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How do people communicate with each other? In Tang Feng’s dictionary, it was by being neither submissive nor overbearing.

For a smalltime star with no background, it was easy to act overly subservient in front of one’s superior. A celebrity who came from a good background on the other hand, was easily consumed by arrogance and often exuded an air similar to that of a proud peacock. It would be hard for both types to leave a favorable impression on others and earn approval. For two people to truly communicate with each other, they had to loosen up and carry on with an unhurried conversation.

Truthfully, it was best to be oneself without any pretenses.

“Pa―” Tang Feng pulled off the tab on an ice-cold beer and handed it to Lu Tian Chen. He opened another one for himself and tipped his head back to take a gulp. The cool liquid burned slightly while going down. Quickly, he felt his tongue loosening as the alcohol began to pervade his body. The smell of alcohol rose up and mixed together with the scent of sweat that still lingered in the air. The music, which possessed the tenderness and passion unique to Argentine tango, was still playing.

“Tang Feng, I have a question I want to ask you.” Lu Tian Chen was standing beside Tang Feng. He took a sip of beer before continuing, “Although you were the one who agreed to have the one-month deal with Charles, do you hate me for it?”

“Haha.” Tang Feng merely laughed and gazed out at the hazy night scene. A cool breeze was still blowing in from outside. The moonlight shone down on him, making ripples across his face. He already appeared drunk.

Tang Feng shrugged, the can of beer sending out chills in his hand. He casually stated, “What’s there to hate? It’s already in the past, though I’m curious why you would ask that question now.”

Tang Feng cocked his head and looked at the man beside him. His eyes brightened as his smile grew wider. “Can I call you by your name?” Having to refer to Lu Tian Chen as “President Lu” all day long was awkward at times.

Lu Tian Chen glanced over at him and nodded. “You can.”

“Lu Tian Chen, there are many things that I don’t remember after leaving the hospital. That time when I fell into the ocean with Ge Chen, can you tell me why you decided to save him instead of me?” Despite saying that these things were already in the past,  he still had some questions about them.

“Firstly, no matter what Ge Chen had said to provoke you, you were the one to make the first move. Secondly, you were supposed to fall into the ocean anyways by the end of the movie. Plus you can swim. Thirdly, there are some things I won’t tell you.” Tang Feng didn’t know if Lu Tian Chen’s answer was sincere or not. At least he had received an answer. That was better than being left in the dark.

It didn’t matter who was in the wrong. Nor did it matter what the past Tang Feng had done to make Lu Tian Chen dislike him this much. Due to the loss of that young life, he took possession of this body. The current Tang Feng had the right to slightly punish Lu Tian Chen for what he had done. An absolute right or wrong didn’t exist in this world. Every person had their own point of view and reasons for their actions.

Because of this, Tang Feng would only consider things from “Tang Feng’s” perspective. He would not stand in Lu Tian Chen’s shoes and consider how things were for Lu Tian Chen.

“You were trying to commit suicide.” Lu Tian Chen lowered his eyes, obscuring them from the moonlight. Tang Feng couldn’t see what was inside the other man’s eyes, nor did he know why Lu Tian Chen had suddenly decided to reveal this.

“Lu Tian Chen, I’ll admit that you are a decisive man. You are also very opinionated and know how to turn things around to your benefit and make a large profit. A successful businessman indeed. As for how to conduct yourself as a person, you are no better than a child. An ignorant child can often do the cruelest things, as they believe they are always in the right.” Tang Feng smiled and turned around to lean his back against the ballet bar. He sighed and said, “You knew I was trying to commit suicide. You also knew that I’ve lost most of my memories, yet you still ordered people to leave me at Charles’ place.”

Fortunately, he was the one who had been in control of this body when he had been sent to Charles. If it had been the past Tang Feng, he didn’t know how such an impulsive youth would react after being provoked to that extent. In addition, that bastard Charles wasn’t all that good of a person.

Lu Tian Chen appeared as if he had been stabbed by Tang Feng’s direct and sharp words. He furrowed his brows and opened his mouth, but remained silent.

Tang Feng didn’t intend to stop just there. He continued, “Haven’t you ever thought that I might die as a result of your decision? Or that dying was better than living for me at that time?”

“Is this your way of complaining to me?” Lu Tian Chen suddenly reached out to hold Tang Feng’s shoulder, not much expression could be seen on his face. “You are still alive right now and living better than before. If someone’s temperament could change this much just by drowning and lying in a hospital bed for a month, if someone who couldn’t speak a word of English could now speak English better than returnees from abroad, if someone could…change into what you’re like right now, then I don’t regret my decision the slightest bit.”

In one breath, Lu Tian Chen let out a long strand of words. Tang Feng, however, was somewhat shocked at what he’d just heard.

“There is one thing that I can assure you. Even if you agree yourself, I won’t ever send you to anyone again.” Lu Tian Chen’s lips lifted up in a smirk. He shook the can in his hand and continued, “Don’t forget, you belong to me as one of the Tian Chen Group’s future superstar.”

After leaving behind those words, Lu Tian Chen left with the can of beer still in his hand.

Tang Feng leaned beside the window by himself. Only after Lu Tian Chen had left did he break out into laughter. He shook his head helplessly. “Truly, there’s no one quite like Lu Tian Chen.”


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    I hate how LTC treats suicide lightly….. -10000 points for you mister

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  3. Cas says:

    Ok. I dont usually comment on stuff until I have read the whole novel… but it kind of bugs me how Lu Tian Chen treated OG Tan Feng’s suicidal aftermath. I hope to see an improvement on his character but Im not holding my breath on that one. So far im leaning towards Charles and Gino… great translation by the way! I cant stop!!!

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    Charles is not evil enough for me to hate. His feels grab me…I like him…sigh….

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      I’m sorry Tang feang I have to disagree with u Charles is NOT evil !! He was the only one who stood by u . When everyone hated u…yeah so what play boy Charles had a deal . He was still a great guy.

      • cute_as_cat says:

        Umm…although I also like Charles but don’t forget that he did drug and raped our MC. He may love him now but I still can’t forget what he did before. All the MLs I have met yet are selfish or messed up except Gino. I wish he is one of the MLs

  6. TuKer says:

    Is it weird that I’m still holding out for Albert and Tang Feng. I mean I adore Charles and I knew this story wouldn’t let Tian Chen become someove unloveable and yet I can’t help think of Albert…

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    I am starting to ship Lu Tian Chen and Tang Feng. In my opinion they will make good couple. Thank you for the translation

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    I love lu tian chen and thank you for update

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    He said “you belong to me” and not “you belong to the Tian Chen Group”

    How daring Mr. President. Confessing without realizing it? I’m all for it, go Tian Chen go (cheer)

    Thanks for the chapters

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    It’s there – a new update! I love how things are progressing and I think there is a lot of potential with the different subplots we have been introduced to, especially the true star training camp and the Dream Lover series, although I’m also eager to see how things work out with the movie!

    Please continue translating soon – you are doing a great job so far!


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