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What Tang Feng liked most in Charles’ house was the luxurious bathroom in the master bedroom. Although the guest bedroom was beautiful, there was still a large difference between it and the master bedroom. A week after Tang Feng started living with Charles, Charles had given him the password to the master bedroom’s door.

Knowing the proper time and way to do things, Tang Feng particularly enjoyed lolling in the bathtub for up to two hours while Charles wasn’t home. While soaking in the warm water, he’d lie back, sip on a glass of juice, and watch movies on the TV hanging the opposite wall.

The movie he had watched today was a romance that had been quite popular in France a while ago. The story followed an aristocrat who had lost his legs in a sky-diving accident. Unable to care for himself, the aristocrat hired a young African man as his helper. The two people from vastly different worlds were now connected with one another. The movie didn’t deal with conventional plotlines about the divide in social classes or the hateful topic of racial discrimination. Instead, it was a heartwarming romance that surpassed all that and left the viewer with a warm feeling.

A more realistic and tragic storyline might resonate more with the audience and leave a bigger impression, but Tang Feng personally liked heartwarming movies better. No matter what difficulties or plights one might encounter in life, one simply had to overcome it, not for any special reason, but simply to see a better tomorrow.

After finishing both the movie and his juice, Tang Feng walked out of the bathroom wrapped up in a bathrobe. To his surprise, Charles was already waiting for him. From past experiences, he knew that Charles usually wouldn’t return home so early.

“My love.” With open arms, Charles walked toward him.

“You smell nice.” Wrapping his arms around Tang Feng, Charles happily breathed in the faint aroma of soap on other’s neck, and also landed a few soft kisses there.

“You came back very early today.” Grabbing both of Charles’ hands, Tang Feng escaped from the other man’s embrace. Tang Feng wasn’t sure if Charles had contracted some sort of strange disease or some other problem, but lately, every time Charles saw him, he’d hug or kiss him like they hadn’t seen each other for years. So much that Tang Feng sometimes wanted to kick him in the face!

Charles smiled as he put one arm around Tang Feng’s shoulders and threaded the other one under his knees. Without warning, he lifted Tang Feng up.

“Charles!” Shocked, Tang Feng quickly clutched Charles’ neck. It was the first time in his life that someone had carried him like this.

“I’m really strong, so don’t worry that I’ll drop you.” With a quick laugh, Charles carried him to the bed and with a dip of his head, started kissing him. He kissed Tang Feng from his forehead to the bridge of his nose, to his cheeks, his lips, his chin, and his neck… Gradually, he headed downwards, gently and persistently. It felt as though they were a real couple.

“We just did it yesterday.” Tang Feng said as Charles opened up his bathrobe, revealing a bare chest that shone gently in the soft light. Charles moved his mouth strategically across Tang Feng’s body in a tender caress. Involuntarily, Tang Feng’s breathing began to speed up.

“I want to do it with you ’til the break of dawn. I want to hold you close in my arms,” said Charles as he looked up with wide eyes. He then looked down again and continued kissing Tang Feng’s stomach, thighs, knees, and eventually the instep of the latter’s feet.

“You’re so charming. I mean, even your toenails are beautiful.” Charles kissed the other man’s round, pretty toes as he spoke.

“Hey…” A little ticklish, Tang Feng moved his foot away. Not letting him off, Charles grabbed his foot again.

“Are you embarrassed? Haha, I’m simply stating the truth.” Charles’ fingers fondled Tang Feng’s pale ankle. He gazed at the faint blue veins running under the pale skin of Tang Feng’s feet. He leaned over and kissed it again. “Right now, I truly want to eat you up.”

Tang Feng raised an eyebrow. When he had been in bed with Charles before, he had always let Charles take the lead, since the latter’s technique wasn’t half bad. But right now, it might be a good idea to try something new.

“Then we’ll just have to see if you can.” Tang Feng smiled. He lifted one of his legs and stepped on Charles’ firm chest.


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