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Ge Chen would only be attending the training class starting from the second episode, meaning that he wouldn’t show up at all during the first week.

As expected, by using the titles “Tang Feng’s Last Appearance” and “Tang Feng’s Phone Call with Gino” as selling points for the most recent episode, Chen Ming Xu’s show had managed to win the crown for highest ratings. Especially during the phone call segment, the show had managed to break the record for highest ratings in its broadcasting time slot.

Tang Feng had never expected that he would become famous due to Gino.

He had called Gino’s manager after the recording, to his dismay though, the manager did not give him Gino’s number. The manager only told Tang Feng that Gino was looking forward to their next meeting. Later, he learned from Xiao Yu that it had been Lu Tian Chen who’d ordered people to contact Gino. Unexpectedly, Gino had agreed.

Well, he should be happy with the results, as it seemed Lu Tian Chen really had decided to start promoting him.

As for the training class, there was an acting lesson at the end of the week. Everyone was full of anticipation. As actors and actresses, their greatest goal was to improve their acting.

Moreover, they had the opportunity to meet Leroy, a world-class actor who had won awards in all the top film festivals. He was also the teacher whom the late Fiennes Tang was most grateful to.

It was difficult to describe Tang Feng’s feelings at the moment. He was a bit anxious, yet also a bit excited. He and the other students stood together and waited for Leroy’s arrival. He appeared no different from the other trainees, every one of them looked like a fan.

To Tang Feng however, he wasn’t merely a fan.

The classroom door opened and an old gentleman with a head of grey hair and a wizened face walked in. His face may be full of wrinkles, but when he smiled, everyone felt that he was quite adorable. From the first look, Leroy appeared extremely kind, giving off an approachable air to the crowd of enthusiastic students.

Tang Feng did not immediately step up and crowd around Leroy like the others. He remained at the back and merely gazed at the pesky old geezer. He took a deep breath and smiled faintly.

As if he’d felt Tang Feng’s gaze, Leroy, who was surrounded by people, looked up and locked eyes with the young actor. Leroy’s dark brown eyes were as limpid as always. Tang Feng could see a mixture of surprise, doubt, and delight reflected in those eyes.

Leroy gave the students a unique lesson in acting. None of the restrictive theories that were so prevalent in acting schools were present in Leroy’s lesson. Instead, he seemed to think that it was better for the students to use their hearts to feel, to study, and to perform.

“What’s the most important thing in acting? Well, if you’re playing a taxi driver, then you need to act like a taxi driver. You need to appear bored, but also ready to gossip. What other characteristics can you think of? Understanding your role is the most basic thing in acting. Most importantly, you also have to bring your personal charms and special characteristics into your acting. With that, you not only become a taxi driver, but a taxi driver like no other.” Even though he was almost seventy, Leroy’s voice sounded vibrant as he gave the lesson.

Rather than trying to tell the trainees how to act or what skills they had to master, Leroy preferred to pass on a new, unique concept of acting.

Near the end of the lesson, Leroy glanced over every student and smiled. “I used to have a friend. He was revered as one of this century’s most talented actors. When your acting can overcome skin color and cultural differences, then you can consider that as your greatest success.”

“Acting is an art, and there is never a limit to art,” Leroy continued. “I hope all of you can go and watch some of Fiennes’ films. His passing was a great loss to the world. But I believe that he isn’t the last of the truly talented performers, I believe that there will be someone among you who will surpass him.”

Intentionally or otherwise, Leroy met Tang Feng’s eyes as he spoke the last sentence.


Of course not.

“This is my first lesson to you all, but it is also the last lesson. For our next acting class, you will undergo a test. You will be put into an empty room and forbidden the use of any body language or script. You are only allowed to walk around. Along with your acting and your eyes, you will interpret and perform a song. I wish you all good luck.”

A test like that truly matched Leroy’s style. He had made it sound so elaborate and dignified, in reality, the old geezer was just too lazy to do anything more strenuous.

The desire to laugh quickly won over the slight sadness Tang Feng had felt over not being recognized by an old friend. In his head, Tang Feng grumbled over the poker-faced old man who was putting up a serious act. He didn’t want to admit that he had been slightly moved when Leroy had brought up his name.

They were friends before and they’d also be friends from now on.

He would put forth his greatest effort for his last performance in this training class.


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Translator: Nannyn
Proofreaders: Gaomuzi, Daphne

There are multiple meanings to this line. It could also mean “Did he think this was the end of the line for Tang Feng?” or “Did he think Tang Feng would stop just here?”

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