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“You didn’t fall in love with me, did you?” Tang Feng looked at the other man dispassionately.

Charles started laughing loudly, as if he had just heard the funniest joke of the year. He laughed so hard that even his head tilted back. “Darling, which show are we playing at now?”

The Moment of Truth, I guess.” Tang Feng nonchalantly smiled. He pushed himself up, took back the hand Charles had been holding onto, and used it to brush back the hair dangling on his forehead.

“I’ve counted the days, and there’s only about a week left. I was just lightheartedly teasing you earlier, so don’t take it to heart. After the deal, I won’t try to find you, and I won’t bother you. Don’t worry; I’m not an obstinate, clingy person.” Patting the shoulder of the smiling Charles, Tang Feng turned around and randomly grabbed a shirt to put on. He got off the bed and headed toward the bathroom.

“Charles, you’re a good man.” Tang Feng kept the last few words inside him. Those were reserved for when they were in bed.

Pulling the bathroom door open, he disappeared from Charles’ line of view.

The smile on Charles’ face slowly stiffened until it disappeared. He sat on the bed and rubbed his face forcefully with his hands. There was only a week left. More accurately, there were only four days and five nights remaining.

Four days and five nights. Four days and five nights?!

If Tang Feng hadn’t reminded him, Charles would’ve forgotten that their one month deal was coming to an end. How did it pass by so quickly? The god of time had to have been on a diet to be running so fast. In the blink of an eye, the end of their deal was already here.

I won’t come find you, and I won’t bother you.

The sound of splashing came from the bathroom. Tang Feng’s previous words resounded inside Charles’ mind. If this had been the past, he would have secretly rejoiced. Ah, how nice, there was no need for him to be pestered by these small-time celebrities anymore. He was tired of them already.

He liked Tang Feng’s intellect and tact, so he didn’t mind enjoying everything about this man wholeheartedly for the past month: his enamoring body, the black eyes that held both wisdom and profundity, and also the man’s sense of humor and nonchalance.

Tang Feng was like a cloud floating in the sky. One could see it, but one couldn’t grasp it within one’s hands.

So what was happening now? What was this baffling quickening of his heart, this uncalled-for tightness in his chest, and this enigmatic sudden downturn of his mood? This wasn’t like the natural and unstrained him at all.

Maybe it was only a momentary obsession of his towards Tang Feng?

What kinds of young and beautiful men weren’t there nowadays? There were plenty who were handsomer and more beautiful than Tang Feng, and countless more who had better figures!

Someone who was smarter and more knowledgeable than Tang Feng…

Someone who was funnier and more easy-going than Tang Feng…

Someone who was more likeable than Tang Feng…

Alright, he couldn’t think of anyone at the moment. But all he needed was someone to warm the bed, not some kind of emotional support.

Then again, it would be better to have both physical enjoyment and psychological stimulation at the same time.

“Right, maybe I’ll forget about him in a few days. What love? Haha, that’s ridiculous. How could I fall in love with a petty actor?” Charles mocked himself as he rested the back of his head on his palms. His laughter though, was a bit forced.

The splashing had already quieted inside the bathroom. In keeping with Tang Feng’s habits, he would probably soak in the bathtub for another hour and watch a movie at the same time. Charles really liked that habit of his. Why hadn’t anyone invited him to watch movies in the bathtub before?

In four days and five nights, he would have to sit in the bathtub and watch movies alone.

No, he could go find a pretty model or starlet to accompany him.

Charles thought for a moment, then picked up his phone and sent a text: Kai, I’ll think about it.

He hopped off the bed and sped toward the bathroom. “Darling, what movie are you watching? Do you need a drink? I’ll have someone bring one in.”

These two men, just who had eaten whom up?


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  1. “Charles, you’re a good man” mmmm… definitely.. Welp, guy definitely fell hard for Tang Feng.

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