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This was the first time that Tang Feng was dining alone with Lu Tian Chen. Xiao Yu was obviously his manager, but she had been sent away by Lu Tian Chen. When he thought back on how eagerly Xiao Yu did Lu Tian Chen’s bidding and abandoned him, Tang Feng couldn’t help but want to give Xiao Yu a few good knocks on her head. Stupid little puppy!

The car stopped outside a restaurant’s door. Lu Tian Chen tossed his car keys to the valet; Tang Feng followed after him. When they stepped inside the restaurant, the headwaiter walked over and warmly greeted them. It appeared that Lu Tian Chen was a regular at this restaurant. It was made evident when the headwaiter looked at Tang Feng with a surprised expression. Tang Feng knew that he wasn’t the person who often accompanied Lu Tian Chen for a meal here.

Who was it then? Ge Chen?

“President Lu, should we serve the same dishes as before?” Inside the private room, the headwaiter quietly asked, occasionally glancing over at Tang Feng.

Lu Tian Chen opened his mouth slightly, but then looked over at Tang Feng. He handed the menu over to the latter, “You can order whatever you want to eat.”

Tang Feng didn’t hold back: he flipped open the menu and selected a few pricey dishes that suited his tastes. It didn’t matter if the dishes didn’t suit his appetite, what was important was that they were expensive. It was rare for President Lu to invite him out to eat; he had to make sure the other didn’t lose face.

“Just serve what he ordered.” Lu Tian Chen didn’t even bat an eye at the prices.

“Yes, please wait for a moment.” The headwaiter left the room quickly, closing the door behind him, making sure it was unlocked.

This time, Tang Feng was smarter. With people like Lu Tian Chen, he didn’t need to take the initiative and start a conversation. The more he spoke, the easier it would be for the other to catch his weaknesses and inconsistencies. Therefore, Tang Feng lowered his head and silently drank his juice. If one had to compare who was better at enduring this sort of awkward silence, Tang Feng was sure he wouldn’t lose.

People who had died once would naturally become more thick-skinned. In his new “stolen” life, there was no need for him to consider other people’s feelings or opinions.

Minutes and seconds passed, but the room remained quiet. Even when the headwaiter came in with others to serve the dishes, the two of them were still each doing their own thing: drinking juice, reading magazines, or playing with their phones.

“Please take your time and enjoy.” The food had all been served. The headwaiter bowed slightly and left, this time making sure the door was locked. Before closing the door, the headwaiter tossed one last flirty glance at Tang Feng. As he accidentally looked up and met the waiter’s eyes, Tang Feng was so startled that he almost choked on his juice.

“Drink slower.” Lu Tian Chen lifted his eyes slightly, and handed over a tissue.

“Thank you.” Tang Feng accepted the tissue. He turned aside and lowered his head to wipe away the juice clinging to the corners of his mouth. How embarrassing.

“Not only did your personality change, your manners have even become elegant.” Lu Tian Chen’s face was expressionless. He picked up his knife and fork and started cutting the piece of tender beef on his plate. The whole time, he cast not one glance at Tang Feng.

“Thanks for President Lu’s compliments.” Different situations called for different measures. The less he spoke, the fewer holes he would expose.

“Before, you chattered a lot when you were with me.” The president acted as if he had said those words thoughtlessly, but it was a deliberate move.

“Does President Lu miss my past self?” Feeling hungry, Tang Feng picked up his chopsticks and started eating. Although he had grown up abroad, he had still liked Chinese cuisine the best. His favorite had been Sichuan hot pot and it was a love that he still could not give up. If it hadn’t been for the doctor telling him that he couldn’t eat this and that, he would have had hot pot every day.

“No, I like your current self better.” Lu Tian Chen said naturally.

“Thanks for President Lu’s appreciation.” Tang Feng replied in a business-like tone. However, the words didn’t feel stiff when they came out of his mouth; instead they were slightly humorous.

Lu Tian Chen swallowed his mouthful of beef. He narrowed his eyes when he saw plate after plate of spicy dishes arranged before Tang Feng. He lowered his head and continued eating his lightly flavored food. “I came to find you today because I have some good news for you.”

“Are you going to give me a pay raise?” Tang Feng smiled and said.

“Something like that,” Lu Tian Chen replied, looking on as the other ate a piece of spicy beef. Tang Feng’s eyes fluttered close in satisfaction at the flavor, which he washed down with a drink of water. Lu Tian Chen continued speaking, “Director Li Wei decided to use you for his new movie.”


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  1. Someone says:

    This is me probably holding a grudge but I probably would have replied with a sarcastic comment mentioning that the only thing I was good at was climbing into another man’s bed just so I could throw his own words back in his face. Seriously, I hate that man due to that reason. Don’t matter if your his boss you still don’t have any right to something like that to anyone, no matter how freaking rich you are. I guarantee you, you say that to the wrong person they WILL punch you in the face. He should be glad that Tang Feng isn’t an impulsive person lol. Also, yeah! You go, Tang! Look at you getting a freaking role in his movie. And the best part was that he didn’t hold auditions for it, he just immediately got the part. Pretty freaking awesome for a man who’s only talent is climbing into another guys bed. ^^

  2. Tangy Citrus says:

    haha Tang Feng’s comment on Xiao Yu as a “stupid little puppy!” and wanting to give her a few good knocks on her head.

    ooh a dinner date with the boss who let you order whatever you wanted, no matter the price! me like~ hhahah :P
    but that stiffling silence and awkwardness, i think i could have survived but there’s also the high chance of cracking. darn.

    YES! Tang Feng got the part in the movie!!! woohoo!!
    did Lu Tian Chen really need to take him out to dinner to tell him that? what else did he want?
    i only hope that this cold bastard doesn’t want to have Tang Feng for himself now that he “likes [this] current self better.” I don’t like him. I like Charles a little better but even then he’s on the NO-side too.

    Thank you for the hard work giraffecorps!! don’t stop! keep it coming~ haha ^^

  3. Devil says:

    OMG, awesomeeeeee. Thank you for the update T__T)/ Looking forward to reading the next chapter now >:D

  4. phanata says:

    thank you for your work:)

  5. Aoi says:

    < 33 Thank you for the hard work! /virtualhugs

  6. Asushi says:

    That’s our Tang Feng! Hurry up and reach #1!

  7. s3ri says:

    Thank you! Did he give the president the lost memories excuse?

  8. fujoshichan says:

    wow you guys are the best :) thanks a lot giraffe you guys made my day

  9. Alynn Nana says:

    Thank you so much for another speedy release of this lovely novel. A very amusing conversation/atmosphere between Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen here. I am still struggling between Pres. Lu and Charles though. Can’t wait to read more future chapters!

  10. no3b says:

    Thank you for the super fast updates! I’d hug you all if I could.

  11. Harper Jane says:

    Gosh!I love the updates giraffecorps! thank you so much! I love this chapter :)

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