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Outside the window, thunder and lightning mingled together. Raindrops as large as beans hit the cold glass pane one after another. It was only afternoon, but the sky looked so dark it was like the apocalypse was approaching.

With his head resting on his hands, Tang Feng looked out the window at the rain-soaked city. Stray pieces of black hair that appeared particularly soft fell on the man’s cheeks. The graceful arc his chin and neck formed made him seem like a proud, black swan.

The windshield wipers went back and forth, wiping off the rain; the raindrops were swiped off as soon as they fell onto the glass. The quality of the car’s soundproofing was exceptionally good― not a single sound from the outside world could be heard. The result was that the only sounds in the car were the two men’s breathing. The silence was enough to make anyone feel awkward. It was a pity that neither of them was the type to be easily embarrassed.

One of the two men was calmly driving the car. The other was thinking back on the audition and completely disregarding the one driving.

“Who are you?” The question unexpectedly burst out in the quiet atmosphere. The voice was soft; however, it sounded like an explosion to Tang Feng’s ears.

“President Lu, I’m Tang Feng: your employee.” He deliberately emphasized the last two words. If you still call yourself the president of a company and see me as your employee, then please, don’t get along so well with someone from another company to my face.

He knew Lu Tian Chen wasn’t asking about that, but Tang Feng had decided to play stupid ‘till the end. Even with a DNA analysis, the fact that he was Tang Feng couldn’t be changed.

“Are you complaining that I don’t see you as an employee?” Surprisingly, the man actually followed up on the topic and continued talking.

“No, I’m the one who’s not being a good employee.” Turning away from the window, Tang Feng rested his head on the soft car seat. He squinted; although he was not familiar with S City, he was pretty sure that this road did not lead back to Charles’ mansion.

“It’s good that you understand.” Lu Tian Chen’s words were arrogant.

Tang Feng resisted the urge to roll his eyes and absentmindedly said, “President Lu, are you sure this is the right road to take me back home?”

“So you already see Charles’ mansion as your home? It’s only for a month; after it’s over, you’ll have to move out.” Lu Tian Chen continued to drive, not answering Tang Feng’s question.

He definitely would be moving out. By living with Charles for a month, he was merely fulfilling the deal the previous Tang Feng had made with the man. Plus, Charles wasn’t too bad of a person.

Whenever he thought about the fact that the previous Tang Feng was a mere pawn in Lu Tian Chen’s hands, he had to sigh. In this world, it wasn’t exactly easy for a boss to be as horrible as Lu Tian Chen.

To prevent himself from blurting out poisonous words, Tang Feng closed his mouth. After all, his business contract was still in the hands of Lu Tian Chen.

The car rolled to a stop beside the city’s well-known, high-end restaurant. When Tang Feng was a superstar, he had visited the place before. The food was pretty good; the price was even better.

Was the stingy, sarcastic, and harsh President Lu inviting him out to eat? Sitting in the front passenger seat, Tang Feng gave the man sitting beside him a look.

“It seems like your eyes are saying that I’m too stingy to invite employees out to eat.” Lu Tian Chen suddenly smiled. The man always had on a serious and stiff expression; his sudden smile did not make Tang Feng feel that he was more handsome. It only made his hair stand on end.

“President Lu, my eyes can’t speak.” Tang Feng looked at the car door, which was clearly still locked. If Lu Tian Chen didn’t unlock it, he couldn’t get out. What exactly were they still doing in the car?

“In my opinion, your eyes are quite capable of speaking.” Lu Tian Chen beckoned to Tang Feng.

Tang Feng looked confusedly at the man.

“Kiss me.” Lu Tian Chen spat out those words simply and naturally.

“President Lu, what did you say?” Surely Tang Feng had heard wrong.

“Kiss me” ―Lu Tian Chen reached out a hand and grabbed Tang Feng’s shoulder―“like you did with Gino a moment ago.”

“Why?” You obviously disliked me so much before.

“Your kissing is terrible, disgraceful.”

What was up with that horrible reason? Was Ge Chen supposed to be good at it then? In Gino’s arms, he was like a little quail, completely lacking any resistance. At least Tang Feng was able to resist for quite a while.




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  1. Aigoo.. now this one wants to kiss him..;;;
    What are you doing kissing another man while pursuing someone?? Well MC is hot as fuck. ┐( ̄v ̄; )┌

  2. chika says:

    it’s not that tang feng, president Lu is jealous or just testing you

  3. DMag says:

    Eeeeeeeh? Did pres Lu get turned on by seeing tang feng kissed with gino so he also wanted to taste it???? Hmmmmmmm
    HMMMMMMM *grinning widely*

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