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Tang Feng got a slight scare when he finally looked at the clock: it was already nine at night. He had gone to sleep around four or five in the afternoon. His stomach felt empty since he hadn’t had anything to eat. Normally, Charles would’ve already been back around seven.

Occasionally, Tang Feng liked to take an afternoon nap. Whenever dinnertime came around, Charles would always eagerly come into his room and wake him up with a passionate kiss and horrifyingly sweet words such as “darling” or “babe.”

But even when they’d finished packing all of his suitcases into Lu Tian Chen’s car, Charles’ mansion still stood empty. Since Charles had left this morning, he hadn’t come back. Not only hadn’t he come back, he hadn’t even sent a text or called. It was very different from his normal habits.

Tang Feng liked this decisive and straightforward style of doing things!

“President Lu, is my room in the company dorm a single room?” Sitting inside Lu Tian Chen’s luxurious car, Tang Feng suddenly thought of the question. He wasn’t used to sharing a room with another person. If the company had arranged a communal dorm for him, then he would rather rent a place outside by himself. He would have his freedom and be able to do whatever he desired.

Although, Xiao Yu did say he would only receive his first pay next month. For these past few days, everything he had eaten, used, and even the place he had lived at all belonged to Charles.

Since their deal had already ended, Tang Feng couldn’t afford to use any little thing that belonged to Charles anymore.

“Yes.” Holding the steering wheel with one hand, Lu Tian Chen pushed a button with the other. A gentle and beautiful singing voice instantly came on inside the dimly lit car. The song was full of exotic Latin sounds. Adding on the quiet atmosphere in the car, it was as if they were flying across the city’s landscape. The mood had also turned somewhat gentle.

After receiving a satisfying answer, the worry in Tang Feng’s heart lightened. He turned his head and gazed out at the scenery outside the window. The lights of the city melded into each other and became collective patches of color, like a bright watercolor painting. Paired with the beautiful music, Tang Feng felt as if he was becoming intoxicated on the night scene.

“Tang Feng,” Lu Tian Chen suddenly called out the man’s name.

“Yes, what is it?” Pulling his eyes back from the view, Tang Feng gazed at his boss. Under the muted lighting, Lu Tian Chen’s face flickered in and out of focus. His side profile was like a faded black and white photograph.

“It’s already too late tonight. I’ll take you to the dorm tomorrow.”

“Oh, alright.” That wasn’t a problem. It didn’t matter when he would live in the dorm, he still had to go. Today or tomorrow, early or late, it wasn’t much of a problem. Only, Tang Feng had a question, “President Lu, then where will I sleep tonight?”

Lu Tian Chen wouldn’t leave him under a bridge, right?

“My place.” It was a simple and direct answer.

“Oh, then I’ll trouble President Lu to put up with me tonight.” Tang Feng’s eye twitched at the other’s answer. Maybe it was because he was minding his place and behaving lately, in any case, it seemed like Lu Tian Chen didn’t see him as an enemy anymore.

Previously, Lu Tian Chen had invited him out for a meal and had even arranged new jobs for him. Now, he was even willing to let Tang Feng live in his house. Although it was only for one night, it was considerable progress in their relationship as boss and employee.

Around half an hour later, the car slowly pulled into the famous mansion district of S City. When the car was parked inside the immense garage of Lu Tian Chen’s mansion, several men dressed in black quickly came over to open the car doors. Without a word from Tang Feng, the men picked up his suitcases and carried them upstairs.

“Let’s go.” Lu Tian Chen expressionlessly walked up to Tang Feng’s side.

There was a saying that “Blessings do not come in pairs, and misfortunes never come alone.” Tang Feng felt that he was very unlucky today. This morning, he had taken a beating from wooden staffs. Now standing beside Lu Tian Chen, his stomach started growling without permission.

“Haha…” Tang Feng awkwardly laughed. He covered his flat stomach with a hand, the tips of his ears slightly red from embarrassment.

Lu Tian Chen gave the other man a deep and searching look. He then turned around and strode out in front. His lips couldn’t help but lift into a smile. “I won’t starve you.”


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