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“Director, the candidates for this season’s ‘Dream Lover’ have been decided. Please look them over.”
Inside the conference room, a few television staff members grouped together to check information on the latest program as they discussed production issues.

“Pairing male celebrities with quality men from society. A topic like this will definitely create a commotion. This season, aside from success, we’ll only have more success, haha.” The director adjusted his glasses. The polite, handsome man peered at the staff members by his side, smiling, “There are ten male celebrities in the beginning, with four already set to reach the final episodes. Have you chosen who these final four will be yet?”

After flipping through a couple pages and closing the information packet, the director looked at the team.

“Yes.” A female producer wearing a pair of black, thick-framed glasses said. “We decided to support Feng Xiu Jie. In the past few years, his status as one of the entertainment industry’s four princes has attracted him a lot of attention. He also has a good image, so his appearance in this program will no doubt cause quite a stir.”

“As for the other three, we have also decided to use popular or controversial celebrities.” Briefly stopping in her tracks, the female producer frowned before continuing hesitantly, “Kai, what do you think of Tang Feng?”

“Tang Feng?” Behind a pair of glasses, the man’s eyes slightly narrowed. He had just recalled he hadn’t actually finished reading the information booklet. He reached out to open it again, unable to find Tang Feng’s profile. He only spotted it once he flipped to the last page.

Kai looked over Tang Feng’s file.

“According to our plan, he would be eliminated by episode four.” The female producer then spoke in a low voice, “But I checked Weibo yesterday, and a photograph of him in ancient robes was ranked third most in reblogs and comments. Also, there have been discussions about him and Ge Chen over a movie.”

Another staff member added, “I have a friend in Tian Chen Entertainment. They apparently have plans to place Tang Feng in some magazines for interviews and photoshoots. It seems Lu Tian Chen intends to start promoting Tang Feng.”

“If even half the news of Tang Feng’s sudden exposure comes out in the airings, it would do a lot of good for the program.” The female producer did not conceal her thoughts.

Kai nodded, hands propping his chin. “Hm, I’ll believe your words, but the guest I’ve chosen this time isn’t someone that likes to be ordered around by others. How the program goes in the end, that’s not something you or I could decide.”

Smiling a little, Kai added, “But I believe Tang Feng should at least be able to last until the end. Let’s decide on the program like this: we will focus on Feng Xiu Jie first. As for Tang Feng, we won’t promote him as much yet.”

“The sudden appearance of a black horse is another way to bring ratings up.”

Leaving the conference room, Kai took out his cell phone as he walked , dialing the number of his good friend.

Moments later, the call connected.

“Hey, aren’t you so free lately that you’re getting anxious? Come join my program. It’s only chatting about love or whatever with male celebrities. Isn’t that your expertise?” Somewhat teasingly, Kai directed it at the other person.

“Kai, do I seem like an idler to you?” The man at the end of the call chuckled.

“Don’t be so heartless. We’ve been friends for years, after all.” Kai laughed.

“Haha, I certainly do love beautiful male celebrities, but I don’t enjoy having this private interest be brought to the big screen. That’s quite dumb. Why did you suddenly decide to find me?”

“No other way. Who told you to pop up in a high-end finance magazine once you came back? Handsome, rich, and single: a perfect diamond bachelor. And one of the celebrities in the program is someone you know.” Pausing, Kai let out an icy grin and purposely slowed his words. “It’s the one who came with you to the TV station the other day, Tang Feng.”

“Tang Feng?” The other person’s tone spiked.

“Yes, are you interested?” Kai was thoroughly satisfied by Charles’ reaction. He was one of the rare few that knew Tang Feng was living with Charles.

“I can’t answer you immediately. Let me get back to you tomorrow.”

Driving on the somewhat crowded streets, the man took off his earpiece. A smiled lingered on the corner of his lips. Tang Feng, is it?


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Translator: Nuddles
Proofreaders: PiKairi, Syrra

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    Best BL I’ve ever read! Please finish this novel!

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    Is this Kai also taking an interest in Tang Feng, by what the last line implied

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    Maybe the best BL novel I have ever read.Excellent work on translation and proofreading.Shame that chapters are so short(really shamefully too short).Keep doing the good work.Thank You.

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    Yesssss sooooooo shipping for fengxcharles.

  9. Ellie says:

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