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In the makeup room, Tang Feng put on ancient styled Chinese robes and a long-haired wig for the first time. Looking at the familiar yet strange reflection in the mirror, he had an inexplicably peculiar feeling.

“You could act as Warrior Lanling at this point!” The makeup artist in charge of styling Tang Feng exclaimed as she added the finishing touches to his look.

Although Tang Feng had always lived abroad, he was well-versed in Chinese history. Naturally, he knew who Warrior Lanling was.

Warrior Lanling was a famous general of ancient China, known as a man with a soft face but a strong spirit; both his voice and face were beautiful. As a general for his country, he diligently executed even the most trifling matters. His generosity was such that every time he received something good to eat, even if it was a squash and a few fruits, he’d share with his subordinates. In history, he could be counted as a well-known male beauty. Unfortunately, he had a quite regrettable end.

While Tang Feng was lost in thought, the makeup artist finished his look. She looked at the classical-looking beauty in the mirror and smiled, “I was planning on adding some accessories earlier, but now I think you look even better as you are.”

Dressed in a simple snow-colored robe and a silver waistband that defined his waist, Tang Feng appeared the essence of elegance. Facial features that already looked like they were painted on, when paired with the long hair, made him seem like an ancient character walking out of a thousand-year-old painting. His erect posture made him all the more handsome.

His entire person exuded modesty and simple gracefulness, presenting a soothing vision for the eye on a hot summer day.

“I feel like I can be the male version of .” Tang Feng smilingly hugged the makeup artist. “Thank you.”

“You- you’re welcome…” The makeup artist blushed. “If you really want to thank me, take a picture with me.”Tang Feng joyfully agreed, and Xiao Yu helped the two take a photograph.

It was about time for Tang Feng’s scene, so the other workers called him outside. After he left, the makeup artist looked at their photo together, and after a moment of thinking, decided to upload it to her .

At this point, she only thought that Tang Feng looked exactly like someone out of a painting, so she posted it out of habit. She had no idea that by the time she checked on the post again after work, it would become the third most popular post in the daily rankings.

It still wasn’t Tang Feng’s turn to act by the time he got to the shooting area, so he went over to chat with the props-master. Since his character was a musician that played the , Tang Feng felt that it would only be right to actually play it during his scene. Sadly, all the instruments were fake, so Tang Feng lost the opportunity to show off his musical talent.

Would you expect a patient with heart problems to play an electric guitar? At age thirty, Tang Feng was already studying health preservation as though he were forty. Drinking tea, playing chess, playing the piano, the guqin, or any kind of stringed instrument; he knew them all. The good thing about movies is that the work is short but intense, and resting time is long. With more leisure time, the things he learned naturally increased.

Especially in the latter half of his fame, Tang Feng became increasingly severe when it came to choosing scripts, so his free time also opened up. For an actor to better his acting skills and personal excellence, it was not enough to just lounge around at home or occasionally go dancing.

Not long into his chat, others from the film crew asked him to get ready. It was finally his turn.

This was his “first scene”. His first since becoming the new Tang Feng.

Tang Feng often felt that he was now living for two people. Besides, he had always believed that he must live this life well, and film his movies and shows perfectly.


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A beautiful female ghost from a series of fantasy short stories. She is coerced to participate in ritual murders in the service of a demon.
A micro-blogging platform in China.
An ancient Chinese instrument with seven strings.

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