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Using the word “bizarre” to describe the atmosphere in the car would not be going overboard. Or perhaps it was only Xiao Yu, who was sitting in the back, who felt that way. Charles who was driving, and Tang Feng who was sitting beside him, were chatting together naturally for the whole time.

Today, they were going to the T.V. station to discuss the previously decided program “Dream Lover”. The T.V. show’s contents were similar to setting people up on blind dates, but only with a different name. Apparently, the agency had taken the initiative to help Tang Feng snag the spot. No matter what though, it wouldn’t be good to arrive late. For Tang Feng, who was a forgotten starlet of the past, having a manager like Xiao Yu was already good enough for him. He didn’t even have his own designated car. Last time, for the audition of Director Li Wei’s movie, it was Charles’ chauffeur who drove him there.

This morning, Charles was leisurely reading the newspaper and drinking his tea. But when he heard that Tang Feng had to go to the agency, he willingly offered to drive him there. Xiao Yu was going to reject the offer, but Tang Feng agreed before she could respond. Why take a taxi when someone was already willing to drive them?

Xiao Yu though, was somewhat unable to understand Charles and Tang Feng’s relationship. President Lu had personally instructed her to not speak out of turn, so the only thing she could do was listen.

“What’s the name of the show this time?” Charles randomly asked with both hands on the steering wheel.

Tang Feng thought for a bit, and replied. “It’s a blind date program. I think the name is ‘Dream Lover’.”

“Dream lover?” Charles sneered.

“Recently, the show has been very popular. Normal girls are invited onto the show to have dates with male stars. But I heard that the show is undergoing some changes lately. If Tang Feng appears in it, it will definitely get even more popular.” Xiao Yu cut into the conversation and said a few words. But in her heart she knew that for a male star, wouldn’t getting rejected by a normal girl be very humiliating? Because of this, even for the participating male celebrities, the reactions they got often differed by the level of their fame.

Those with great fame could stay smiling until the end. On the other hand, those with little fame will often be eliminated in the first few rounds. For people like Tang Feng, who barely had any fame, the longest they could survive were probably halfway.

Sometimes though, a dark horse would appear in the competition. It wasn’t rare for people to become famous overnight on the show.

Tang Feng only smiled. The recent changes for the show were probably only for obtaining higher ratings. No matter what the show changed into, the fact that he was joining it was already set in stone.  It didn’t matter what the outcome was, he only wanted to maintain a stable level of income and exposure to the public. Becoming famous due to the show was something Tang Feng never even thought about.

It had already been a few days since the audition for Director Li Wei’s movie, but he still didn’t know how the results were coming along.

When they arrived at the T.V. station, Charles willingly followed along. He seemed like he had a lot of free time on his hands lately. In the United States, they would say that he was having a casual stroll.

Tang Feng sat in the program’s office and waited for the show’s editor and producer. Although they said that he was there today to film, in reality it was only to meet with the staff of the show and have a talk. After all, even if he was slated to appear on the show, it didn’t mean that he could step onto stage just like that. He had to at least know the contents of the third season of the show beforehand. On top of that, he also had to sign a series of contracts detailing several confidentiality clauses.

“Dream Lover” was the trump card of this T.V. station. The show became well-known by setting up normal people on dates with celebrities.  The theme of the first season was “Prince Charming and Female Star”. Men with exceptional backgrounds were set up with female celebrities. By relying on the fame of the female stars and the exciting topic of the show, the first episode managed to set a new record for the highest viewer ratings of that season. Its success made it the most watched variety show of the year, the first of its kind.

The theme of the second season was “Cinderella and Prince Charming”. Ordinary women were given makeovers bit by bit, and made everyone jealous by being able to date male celebrities. The second season saw as much success as the first, even surpassing it in popularity.

The last episode of the second season would be broadcasted next week. And of course, the ending of one season signaled the beginning of another.

Following the pattern of the show, the theme of the third season wouldn’t be “Prince Charming and Female Star” or “Cinderella and Prince Charming” again. The theme would probably be something completely different, right?



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