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As expected, news about Gino and Tang Feng quickly dominated the front pages of more than half of the ten most popular online news sites. The headlines they used, however, were rather different from each other.

Gino Generously Invites Actor Tang Feng to Move In, Could They Be Sleeping Together?

International Star Michael Gino Has Expressed His Willingness to Introduce Tang Feng to Hollywood

Michael Gino! He Has Enthusiastically Invited Tang Feng to “Live Together!”

International Star Gino Has “Fallen” for China’s Number One Classical Beauty Tang Feng

What did they mean by sleeping together? And living together? Moreover, why were there quotation marks around the words “live together?” Tang Feng didn’t understand what the articles were trying to say by writing that the two of them had fallen in love with each other at first sight. Some reporters even wrote that he was using Gino and taking advantage of the latter’s fame. However, there were also reporters who praised Tang Feng for his fluent English during the phone call, saying that his authentic accent was much better than that of most actors and actresses.

The episode of Chen Ming Xu’s show containing his phone call with Gino was going to be broadcasted the coming weekend, but the sudden news had already greatly roused the public’s interest. The contrast in standing between an international celebrity like Gino and a has-been star like Tang Feng made their friendship a curiosity to everyone. However, the whole matter also stank of a publicity stunt done for the purpose of raising ratings.

Moreover, Tang Feng himself didn’t know when he had become “China’s Number One Classical Beauty.” He didn’t want the responsibility of such a heavy title. It was impossible for a man who was too beautiful to become a true star in showbiz. At film festivals, the evaluation committee sometimes judged with a biased eye if one was too beautiful. If his looks were excessively praised, then the only impression he would leave on others would be that he was a pretty vase incapable of acting.

Plenty of beautiful women and handsome men in the entertainment circle had acting skills that were recognized by both the public and the evaluation committees. However, they had downplayed their own looks to obtain that recognition. Men always had facial hair, as a young, handsome face simply didn’t speak of capability. Moreover, they also had to be mature, experienced, and charming. There was no future for a pretty vase in the entertainment industry.

But then again, it didn’t matter all that much. A real diamond would shine despite its outward appearance.

If half of the popular news sites were focused on Gino and Tang Feng, then the other half was fixated on True Star Training Class. In order to light another flame of anticipation for the show, Lu Tian Chen had decided to publicize the fact that Ge Chen would  also be joining the training class. Upon reading this news, Tang Feng wondered if this was the so called inevitable clash between opposing factions.

From the current situation, it seemed like the fire had indeed been lit. The one who had done the lighting, however, was Tang Feng rather than Ge Chen.

To the public, it was definitely sensational news that an established actor like Ge Chen was willing to join a training class. Unfortunately, when compared to the fame of the international star Gino, it would be difficult for a native celebrity to compete, no matter how popular they might be within the country.

Ge Chen had lost to Gino, and not to Tang Feng. However, people only looked at results. And judging from the results this time, Ge Chen might as well have lost to Tang Feng.

Even though there were articles proclaiming that Ge Chen was joining the training class, most people on discussion boards were still focused on dissecting Gino and Tang Feng’s relationship. Who was Tang Feng? Why was he acquainted with Gino? Moreover, why did they seem so familiar with each other? Due to the endless speculations, Tang Feng and Gino had already become popular keywords on Weibo.

“Ge Chen must be livid.” Tang Feng couldn’t resist chuckling at the turn of events. He wasn’t a saint. So occasionally, he too took joy in other people’s misfortunes.


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