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Holding a microphone with a camera hovering behind him, the host of the show started chatting with a few of the celebrities who were clustered together. Soon, those who had been grooming themselves near the mirrors also came over and joined the conversation.

“What do you all think this season’s Prince Charming will be like?” The host started off with the much discussed question of the bachelor’s identity.

“I think it will be a brilliant businessman from the financial world,” one celebrity said and smiled.

“He could also be from the real estate business.” A few others joined in, offering their opinions. None of the answers were very creative. All of them parroted the idea that Prince Charming was in some field of business.

The host then held his microphone out towards one of the four princes of the entertainment industry, Feng Xiu Jie, and asked, “What do you think, Feng Xiu Jie?”

At first glance, Feng Xiu Jie didn’t appear especially handsome, but he had a face one could grow to appreciate and a classy air. All in all, he was a charming and cultured young man with a warm smile. His looks were the type that was very well suited for the big screen.

“If he’s being referred to as ‘Prince Charming,’ then he’s definitely tall, handsome, and rich,” Feng Xiu Jie replied laughingly.

His response proved that popularity didn’t simply come down to talent. In a complicated industry where all sorts of people mingled together, it was necessary to have a passing level of emotional intelligence. Compared to the answers other celebrities had given, Feng Xiu Jie’s was definitely more interesting.

The host laughed along and asked, “Aren’t you afraid the reality of things will be different from your expectations?”

“Isn’t the goal of this show to bring two people closer together? I believe in the producer’s taste. Prince Charming will definitely be a good man!” Feng Xiu Jie responded wittily, not forgetting to flatter the production team.

The host directed his microphone at Tang Feng, who had recently become famous. “How about you Tang Feng? What do you think this Prince Charming will be like? We all know you’re friends with Michael Gino. After meeting Gino, do you think the men around you have paled in comparison?”

“Are you talking about Michael Gino?” Tang Feng stared straight at the camera, looking extremely serious. “Did you know that Gino is actually a very bad man? I don’t want to speak ill of him here though.”

Tang Feng moved closer to the camera. He leaned in as if he had a secret to tell and whispered, “Gino is a nuisance who never says anything straight. So I think anyone who can speak normally is better than him.”

“We understand.” The host played along and stared back at Tang Feng with the same seriousness.

Tang Feng shrugged, acting as if he didn’t know anything. Watching from behind the cameras, Kai and Wang Nan were surprised at his natural and humorous reaction. Some newcomers deliberately acted humorous to leave a good impression on the audience, but their deliberate jokes usually came off as forced and unnatural. Instead of achieving the desired effect, their jokes sometimes backfired.

How important was one’s speech and mannerism? Judging merely from appearance, plenty of beautiful people who had been working in the industry for several years still remained at the second or third tier of popularity. You could cry out and say how unfair it was for them, but you would understand why they’ve never moved up by looking at their interviews and performances.

The industry wasn’t lacking stars who had obtained popularity with the backing of big companies. But no matter how much money had been invested in them, these stars remained only moderately popular. After all, the audience wasn’t fools.

“I’ve seen some of his interviews and works before. If not for the fact they have the same face, I would think they are two completely different people,” Wang Nan commented. “The Tang Feng of the past was like a mischievous child who was pretending to be mature. Now though, Tang Feng seems like a mature man who is a kid at heart.”

Looking away from the screen, Kai crossed his arms and teased, “Are you thinking he’s become charming now?”

Wang Nan thought for a moment and replied, “There truly is no comparison between the past and the present versions.”


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