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“I’m very sorry that I’ve made you wait so long!”

A short girl said in a polite voice as she hurried into the room. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail, and she was wearing a pair of glasses with black frames. There were dark circles under her eyes, and she carried several documents in her hands.

“Hello, I’m Wang Nan, the producer for ‘Dream Lover.’ It’s very nice to meet you.” Setting down the documents, the girl smiled as she reached out her hand.

Tang Feng respectfully shook her hand, but he was slightly surprised; he had no idea that the producer was this young.

“Hello, I’m Tang Feng.” He smiled politely.

“We have already contacted your agency about most of the details. Your agency has expressed its willingness to cooperate with us for the show. However, there are still some parts I need to tell you about and also ask for your consent to.” Pushing up her glasses, the producer spoke with a strict and professional voice that did not match her appearance.

“For the third season of the show, the theme will not be dating between a man and a woman; instead, it will be between two men. For this season, ordinary men with exceptional backgrounds will be set up with male celebrities. The topic of gay love will naturally attract greater attention from the viewers, but it could also affect your own personal image. So please think this over and give us a reply afterwards.”

Handing over the documents to Tang Feng, the producer spoke again: “There are several introductions to the show in here and also some contracts. You can take them home and look them over. There’s no need to give me an answer right away.”

Tang Feng’s hand sank, heavy with the weight of all the documents. He stared blankly at the producer.

The theme for the third season is dating between a man and another man?

“Tang Feng, you need…need to carefully think about this. We can discuss this with the agency first,” Xiao Yu said as she looked down at the documents in Tang Feng’s hands. ‘Dream Lover’ definitely was a good program, and the theme for this season would indeed become extremely popular. Without even thinking about it, he knew the show would gain even more viewers. This meant that it was very likely that the show’s participants would also rise rapidly in popularity. It wasn’t like these sorts of things hadn’t happened before.

Xiao Yu didn’t doubt Tang Feng’s ability; she knew that the only thing he was missing was an opportunity. However, the show undoubtedly came with some hidden risks.

“This is a good opportunity, right?” As they left the office, Tang Feng walked ahead of Xiao Yu. He didn’t know where Charles had gone, and he really would rather not take a taxi home.

Xiao Yu raised her head and was met with the sight of Tang Feng’s back. She sighed heavily and helplessly said, “It really is a good opportunity, but it comes with some very high risks!”

“I’ll take it.” Tang Feng smiled as he looked over at Xiao Yu’s worried face. “Right now, do I have the right to be picky? Since opportunities like this rarely come by, I should take it. As for the things that come up afterwards, I’ll deal with them when they come.”

Success was often accompanied by big risks. Director Li Wei’s movie was about gay love, and the T.V. show also dealt with the same theme. He didn’t know if both were due to the hot topic of same-sex marriage that had recently been legalized in the country, but undoubtedly the show would end up attracting a great deal of attention from society.

“But!” Xiao Yu had wanted to say more, but seeing the hidden resolution inside the eyes of the smiling Tang Feng, she ultimately sighed. “Alright, if you insist on this, then I’ll support you. But I will have to report this to President Lu first.”

With the meeting over, Tang Feng’s schedule was clear for the rest of the afternoon. Xiao Yu had returned to the agency by herself to report to Lu Tian Chen about the show.

Right when Tang Feng was about to call Charles, the man mysteriously appeared out of nowhere.

“Did you go looking for a beauty somewhere?” Tang Feng said mockingly, seeing the smile on the man’s face.

“I’m looking for the beautiful you.” Charles walked over and pulled on Tang Feng’s clothes. “Accompany me somewhere this afternoon.”

Since the deal he had made with Charles would last for half a month more, Tang Feng didn’t have the privilege of refusing.


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  1. No wonder “Dream Lover” has so much views! It’s because of all us fangirls lol. The 3rd season would definitely be popular with us rotten people.~ :3c

  2. Ren says:

    I honestly would have liked to see Tang Feng try to woo some girls, hahaha. I guess it’s BL for a reason. xD

  3. lushola says:

    I have a feeling this would make thwarting appearance of Feinnes’ previous lover. Or at least I hope so! I mean, this was the guy who Feinnes accepted after all. Wonder what kinda guy he is.

  4. Devil says:

    Half a month left? Time goes by so quicky. D:
    Haha, I had a feeling it would be the type of theme. :) I’m curious now on who they will hook him up with. >:D

    Thanks again for the translation. :D

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