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Tang Feng’s unexpected answer made Ge Chen, who was standing by the side, freeze in shock. He cast a sideways glance at Tang Feng, his eyes showing reproach but also glee, as if saying, “You’re an embarrassment to the Chinese.”

Tang Feng, however, did not think so. In any case, what he said was the truth. He just simply did not like people like Ge Chen who prostrated themselves in front of foreign celebrities. He did not like Gino either, so those words just came out naturally.  Since Gino liked to ridicule him with words, Tang Feng did not hesitate to ridicule the other back, and it often resulted in him rendering Gino speechless.

For a moment, Gino’s pale blue eyes seemed to have brightened. His gaze fell on Tang Feng’s body, and there was an utterly cold and slightly angry expression on his face. “You really are a very rude person.”

Did he want to scare Tang Feng? Use that sort of move on your newly-acquainted smalltime celebrity.

Tang Feng knew Gino all too well. He smiled faintly. “What about you? Have you seen any of my works?”

Ge Chen did not say anything to stop the conversation. He merely stood quietly by the side as if he was watching an entertaining drama.

It was indeed a good show.

Gino did not get angry; on the contrary, he laughed. “I haven’t watched your works. Looking at you right now though, I really like you.”

Tang Feng knew that Gino wouldn’t get angry from just a few words and start talking back, although he did not expect Gino to say something like “I like you.” He didn’t take it seriously of course, but now the joke was on Gino: “I haven’t watched your works either, but I also like you.” As if.

“Hahaha! Really? Then that’s good. Why don’t we go get married? We would definitely get along.”

Tang Feng had been speaking English with Gino the whole time. The two men’s quick-paced conversation made it hard for Ge Chen to join in for two reasons: first, he didn’t really understand the conversation, and second, he couldn’t really speak English. Ge Chen was slightly suspicious as he looked at Tang Feng. If he remembered correctly, not only was Tang Feng an idiot who couldn’t speak right, he was also someone who couldn’t even hold a simple conversation in English. Since when could he speak such fluent English?

Actually, not only could the Tang Feng of the present speak English fluently, he could also speak it with an authentic British accent.

The three of them had not talked for long before the staff came calling for them. Everybody besides Tang Feng, the forgotten starlet, was short on time, so not much of it could be used for them to get to know each other. After the director gave everyone the details of the audition, Tang Feng understood why he deliberately gave them a few minutes to talk to each other. The content of the audition was very simple, direct, and full of impact—a kiss!

Kiss whom?

Michael Gino!

Not only that, if he really did get the role in the movie, it wouldn’t be as simple as a kiss.

“Think of the other as a woman and then kiss.”

Ge Chen looked surprised, though Tang Feng didn’t know if he was worried about the kiss or something else. Tang Feng glanced at Ge Chen, who was like a bean sprout. He then looked at Gino, who was very tall. In reality, he really wanted to see Ge Chen pretend Gino was a woman and kiss the latter. It was obvious from the current situation, however, that Ge Chen was the “woman.”

Only…to kiss Gino?

Tang Feng’s lips twitched slightly. Because of his work ethic as an actor, he wouldn’t refuse, though he would certainly feel unpleasant at heart. It would be good if he had some garlic right now. He would kiss Gino after eating the garlic.

The director let some people prepare first. The first group up was Ge Chen and Gino.

At that moment, an unexpected guest stepped into the business room. Dressed in a suit and walking tall, Lu Tian Chen came into the room. Tang Feng wasn’t narcissistic enough to believe that his own president was here to see him. His own agency’s president coming here to see Ge Chen instead of himself, however, was very funny, no matter how he looked at it.

Tang Feng smiled faintly. Was Lu Tian Chen here to see his own lover kiss another man?




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