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Tang Feng was suspicious. Wasn’t it Zhang Rui Cheng who was supposed to pick up the call? Why did it suddenly change to Gino?

Moreover, why would Gino pick up? And how in the world did the number change to Gino’s in the first place?

Tang Feng was full of questions, but the show was still recording. He could only continue the call. He quickly changed the words he wanted to say and spoke in English instead, “Ah… it’s like this. I’m having some financial problems at the moment. At this rate, I won’t have enough money to pay my rent next month. Can you lend me some money? I’ll—”

I’ll pay you back after I receive my paycheck.

Unfortunately, before Tang Feng could even finish speaking, Gino had already cut him off with an enthusiastic reply.

“There’s no need for you to be so polite with me! Lend you some money? Why don’t you just move to America and live with me? My mansion in Seattle is pretty big!” Gino let out a long string of words; he spoke so fast that Tang Feng didn’t even catch what he had said at the end. However, Tang Feng did notice that many people were staring at him. Nobody had been informed that he knew Gino. They were all wondering when he had become such good friends with the international star.

“Wow, that’s quite far away. Even if I take a plane, it’ll take a long time for me to get there,” Tang Feng replied jokingly.

“Haha. If you’re willing to come, then I’ll pay for both your ticket and your meals. I’ll even set you up with some job opportunities. How about it? Are you moved by my generosity? Tang, I’m waiting for you!” From Gino’s voice, it was as if they were the best of friends. To the audience, it didn’t seem like they were just putting on an act.

Even Tang Feng didn’t know his relationship with Gino was this good. In his past life, they would have made sarcastic remarks about each other whenever they met. Unfathomably, Gino had actually picked up the phone. Equally unfathomably, Gino had somehow warmed up to him.

Although the whole situation was very strange, Tang Feng was still a bit grateful towards Gino. If he recalled correctly, Gino had never been one to make an appearance on variety shows. This was probably his first time participating in this sort of telephone game. Despite that, Gino took the initiative to help him out this time around. Tang Feng was surprised; his opinion of Gino had definitely changed after this.

“Xiao Yu, why did Gino pick up the phone instead of Zhang Rui Cheng?” The recording had finally ended. As he was walking off stage, Tang Feng spotted Xiao Yu sitting below and immediately walked towards her.

“That…” Xiao Yu began, but tapered off when she saw someone striding towards them.

“Tang Feng, how unexpected, you were actually friends with Gino.” Chen Ming Xu stopped in front of them with an attractive smile on his face. However, Xiao Yu clearly saw that the man’s smile was fake. Why did so many people in this world like to put on fake acts?

“I’ve only met with him a few times,” Tang Feng replied simply.

Tang Feng’s reply had the appropriate amount of politeness and distance in it. His attitude towards people were extremely easy to understand. If he disliked someone, then he would keep his distance from them. He would never try to provoke them, nor would he take the initiative to attack them.

“You’ve only met each other a few times yet Gino is already inviting you to his house? Truly, you are indeed my senior in this industry. I have to admire you for that. I have something to do, so I’ll leave first. Goodbye.” After giving out a few sarcastic comments with obscure meanings, Chen Ming Xu stalked past Tang Feng like a proud peacock.

“Chen Ming Xu, you seem to dislike me a lot. Can I ask the reason why?” Tang Feng turned and grabbed the man’s shoulder.

“There is no reason. I simply dislike you!” Chen Ming Xu glared at him and shook off his hand forcefully.

Xiao Yu rolled her eyes in annoyance at the retreating man’s back. She snorted, “Who does he think he is?”

“Xiao Yu!” Tang Feng pulled lightly on the girl’s sleeve and said, “Enough. You still haven’t told me why Gino picked up the phone.”

“His manager called me by himself.” Xiao Yu blinked and gazed expectantly at Tang Feng. She too wanted to know why Gino was willing to help Tang Feng out.

“Don’t look at me, I don’t know why either.” Tang Feng smiled wryly. He was extremely curious at the moment. Meeting Gino again after being reborn, he’d felt that the latter had changed a lot from before.

After Chen Ming Xu left, the director of the show and various other staff members surrounded Tang Feng. They all wanted to know how he was acquainted with the international star Michael Gino. The second and third-rate celebrities who had previously held Tang Feng in contempt now crowded around him and were unusually cordial.

The show’s producer was extremely excited and decided to use clips of Tang Feng’s phone call with Gino and air it as a teaser for the upcoming episode. The show’s ratings would definitely soar after this. Even though the production staff had been indifferent to Tang Feng leaving the show before, they now wanted him to stay. However, Tang Feng tactfully rejected the offer. He wanted to become a film star, not a variety star.

After the whole phone call business with Gino, Tang Feng could imagine very well what the headlines for tomorrow would be like.


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