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Lu Tian Chen was sitting in his office, looking over some files when the door suddenly opened.

“I’ve been thinking over something for a long time, and now I’ve decided to tell you.” Charles casually sat across from Lu Tian Chen, his self-invitation evident.

“President Lu…” The secretary in the doorway had a look of frustration; she couldn’t have prevented Charles from barging in.

Lu Tian Chen expressionlessly waved his hand at her, indicating she should pay no attention to the intruder.

“The least you could do is close the door after yourself.” Lu Tian Chen slowly raised his eyes to look at Charles. Then, in a voice that carried a hint of mockery, he said, “Your dear Tang Feng’s not accompanying you today?”

“You should know. I’m a respectable gentleman.” Charles shrugged and leaned back against the chair. He lit a cigar and began to take small puffs on it.

“I promised Tang Feng I would be the perfect lover for this one month. So it’s natural of me to respect his decision of going to work, even though I’ve given him enough money to act in ten movies.” Blowing out a cloud of smoke, Charles looked around the office. “Don’t you have any alcohol in here?”

“I don’t drink while I’m working.”

“Hypocrite,” Charles gave a disdainful laugh and slightly frowned. “Two days ago when I went to visit Albert, I brought Tang Feng with me.”

“That’s not surprising. Recently, you’ve been hanging off him all day like a koala.” Lu Tian Chen lifted his eyes slightly to look at Charles.

“But see, that’s the problem. It seems like Albert took some interest in Tang Feng.” Charles helplessly shook his head. “I don’t understand why Albert has to like the man I have my eyes on. I don’t want to think that my tastes are the same as his. Otherwise, I would think I’m abnormal as well.”

“It’s true that Tang Feng is somewhat different from before.” From those words, it appeared that Lu Tian Chen did not think it strange for Albert to have an interest in Tang Feng. He lightly drummed his fingers against the table, making a thudding sound.

“Charles, what are you worried about?”

The self-declared gentleman took a puff on his cigar, his face becoming slightly blurred from within the smoke. “When the time comes, what if Albert really asks you to give him Tang Feng? From what I know, the current Tang Feng is indifferent towards you. It’s not like before, when he was madly in love with you.”

When Charles said those words, it was obvious he took joy in saying them.

Lu Tian Chen ignored Charles’ gloat, but took the blow inwardly. He then unconcernedly said, “If Albert wants Ge Chen, then we’ll give him Ge Chen. If he wants Tang Feng, then we’ll give him Tang Feng, but only for three days.”

“To tell you the truth, Tang Feng really is to my tastes. He’s handsome, has a nice body, and on top of it, has a likable personality. I don’t even need to mention how he is in bed.” Charles was rather regretful. “If I were to hand him over to that perverted Albert, I would feel very guilty.”

The corner of Lu Tian Chen’s eye twitched upon hearing those words. He offhandedly asked, “If you say it like that, doesn’t that mean you’ve gotten something good for cheap?” Despite the fact that Charles was a playboy, he was extremely picky about his partners.

The transaction period was always a month, but up ‘till now the number of people who had managed to stay by Charles’ side for a month was exactly zero. At first, Lu Tian Chen had thought Tang Feng would be sent back after one night. He didn’t think that in a blink of an eye, two weeks would pass.

Could a person change that much just from having amnesia?

“Of course, that is due to President Lu’s great generosity.” Rubbing his chin, Charles put the half-finished cigar in the ashtray. “Hopefully, I will get tired of him after another two weeks. That way even if he is sent to Albert’s bed, I won’t feel too bad.” After speaking, he stood up.

“Aren’t going to stay a bit longer?” Lu Tian Chen asked.

“My darling Tang finishes filming at six. He seemed a little angry today. So you know, as a respectable gentleman and perfect lover, I need to go comfort him.” Charles’ eyes suddenly lit up, “Since you’ve known him for many years, do you know what he likes?”

“Everything expensive.” Lu Tian Chen said without hesitation.

“Is that so? Last time when I wanted to give him a car, he said he preferred me to drive.” Charles started to laugh, “Looks like you don’t know him at all.”

He’d rather Charles be the driver? Lu Tian Chen faintly smiled; the Tang Feng he knew wouldn’t have said something so lovable.



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    loveeeeeeeeeeee it …this among the top of my fav.

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    Oh what joy to see more updates. OMG, thank you. (start sprouting nonsense)
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    Ah no one can resist Tang Feng because he so awesome~

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    *sigh* Charles really is an incredibly disgusting man, but i can’t bring myself to entirely hate him for Tang Feng’s sake. Thank you for the chapter!!!!

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    “So lovable” he said!
    Charles falls into the trap, soon Tang Feng will crush every male here and will create his own harem :)

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