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The result of that one sentence was something that Tang Feng quickly regretted. Ge Chen and Lu Tian Chen clearly got together secretly and there probably weren’t many people that knew the two were having a secret affair. Though now, in his brief slip up when he was trying to make a comeback at Ge Chen, he blurted it out. If Ge Chen told Lu Tian Chen, would President Lu put him on the blacklist or get rid of him to cover it up?

When he returned to the party, Ge Chen and Su Qi Cheng were just getting ready to leave. The popular star had already changed into a different outfit, though why was it still white? As Su Qi Cheng looked at Tang Feng, his gaze contained some reproach. The two left without saying goodbye to Tang Feng.

Tang Feng sighed inwardly; Lu Tian Chen was already walking towards him with an icy expression.

“Come here,” His words were brief, his tone cold and scathing.

Only gracing Tang Feng with those two words, the great President Lu elegantly turned and walked upstairs. Tang Feng’s only choice was to follow; who in the world allowed Lu Tian Chen to be his boss? He had asked Xiao Yu to look it up. The contract “Tang Feng” signed with Lu Tian Chen was for eight years and only five had passed.  He would rather not be refrigerated and kept away by Lu Tian Chen for the remaining three years.

It was time to have a talk with the president.

“Close the door,” Lu Tian Chen icily gave the command as they walked into a spacious resting room.

As Tang Feng stepped into the room, he closed the door after himself. At the same time, he turned on the room’s lights. Lu Tian Chen was already sitting on the couch looking at him with a slightly scrutinizing gaze.

“Other people’s domestic issues have nothing to do with me. You don’t have to worry; I won’t reveal any of your personal matters to others.” Tang Feng spoke first.

“Oh? And what do you know of my personal matters; why don’t you tell me?” Lu Tian Chen smiled faintly. However, not even a trace of the smile can be seen in the man’s eyes.

“I don’t know anything at all. I was just saying.” Tang Feng shrugged and smiled as he sat opposite of Lu Tian Chen. “There might have been some misunderstandings between us before and since there’s rarely a chance to be with President Lu alone, it’s better to talk now.”

“Oh? What do you want to say?” Clasping his hands in front of his chest, Lu Tian Chen crossed his legs and leaned back against the couch. The chilly smile was still on his lips.

“Having an over-obsessive pursuer by one’s side is truly an uncomfortable thing. But regarding this, President Lu doesn’t have to worry anymore. I was immature back then and may have gone overboard with some things. But I won’t now, and I won’t ever.”  In his whole life, Tang Feng was always the one being pursued, never once had he chased someone.

There was no expression on Lu Tian Chen’s face, so Tang Feng continued to speak, “I won’t bring personal feelings into work, no matter what happened in the past. Right now, I don’t even remember anything. Surely, someone important like President Lu wouldn’t continue to argue with someone as insignificant as me right? We should let bygones be bygones, is that fine?”

Tang Feng earnestly held out a hand; his act should count as showing a meek attitude. In any case, he didn’t expect someone like Lu Tian Chen who was overly shrewd and observant to reply to him. However, almost all of the things he should have said and done had already being done. Lu Tian Chen should more or less understand.

Lu Tian Chen merely looked at Tang Feng, the latter continued to hold his soft and polite smile. He could not lower the hand that he was holding out in midair, even if it was becoming sore. Tang Feng silently cursed Lu Tian Chen in his heart. Was the man deliberately messing with him? Please, quickly say something.

“It’s hard to believe that those words are coming out of your mouth,” Lu Tian Chen’s gaze fell to Tang Feng’s outstretched hand. He leaned forward and seized the other man’s hand with a powerful grasp.

With his face almost touching Tang Feng’s, Tang Feng could feel  Lu Tian Chen’s warm breath along with the words he spit out. The man was asking for a beating, “Tang Feng, you had better turn smart. The things that should not be heard, should not be talked about, and should not be done, it’s best that you understand them.”

“Many thanks to President Lu for giving me this opportunity,” Tang Feng quietly let out a breath he was holding. Even for someone experienced like him, when facing Lu Tian Chen, he could feel the oppressive atmosphere the other brought.

Smiling faintly, Lu Tian Chen suddenly withdrew his hand and grabbed Tang Feng’s jaw, “Don’t try to scheme your way out of this. Also, don’t think just because you’ve climbed into Charles’ bed you’ve climbed to superiority. Stay within your limits; apart from this face and this body of yours, you are worthless. Among men and women, you are not the only one who is willing to strip and sleep with someone.”

Suppressing the anger and humiliation in his heart, Tang Feng was glad of the useful habit he’d formed when he had heart disease. He didn’t lose to his anger; he merely pretended that a smelly dog was having a crazy barking fit near him.

“Thanks for President Lu’s advice,” he smiled as he spoke.

Lu Tian Chen left. Tang Feng sat alone on the couch; using a hand, he gently covered his chest. The only one he could depend on was himself.



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  1. Hika says:

    Heh.. Lol those crazy bastards make sure won’t feel regret soon or else.. Surely the only thing might be good about is their faces.. And their minds might be full of sperms.. Ughh.. I wish there is someone beeeeeetteeeeeerrr than all those bastards..

  2. Someone says:

    No matter how many times a read this story I still cannot bring myself to like either Charles or Lu Tian Chen or the crazy blond guy that come later. No…wait, I take that back. I kind of like the blond haired guy even though he’s super creepy. Charles raped Tang Feng in the first place, which no rational person would do if you wanted a fuck buddy. Second, Lu Tian Chen is nothing but a freaking asshole that can’t pull his head out of his ass. Ignoring what’s happening with Ge Chen just proves my point. And third of all the blond guy makes me think he’s going to kill Tang Feng instead to kiss him. So, even though they might change for the better there is still that part of me that doesn’t like any of them lol. ^^ I’m not a fan of rape, assholes, or creepy psychotic men lol. ^^

  3. Andrea says:

    This is why Im all board with Tang Feng x Charles. F you Lu Tian Chen!

  4. TUKer says:

    Lu Tian Chen you shall regret the days you treated Tang Feng like this once Ge Chen true colours are shown and he is a very big star.

  5. Hikaru says:

    You’re the one who sent him to Charles bed -.-

  6. Devil says:

    Aw poor baby. :(
    Wants to hold TF. I’ll take you. D:

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