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Despite whether Tang Feng wanted to or not, Charles took his hand and pulled him toward Lu Tian Chen and Su Qi Cheng. Alright, it might’ve been because this gentlemen-like gangster saw Director Li Wei and his wife standing there with them as well, but it wasn’t like they’d talk forever. Hurrying in now wouldn’t be any more advantageous.

Tang Feng shot a small glare at the smiling Charles. This guy… the reason he brought him to this banquet wasn’t just to give him an opportunity to meet director Li Wei. He was also here to watch a good show. What a horrible personality. People like him are all no good.

“Hi. Hope I didn’t interrupt anything?” Charles always seemed to be brimming with confidence. As he apologized, Charles pulled Tang Feng into the circle. Tang Feng decided to keep silent, and nodded politely to the others in greeting.

“Let me introduce to you – my friend Tang Feng.” Charles clearly didn’t want to let the other man off so easily. He eagerly started introducing Tang Feng to the director and his wife.

How would performers around his age act in this situation? They’d probably start feeling dizzy just from meeting such a notorious director. Perhaps they’d start tripping over their own words, or put themselves down too much, or end up overwhelming the other person with too much enthusiasm.

Tang Feng didn’t know if Charles just wanted to see a show or if he was testing him. Considering how close Lu Tian Chen and Charles are, more than likely, the two have talked about him already. However, the “Tang Feng” they’d talked about certainly would not be him. Well sorry, no matter how Lu Tian Chen felt about “Tang Feng”, since the life was his now, he’s going to live how he preferred it. He planned on becoming the character, “Tang Feng”.

Acting is saved for the screen, not for everyday life.

“Nice to meet you, director. I’m Tang Feng.” Neither stuck up nor overly humble, his attitude seemed polite and soothing.

Tang Feng had known the director and his wife in his past life. These two elders didn’t particularly enjoy social events or chatting with strangers. Hastily approaching them would only give a bad impression. A simple, polite getting was enough.

“You’re called Tang Feng?” asked Mrs. Li in surprise.

“Does Mrs. Li have a friend with the same name?” Of course she did. It was me.

She smiled, her eyes revealing a faint hint of sadness. “Yes, my friend coincidentally had the same name. The vibe you give off almost reminds me of him.”

They didn’t stay on this topic for long. Su Qi Cheng and the others soon started talking about movies. But as Tang Feng had figured, people who didn’t enjoy socializing wouldn’t like talking about business in such events either. Director Li briefly touched on the subject, then began taking about something else. Tang Feng stood quietly on the side, and occasionally noticed the director looking at him.

When everyone is talking, and he’s the only one to remain silent, it automatically makes him more noticeable. This would have been a good start, but it wasn’t enough to mark him as unforgettable in the director’s eyes.

Tang Feng had an advantage no one else had. He had the experience, the skill, and even the advanced knowledge of the play Director Li was going to make. Basically, he knew what kind of actors the man was looking for.

Right at this moment, the band started playing tango music.

“Charles, you’re not going to ask me to dance?” Tang Feng looked at the man beside him. There was a scene in the movie where the two main characters shared a tango, which also was one of the highlighted scenes in the move. Coincidentally, Mrs. Li was also a fan of tango.

Sometimes, actions spoke louder than words.

It’s just that…

“I’m not very good at tango,” Charles pushed Lu Tian Chen forward. “Tian Chen is an expert dancer. He’d definitely be more than happy to enjoy this dance with you.”

“President Lu, please don’t feel like you have to force yourself.” Are you kidding – dance with this iceberg?

“Not at all. It’s my pleasure.” Lu Tian Chen surprisingly stepped out to do it. On the side, Ge Chen took a sip of his wine, his complexion looking slightly unwell.






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Translator: Nuddle
Proofreaders: Insanity, PiKairi, Ayanora

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  1. Devil says:

    Haha. Ice berg. ;D I am so loving this.

  2. kazemomo says:

    Thank you for the translations of the chapters so far. I don’t know if it’s in traditional Chinese or modern, but i still know it’s hard to translate Chinese. There could be more than one meaning for a word. I just discovered this novel and am so eager for the next chapter. I sooooooo wanna see the tango dance!

    I think the reason why Tian Chen doesn’t like the past Tang Feng was because of his personality and coming on too hard. And for Ge Chen: never judge a book by it’s cover. He might dress and look all innocent, but I think he’s playing that off too much. And for all the information that was revealed about the falling into the water incident, I think Ge Chen was the one who caused them to fall. Maybe the one who pushed Tang Feng. But you can totally tell who is prioritized when both fell.

    Another thing about Ge Chen. I think he really is ill. Maybe because of Tang Feng experiencing illness, he might notice these types of things more.

    Too bad Tang Feng can’t tell the director and his wife about who is right now. I would find it nice if they found out that he got a second change at life.

    With Tang Feng’s changed personality, I think the two other guys that liked Ge Chen will change who they’ll be interested sometime.

  3. s3ri says:

    Thank you!!

  4. Heart of Ice says:

    Thank you for the chapter! I love the novel i’m slightly depressed that the chapters come out once a month, but nonetheless, I am so grateful to every translator for their time and effort that is put into translating a chapter!

    • PiKairi says:

      Oh. Really? I never noticed that it came out once a month. XD It’s actually a coincidence though. There’s no set time schedule for the trasnlators or proofers.

  5. May says:

    Yay. Thanks for translating this novel. I just recently found out about this through mangaupdates xD

    Excited about the next chapter.

  6. Erikachan says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work. This novel is amazing!

  7. emi says:

    Thank you for the translation!, and initially the tango was dance between men too.

  8. Atsu says:

    Och so good. Thank you

  9. drealicious~ says:

    Two guys dancing a tango? now I want to see it in real life!
    I hope Tian Chen will change his impression of Tang Feng with this dance and have a competition with Charles hehe
    Anyway, Thanks for the hard work! i love this novel and i really appreciate the translations!

    • Elikun says:

      ME TOO!!! I wanna see that too in real life!!! I love this novel, it’s getting better and better!!!! Thank you for the hard work! [^_~]

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