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Albert lifted his fingers slightly; immediately, the bodyguard that had been standing on the side came forward with cigarettes and a lighter. The golden-haired man took a long drag of his cigarette and leisurely blew out clouds of smoke. “Let’s get to the point of why you’re here.”

“Are you saying we were just fooling around then? Albert, learn to have a sense of humor and relax a bit. Remember, we are respectable people.” Charles’ words had no credibility at all, but his expression was one of complete confidence.  It made him appear extremely attractive.

Albert gave a cold laugh. He then raised his chin in a signal; the bodyguard immediately put a suitcase onto the table. The corner of Tang Feng’s eye twitched at the sight of the suitcase. It couldn’t be filled with drugs or money, right? Although he had previously been acquainted with people who had danced around the edge of black and white, Tang Feng himself was a law-abiding model citizen.

“Open it and look,” Albert said. Charles then took out a cigar box. Tang Feng knew that the man liked cigars.

Following Albert’s command, the bodyguard opened the suitcase. Inside, there weren’t any packets of drugs or stacks of cash, only a few syringes filled with an unknown liquid.

The current situation made Tang Feng feel like he was inside a movie, but he continued to sit calmly beside Charles. Since Charles had brought him here, it meant that he didn’t care if Tang Feng knew about what he was doing. Where did Charles get the confidence to believe that Tang Feng wouldn’t tell anyone what he saw though?

Of course, Tang Feng wasn’t stupid enough to report it to the police. If he did, he would probably experience true death this time around.

Charles stood up and picked up one of the syringes. He carelessly gave it a look and then took out another from the suitcase. “Darling, help me load it.”

In all the thirty-something years of Tang Feng’s life, this was the first time he would be getting involved in the business dealings of the criminal world. Tang Feng quietly sighed, but he still reached out and took the two syringes from Charles. He took care to maintain a calm attitude, but god knows what kind of suspicious liquid the syringes held.

Was he nervous? Of course he was.

In this sort of situation, however, Tang Feng couldn’t afford to reveal a tense or frantic expression.

Albert, who was sitting opposite them, gave Tang Feng another glance. Then, right in front of Tang Feng’s face, he said, “Tell Lu Tian Chen to lend me that man for a few days. I want to play with him.”


Tang Feng inwardly swore. So he really was being treated like a toy?

“Haha, that I can’t do; go ask Lu Tian Chen himself if you want him. But right now, he’s mine.” Charles drew Tang Feng in for a hug. Putting an arm around the other’s waist, Charles intimately kissed Tang Feng’s cheek, his action casually telling Albert that he shouldn’t lay a hand on Tang Feng right now.

But, what would happen half a month later?

Right now, Tang Feng truly despised Charles. Tang Feng understood these wealthy people’s way of thinking: if others had something they didn’t, they would also want it. If they were refused the object, it would only serve to arouse their interest even more. The more Charles guarded him, the more intense Albert’s interest in him would become.

After his rebirth, Tang Feng had wanted to become a revered film star once more. He had wanted to focus on making films again. What he didn’t want was to climb into another man’s bed.

Not to mention, from the first glance, this Albert looked like some special sort of pervert with strange preferences.

After they left the restaurant, Tang Feng’s expression was one of constant dissatisfaction. He didn’t bother hiding his irritation and had no qualms with using silence to express his bad mood. It didn’t matter if it was Lu Tian Chen or Charles― in their eyes, he wasn’t much different from other people. He was merely a toy or a pawn.

In Tang Feng’s eyes, however, whether it was Charles, Lu Tian Chen, or Albert, they were all scums of the earth.

Did they think he was some sort of clay doll that could be easily squished?

If that was the case, then there was no need for him to hold back. After all, he hadn’t relied on only his acting skills to climb from the position of an orphan to that of a film star.



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  1. Haha now I really despise the male leads here. Charles even asked him to help him load it, basically dragging him to be involved with the underworld. Hopefully Tang Feng won’t be in danger in the future and would continue to be a star.

  2. Qquestion says:

    I’m confused; when Charles asks Tang Feng to “load” the syringes is Charles asking Tang Feng to insert the drugs into Charles? Charles takes drugs?

  3. Hikaru says:

    Dammit Charles dont start pulling tang feng into your shit.

    On the other hand I love how we are slowly learning mor and more about tang feng s past self.

  4. kazemomo says:

    Tang Feng’s last comment just made me more eager to know what the future holds in store for all of them. Tang Feng sounds like he has more cards up his sleeves then any of them would be looking for. I’m soooooo curious as to see what would happen!!! What did he do to reach the height of stardom? Did he dirty his hands? what methods did he use?? So curious!!!

  5. kitti_p says:

    oooh, i’m so glad i came across this! I can’t wait til the next chapters, thank you so much for the great work!

  6. intan says:

    pleaseeee more update. i cant wait. if i want to buy this novel where can i buy.but in english. thx u

    • Nannyn says:

      All the novels from LCread are online novels. They haven’t been officially published. So there aren’t any places to buy them right now.

  7. raimeowmeow says:

    I thnk charles intentionally brought tang feng there, for him to seek refuge into charles embrace. Or else he would end up being sold to another guy after a month.

  8. Ssaa says:

    Oh wow, thank you for the release! Already waiting impatiently next chapter. Go get them Tang Feng!

  9. Zmeyulia says:

    Thank you! this novel become more and more interesting/Thank you for choosing it for translation – everything is great: characters, plot !!!

  10. Devil says:

    Yay for stalking daily. Thank you so much for the release.
    A cliff hanger. D: I’m so curious to know what he’ll do.

  11. Ruevedette says:

    Go tang feng make them pay for making you a fool…..

    Ha….ha…that’s what I could say in this chapter can’t help for more chapter goodluck

  12. s3ri says:

    oh no. Hope Tang Feng makes it unscathed

  13. Acacha says:

    From the start, I don’t think of Charles as good guy (not kindhearted, huh?). If he really loved Tang Feng as he often said, it would be too easy too quick, sort of. But Charles was not as bad as the others, anyway. So…Feng, teach them a lesson xD

    ***Thanks for the new chapter***

  14. DN says:

    I dont think Charles that bad… Well at least he protect Tang Feng from Albert. If he truly treat T.Feng as toy he would pass it by minute Albert ask but he didn’t.

  15. Ladyship says:

    Ah… I thought more of Charles than that… What a shame, he was definetly on my A list, but now he’s in the trash bin as of right now. The entertainment industry is terribly frightening, but know our great MC, he’s not going to go down with out a fight, is he? Thank you once again for the speedy update, GC. I am very grateful! Also, I think I’m a fan of Miss Manager now!

  16. Nobody says:

    Wow I’m starting to hate Charles … And I guess every male in this novel exept our MC…
    It’s the first time for me to prefer a girl (the manager) in a bl novel XD
    Anyway, thank you for this chapter!

    • kezi says:

      Aaahhh jerks aren’t a rare species in BL, so don’t be too upset. Not to mention that these are rich and powerful men who have played with dozens of men and women, and right now Tang Feng just looks like a slightly more interesting toy ( that will change though :D )

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