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“You’ve changed a lot from before. In reality, as long as you don’t aim at Ge Chen, Tian Chen won’t be harsh towards you,” Su Qi Cheng said.

So after all that, it was because of Ge Chen that he decided to talk to Tang Feng? It seemed like the “Tang Feng” before really bullied Ge Chen numerous times. However, in the entertainment circle, there are few stars that can climb to a high position and be easily bullied by a forgotten starlet. At Su Qi Cheng’s words, Tang Feng could only maintain his calm attitude.

“It seems like there were some misunderstandings in the past between Ge Chen and me. He’s a good actor and person. Right now, I don’t hold any sort of spite towards him. I hope President Su can understand. As an unknown starlet of the past, my life isn’t very easy. So, I hope President Su and Ge Chen can forgive me for my previous mistakes.” Whatever the case, it was best to appear meek and apologize.

Tang Feng’s tone was sincere; the hint of helplessness in his words made him appear truly pitiful.

Su Qi Cheng was slightly surprised. He softened his voice and said, “What’s past is past. I’m sure Ge Cheng won’t mind. Actually, he hasn’t blamed you at all. He’s a kind and lovely person.”

Listening to those words, truly, Tang Feng thought, beauty was in the eyes of the beholder. In Su Qi Cheng and Lu Tian Chen’s eyes, Ge Chen was an angel. Therefore, the angel had to dress in all white, be kind-hearted and not the least bit cruel.

Tang Feng had no opinion on Ge Chen; however, he felt disgusted by Su Qi Cheng’s words. He had always thought that those kind of words only appeared in movies.

And speaking of the devil, a pale face paired with a white suit, a posture that spoke of his sickly beauty no matter the place, the widely loved Ge Chen unexpectedly walked out onto the balcony. He wore a faint and gentle smile on his face. If white light was projected behind him, then it really would be an angel coming down to earth.

“Qi Cheng, what are you doing out here alone?” Ge Chen smiled as he walked over and hugged Su Qi Cheng in front of Tang Feng.

Tang Feng stood quietly by the side and drank his champagne. How did Ge Chen assume that Su Qi Cheng was “out here alone”? He might as well be a decoration piece, as he apparently was not a part of mankind.

“Tian Chen was looking for you. Go inside quickly.” His smile was like an angel’s.

Su Qi Cheng happily agreed, and after giving Tang Feng a wave he walked back to the room. Ge Chen and Tang Feng were left alone on the balcony. It appeared that Ge Chen had no plans of returning to the room after Su Qi Cheng.

Ge Chen maintained a faint, gentle smile as he walked to Tang Feng’s side. Tang Feng was tall and Ge Chen only reached around his shoulder. He suddenly thought, perhaps Su Qi Cheng and the others liked the cute and helpless type.

“Tang Feng, I thought you’d changed, but looking now, it appears it was only a boring and pathetic game of yours. I have no choice but to admit that your acting skills have improved, but all this is useless in front of me. Tian Chen and Qi Cheng may have not noticed, but I can see through your clumsy act. I’ll ask you to please stay away from Qi Cheng. If you want to borrow — attract men to catch Tian Chen’s attention, then I must tell you, if Tian Chen cared about you then how could he possibly send you to Charles’ bed.” Su Qicheng’s “angel” smiled at Tang Feng with every word of advice. “No matter what you do, he will never love you, not to mention how dirty you are right now.”

Look at his words, he really is an angel.

“If Charles and I sleeping together is dirty, then you, who is sleeping with Su Qi Cheng on one side and secretly getting together with Lu Tian Chen on the other, are surely very clean,” Tang Feng politely reminded him. “You smell like Lu Tian Chen’s cologne. It’s best that you go change.”

Ge Chen’s already pale face grew even more ashen. Without saying a word, he turned to strike Tang Feng. Because the two of them were standing too close, Tang Feng could not avoid the other in time, spilling the champagne on both of them.

Ge Chen turned and left without a word, and Tang Feng sighed inwardly. Now not only did Ge Chen have an excuse to change his clothes, he could even go to Su Qi Cheng or Lu Tian Chen and speak badly of him.

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Proofreaders: PiKairi, Ayanora

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  1. Hika says:

    Haha lol.. I bet that iceberg is kinda pure in heart a bit and that seemingly harmless bastard is just playing with him for his body.. That white lotus is wearing a mask clearly but how could those two scum can’t see that unless they are both idiots in heart and mind lol

  2. WeiWuXiana says:

    Wow. I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual one who caused both the original Tang Feng and Get Chen to fall over in the ocean was caused by Get Chen himself. What a hateful bitch. And to think, this false angel even succeeded in killing the original Tang Feng then. Wow. Wow. Wow. Pity this story isn’t actually “died and reborn in the past to fix all mistakes” so original Tang Feng can turn this serpentine bitch into the cannon fodder it deserves. Smh.

  3. Eva says:

    I honestly can’t imagine ge chen being attractive to girls with his sickly, effeminate looks. His image is the kind that wouldn’t last past his late twenties. I bet his fan base is probably made up of men who like this fragile image.

  4. Nagisaprilia says:

    Damn, I really hate Ge Chen -_-

  5. Hikaru says:

    Wow he’s still an angel after blatantly ignoring tang feng in front of Qi cheng. He really can do no wrong lol.

  6. jay says:

    it’s funny how this is like an overblown romance drama and tang feng is the long-suffering reader reading the trainwreck… except he has no choice but to take part.

    thanks for translating :)

  7. Devil says:

    Hahaha oh gosh I laughed at this part “Look at his words, he really is an angel.”
    Man, I’m hook on this. D: Just knowing its gonna end soon is killing me softly inside. D: Nuuuu~

    Thanks again for the translation. :D If you are reading comments. :D)/ I ruv you.

  8. hana87 says:

    waaaahhh… great story… i really adored tang feng.. i reaally like his personality too.. so matured and compose, probably because he is actually a 37 year old man inside.. but still his charm have me captivated… anyway, thanks sooo much for translating this…

  9. misy90 says:

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu … are the best .please keep your good work

  10. Heart of Ice says:

    Thank you for ch23, Giraffe corps, I love you for life!

  11. PiKairi says:

    I guess in this case “love is blind”. *shudders* Ge Chen really is pretty scary. His acting must be amazing because he fooled almost everybody! I agree, I hope Tang Feng gets the part. He’s a cool guy, very charismatic XD

  12. kazemomo says:

    I’m so disgusted with Ge Chen. I’m disappointed with Qi Cheng and Tian Chen. They’re literally turning a blind eye to what Ge Chen’s personality really is like. True Tang Feng is acting, but it’s smart. Ge Chen’s acting, I’d say, is good from what I see if he can trick those two guys and people around him into thinking that he is an angel.

    I really can’t wait to see how this plays out. I hope Tang Feng gets the part for the movie.

    Thank you for the translation!!

    • PiKairi says:

      Oops. I thought I post a reply to your comment but I guess not…?

    • kezi says:

      If only the story line was that simple.

      I really love this novel :D It’s the only time I’ve ever been completely ok with a 2 (heck 3) way tie. Tang Feng has a way of making you give in to his demands. I would so be a fan if he was real!!

    • enibae says:

      Tang Feng actually isn’t acting,he already said it before that he would save the acting for the movies and be himself because he is now Tang Feng

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