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If you want a kiss, then I’ll give you a kiss. If you want me to kiss you, then I’ll kiss you.

Tang Feng looked over at Lu Tian Chen, who was sitting in the driver’s seat. He tapped his fingers on the car door a couple times, the corners of his lips rising in a smile. “So all along, President Lu wanted to personally give me a few pointers. I would be honored. Then, should we do it now, or should we wait until after we eat?”

While Tang Feng was talking, he was also leaning towards Lu Tian Chen. Not the least bit of shyness could be seen on his face.

Ever since he’d left kindergarten, Tang Feng did not know what it meant to be shy. You’re a man, and I’m also a man. If you’re going to kiss me, then I will kiss you back. Your personality may be rotten, but at least you’re handsome on the outside. To get a kiss from someone young and beautiful, you would even invite that person out for a drink. How nice of you. Not only did you invite me for dinner, you’re even paying for it.

If Lu Tian Chen had any idea of what Tang Feng was currently thinking, he would probably vomit blood and die.

Lu Tian Chen, however, did not expect Tang Feng to be this willing. A quick look of displeasure appeared in his eyes, but it was gone the next second, like a fleeting shooting star.

“President Lu?” If you put your hands on my shoulder, then I’ll put mine on yours too.

Tang Feng smiled as he laid both of his hands on Lu Tian Chen’s shoulder, his eyes reflecting the latter’s stern face.

“It was a joke.” Lu Tian Chen’s face, however, made him seem completely incapable of joking around. After uttering those words, he let go of Tang Feng’s shoulders and unlocked the car doors.

Tang Feng kept the joy of besting Lu Tian Chen to himself. It was enough for him; being greedy and openly gloating about it was not a smart thing to do. Tang Feng smiled and got out of the car. He did not mention the matter of Lu Tian Chen backing out of their kiss.

Everybody needed some dignity, and Tang Feng was more than happy to let Lu Tian Chen keep his.

The interior design of the restaurant was extremely exquisite – everything had a feel of antiquity to it. One would know just by looking at the antiques all over the place that the food there was definitely not cheap. A beautiful waitress wearing a cheongsam led the way to their room; it seemed like Lu Tian Chen had already booked a seat.

A card hung next to the door: Leisure Room

Beyond the door, there was a small courtyard-like room with numerous skylights. There was an elegant display of artificial flowers and plants. A small bridge and river in the background added a feeling of serenity to the room. The small courtyard was like a theatre box. In the middle, there was a table and several chairs made out of bamboo. There was already a person sitting in one of the chairs.

Charles was sitting with his legs crossed, watching a tea ceremony. When he noticed Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen, he beckoned them over.

Now Tang Feng understood. Lu Tian Chen didn’t invite him out to eat; it was probably Charles who’d asked Lu Tian Chen to bring him along.

As Charles could be counted as a competent lover with very good taste, Tang Feng smiled and greeted him. Naturally, Tang Feng took the spot beside Charles while Lu Tian Chen sat opposite of Charles.

At the small square table, Charles was to Tang Feng’s right, opposite them was Lu Tian Chen, and between the three of them was the beautiful lady performing the tea ceremony.

Charles waved his hand and let the beautiful lady withdraw, telling her that it was alright to start serving the food.

“Darling, how was the audition today?” Charles casually asked, but one could tell just by looking at his face that he didn’t truly care.

“It was alright.” Likewise, Tang Feng wasn’t interested in discussing work while eating. In that respect, he and Charles were quite similar. There weren’t many people who actually cared about how work was going for another person. Why don’t we just forget about conventional greetings.

Right in front of Lu Tian Chen, Charles smiled and said, “Personally, I think you’re more suited to the big screen than Ge Chen is. Look at that face – if it’s enlarged onscreen, people would go crazy for you.”

Tang Feng took a sip of tea and easily responded, “There are plenty of people with pretty faces. Even enlarged one hundred times, it would still be just a pretty face.”

“How can the men Charles fall for be just a pretty face?” Lu Tian Chen gave Tang Feng rare praise.

Tang Feng couldn’t stand the strange atmosphere those words created. Luckily, the other two men were both smart, and after a few casual exchanges, the conversation topic changed. Only, Tang Feng was even more averse to the following topics.

Weapons, smuggling, money laundering…he totally didn’t hear any of it.

Tang Feng focused on eating. Well, the food was very delicious.



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