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It wasn’t news that the show business world was involved with the criminal underworld. Around the 80’s and the 90’s, Hong Kong’s entertainment circle was taken over by the local criminal triads. On the surface, it appeared that the celebrities were enjoying endless fame; however, it was unknown how many threats they had to face in private. Thankfully, those sort of things have gone down over recent years.

As Tang Feng had been in show business for quite a while, it was natural for him to know these things. Nowadays, a large majority of the triads had switched direction and started working in companies, trying eagerly to wipe the slate clean. However, even more of them chose to operate in the grey, neither outright illegal nor sticking rigidly to the law. And amongst those people, there were some that liked to invest in the film industry. One reason was that they could make a great deal of profit out of the current film industry’s booming growth. Another was that they could give their dirty money that came from unknown means a washing.

Charles and Lu Tian Chen’s backgrounds were definitely more complex than Tang Feng’s, to say the least. That day when the three of them were eating together, Tang Feng had heard some things that he shouldn’t have. After returning home and thinking carefully, he remembered that someone who was capable of treating a person like merchandise and selling them for a month was most likely not a normal law abiding citizen.

Charles drove Tang Feng to one of the city’s top-class restaurants. The waiter obviously knew Charles, and personally led the two of them to a private room.

Two big and strong bodyguards dressed in black stood outside the private room guarding the door with a fiendish look on their faces.

After seeing Charles, the two bodyguards respectfully bowed. Afterwards, one of them opened the door for them. Tang Feng didn’t know whether he should or shouldn’t follow Charles in. But without giving him time to answer his own question, Charles’ arm was already around his waist. Even if he didn’t want to go in, he had to.

There were already quite a number of people inside the room. All of them were blue-eyed, green-eyed, blond-haired, or brown-haired…there was not a single black-haired, black-eyed Asian in the room. It was a sea of foreigners.

“Albert, my old friend,” Charles gave an excited greeting. However, the man’s manner of speaking was always on the frivolous side.

“Charles,” Albert, the one Charles had mentioned, was the only one sitting at the dining table. He looked to be around Charles’ age and had a head of attention drawing, golden hair. The look in his emerald green eyes gave people an uneasy feeling.

Tang Feng accidentally met the other man’s gaze. Albert swiftly looked away, but that one moment made Tang Feng very wary. He didn’t like this man named Albert; from that one glance he knew that the other couldn’t be a kindhearted person.

If Charles could be said to be a jaguar pretending to be a high-class gentleman, then Albert was the sort of beast that made no attempt to conceal its vicious attitude.

“Your new toy?” Raising a corner of his mouth, Albert sized up Tang Feng with his eyes. His gaze at Tang Feng wasn’t one of looking at a person; it was more like he was looking at Tang Feng as some sort of prey or toy.

The minute Albert opened his mouth, out came a perfect British accent. And the minute he opened his mouth, out came words of perfect offensiveness.

“He actually belongs to Lu Tian Chen. I’ve spent lot of effort before managing to borrow him for a month, so I have to bring him with me everywhere.” With a “haha”, Charles started laughing. He pulled Tang Feng down to sit, his arm still around the other’s waist. He then gave a deep look at Tang Feng, who was sitting beside him. “But recently, I’ve started to love him a lot.”

His tone of voice made him seem like he really did fall in love with Tang Feng; the latter, however, inwardly flipped Charles the bird.

“Why don’t you get together with me instead? Neither Lu Tian Chen nor Charles are good people.” Albert smiled, his eyes narrowing with the motion. Inside the depths of his eyes though, there wasn’t even a hint of a smile.

When people speak of putting on a false smile, they must be talking about this.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense. This guy here is abnormal; the previous person he slept with is now sleeping inside a grave. My dear Tang, not everyone is gentle and considerate like me.” Charles immediately tore off Albert’s cover.



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