Charles and holding onto the bouquet of roses.

The results of today’s filming were the complete opposite of everyone’s expectations. Nobody had imagined that Charles would eliminate Feng Xiu Jie in just the first episode. Most of all, they’d never imagined that Charles would act that romantic towards Tang Feng at the end.

The remaining staff members left the terrace one after another. None of them bothered to remind Charles and Tang Feng to leave. Although they were seemingly alone on the terrace, both Charles and Tang Feng knew the cameras were still running.

Charles didn’t mind the cameras. Kai had to let him inspect the edited footage before it was broadcast on TV in any case.He could let the public see some parts of the footage, but not everything was appropriate for the public eye, much less having those clips turned into a form of amusement and source of gossip.

Charles removed the recording device he had on his person and also helped to take off Tang Feng’s mike.

“My dear Tang, I imagined that you would be slightly surprised after seeing me and hearing my ardent confession of love. Although I am fascinated by your indifference, I can’t help but feel disappointed at the same time.” Charles’ mood was improving as he looked at the man with similar height standing before him. Although he liked the cute and reliant type, it would be boring if there were too many of them.

Tang Feng gently sniffed the roses in his arms and said nonchalantly, “The roses are beautiful. Thank you.”

“Am I the first man to have given you flowers?” Charles let loose a brilliant smile. Ah damn it, he thought. He was standing this close to Tang Feng. He wanted to reach out, hug, and forcefully kiss the young actor. He wanted to drag Tang Feng home and go to war with him on the bed, not leaving the confines of the sheets for at least three days and three nights.

Tang Feng bluntly shattered Charles’ dreams. “I can say you aren’t.”

In the past, plenty of Tang Feng’s male fans had given him flowers. His male friends had occasionally gifted flowers to him as well. Whenever he fell sick, bouquets and baskets of flowers would clutter around his home in giant piles.

Charles’ mouth twitched in a semblance of a smile. “My dear Tang, your indifference truly hurts me. Did you know that when you left me, I kept thinking of you every day afterwards? Passing the nights without you was a terrible experience for me. The cold loneliness that I felt from those nights almost froze me into a snowman. Could you at least give me a hug?”

In the end, a pervert was always a pervert. Charles had a good upbringing and was a man of principles, so he at least counted as a gentlemanly pervert. Although he had initially drugged Tang Feng and raped him forcefully, he had been very respectful of Tang Feng’s choices afterwards. This was one of the reasons why Tang Feng had been able to live with him for a month.

Tang Feng lifted an eyebrow and chuckled. “I thought you had Li Quan? Or was his name Zhao Quan? Wang Quan?”

“Are you jealous?” Even though he was being ridiculed by Tang Feng, Charles smiled happily, his brown eyes shined especially bright with delight. “My dear Tang, if I can have a beautiful rose like you, then everyone else is like insignificant weeds. I’d rather have them all removed from my sight!”

Tang Feng only smiled in response.

Charles sighed as he was snubbed once again. He stepped forward and encircled an arm around Tang Feng’s waist. He leaned in close and said beside Tang Feng’s ear, “Darling, do you not miss me at all? I feel like we are a match made in heaven when we are together in bed. Every time I remember those moments, I would become hot with excitement. Oh, I think I must be the only man who has ever made you feel that much pleasure, am I right?”

Tang Feng raised the bouquet of roses up to his face and successfully separated himself from Charles, who was obviously taking advantage of the situation. He only smiled lightly at the other’s words. He then glanced past Charles and noticed Lu Tian Chen sitting on the edge of a flowerbed.

Lu Tian Chen was sitting quietly, slowly smoking a cigarette. He looked like an audience member in the theater who was watching Charles and Tang Feng’s performance onstage.

“If you say it like that, what would President Lu do?” Tang Feng quickly pulled Lu Tian Chen into the conversation. Was the man planning to watch without saying anything? Do you even have a ticket to watch? If you don’t, don’t think I’ll just let you sit there.

Although his own employee was being sexually harassed right in front of his eyes, Lu Tian Chen merely observed. He truly was an incompetent boss.

The past Tang Feng had taken advantage of a time when Lu Tian Chen was drunk and coerced the man to sleep with him. It had been “Tang Feng’s” first time. Thinking about it, Lu Tian Chen had been drugged and dragged to bed against his will. He would never talk about a scandalous matter like that, so Charles obviously didn’t know about it.

After hearing how Tang Feng had phrased his response, however, Charles was immediately reminded of the other’s confident behavior in bed. He easily came to the conclusion that Tang Feng had once had an unusual relationship with Lu Tian Chen. At that thought, a strange feeling overcame him. Charles didn’t have a virgin complex, but he’d never imagined that Lu Tian Chen would’ve had an intimate relationship with Tang Feng despite the fact that he disliked the young actor.

Having a one-month deal with Tang Feng was an idea Charles had proposed, but Lu Tian Chen had demonstrated his obvious lack of interest when he had nodded in agreement. Despite that, Charles couldn’t help but feel an ache in his chest.

Unaware of what Charles was thinking, Tang Feng beckoned at the man sitting on the flowerbed. “Lu Tian Chen, why didn’t you come say hello if you were here?”

Only the three of them were standing on the terrace, so it wasn’t a problem that he had called his boss by name.

“You two seemed quite happy while conversing. How could I interrupt?” Lu Tian Chen smiled faintly.

“You’re already interrupting.” Charles frowned in response.

Lu Tian Chen put out his cigarette and walked towards the other two. “Tang Feng, you still have the training class tomorrow. You should quickly go home and rest. I’ve already called Xiao Yu to pick you up.”

“Alright.” Tang Feng turned his head and said goodbye to Charles before leaving the terrace. Charles’ foot twitched, but he managed to refrain from chasing after Tang Feng. Instead he glared at Lu Tian Chen for ruining his moment with Tang Feng.

“Exactly what is going on with you? Why are you being so protective of someone you had treated as merely trash before?” Charles smiled mockingly at Lu Tian Chen while crossing his arms in a disgruntled manner. He would be sleeping by himself again tonight, all alone and cold inside the sheets.

Smiling, Lu Tian Chen patted Charles on the shoulder. “The past is the past. This is the present. How I had treated Tang Feng before has nothing to do with how I’m treating him now. He has the potential to become a greatly revered actor. Seeing how you’re still infatuated with him even after spending a month together, I’m even surer of it. I will push him to the pinnacle of fame.”

Charles grunted in disdain. He walked to the dining table and pulled out a chair to sit. He then unscrewed a bottled of wine and poured two glasses. “Weren’t you interested in Ge Chen?”

“He has already finished his task tonight.” Lu Tian Chen walked over and sat down.

“Oh. Trust you to be resourceful. How did you manage to make Albert lose interest in Tang Feng?” Lifting an eyebrow, Charles raised his glass and took a small sip. “To be honest, I had been caught unprepared when Albert suddenly displayed an interest in Tang Feng. He was obviously obsessed with Ge Chen, but after seeing Tang Feng, he immediately switched targets like abandoning an old toy for a newer, prettier one. I seriously don’t like having the same interests as a sick pervert.”

Lu Tian Chen picked up his glass and took a drink. “You already know he’s a sick pervert, so how could he have the same mentality as normal people? I simply had to show him the old pictures, songs, and videos I had of Tang Feng to make him lose interest.”

The past Tang Feng wasn’t merely slightly different from the present Tang Feng. The staggering difference between them was definitely enough to make the nitpicky Albert be disappointed in Tang Feng.

“Then I hope he’ll quickly leave this city after losing interest.” Charles didn’t care about anything else.

With the help of extensive marketing and the cooperation between the production teams, the first episodes of both True Star Training Class and Dream Lover were broadcast one after another on consecutive days. The sensational effect both shows had on the public was far greater than what the production teams had expected.

For True Star Training Class, what people naturally focused on the most was Tang Feng’s outstanding performance. If the training class was an advanced pre-school class for children, then Tang Feng was a “child prodigy” who had already graduated from a famous university abroad. It was difficult for him to be inconspicuous amongst a crowd of children.

The first episode of True Star Training Class only contained footage of the dance lesson. Tang Feng’s dance with Pacino made the audience wild with excitement. How could there be a man who was so exceptional at dancing? The previews for the horse-riding and singing lessons at the end of the episode raised the audience’s anticipation even more.

Dream Lover was broadcast the following day. Charles’ identity as a super-wealthy bachelor instantly ignited the interests of the audience. The twist at the end of the episode even made the audience exclaim in surprise, some unable to look directly at the romantic scene on the screen. Initially, Kai and the others had been worried that Feng Xiu Jie’s fans would riot at his elimination, but fortunately, they were outnumbered by the rest of the public.

People soon pushed Feng Xiu Jie’s elimination to the back of their minds. Instead, they were looking forward to the development of Tang Feng and Charles’ relationship. Would this super-wealthy bachelor continue to select Tang Feng in the next episode? What kind of chemistry would the two of them have? The audience was filled with questions.

With the help of these two shows, the name “Tang Feng” officially entered into the public eye.

And this was only the beginning.


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  1. Soo it seems like none of the 3 main characters (4 if including Ge Chen) are completely innocent. The old Tang Feng took advantage of Lu Tian Chen and raped him basically. Lu Tian Chen was also part of the reason Tang Feng stayed with Charles for a month and is possibly associated with the underworld. Charles literally drugged and raped Tang Feng and is definitely associated with the underworld. So far, it feels like Gino is the only innocent one but MC dislikes him. I feel like the MC was very unlucky possessing the old Tang Feng. XDD

    Nevertheless, thank you so much for translating this webnovel!~

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