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The party was more of a personal event than an actual party. The attendance rate wasn’t high, but every single attendant was of status and fame. Celebrities from the Tian Chen Group and Su Entertainment flitted around like social butterflies, all holding glasses of champagne and chatting about in order to expand their social network. Who knows, maybe they’ll find a wealthy person who would invest in them.

Tang Feng didn’t really like parties. First, because of his illness, he could never hold his liquor well, and, second, a glamorous party is only appearance deep; the inside would be completely corrupted by greed for money and power. For everyone in this part of society, using parties to make connections had become a necessary skill.

Tang Feng wouldn’t reject the required social meetings. There was no need pretending to be all noble and virtuous. You could do what you want, but you need a group of trustworthy friends, so as to not drown in the sea of untrustworthy people.

The party this time was held in celebration of the collaboration between the Tian Chen Group and Su Entertainment. The two heads were undoubtedly in the spotlight, but the one who caught the most attention was none other than Ge Chen, who according to rumors had an intimate relationship with both of these company bosses. Ge Chen seriously liked wearing white suits; even for this party he wore a high-set white one, leaving him with an elegant feeling that of a pure and untainted lily.

But, isn’t it a bit stark?

Every time he saw Ge Chen’s pale face matched with such plain colors, Tang Feng felt an urge to ask about his health. Ge Chen was pretty, but he lacked the healthy beauty of male strength.

“You sure you want to walk in there holding my hand?” Tang Feng raised his eyebrow.

Charles, who was also an owner of sorts for this party, provided the reception venue. Naturally, he had his own VIP lounge. Already possessing handsome features unique to mixed bloods, Charles looked all the more stunning in his English-styled getup. If he had a scepter, Charles would honestly look like a king.

“I enjoy the gazes of admiration and envy from others,” Charles scanned the man who’d just changed into a suit, the black and navy enhancing Tang Feng’s natural vibe of nobility. The custom tailored outfit showed off the man’s enviable frame, his whole person carrying a fresh, lively feeling like the royalty of a long lost kingdom.

Honestly, more so than Ge Chen, the one being chased after by both Lu Tian Chen and Su Qi Cheng, Charles truly found Tang Feng more desirable. Alright, perhaps it was a difference in taste between Westerners and Easterners?

Charles always trusted his taste, however.

After dying at thirty-seven from heart disease, Tang Feng couldn’t care less about what other people thought of him now. A human was meant to live freely, so seeing things from this angle, Tang Feng enjoyed Charles’ carefree attitude.

“Please.” Fixing his tie, Charles courteously reached out his hand to the other person.

Tang Feng generously gripped back, and the two fine men walked down the stairs together. In a second, most of the room’s gazes were fixed upon them. This almost reminded him of his past life, when he was a luminary chased after by the media and fans alike.

Would he experience stage fright? Of course not.

He openly beamed a polite but naturally charming smile.





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  1. Shizuka says:

    thank you for this translation, this novel is very interesting and in someway new in the BL novel panorama ( at least among the BL novel I’ve already read :))
    Could you please tell me how many chapters per volume there are?

    • a giraffe says:


      Glad you’re liking the story :)

      There are four volumes total. Volume 1 has 128 chapters that are about 1500 chinese characters each. Volume 2-4 all have about 3200 characters per chapter; vol 2 with 39 chapters, vol3 with 63, and vol4 with 87. There is also an epilogue volume 10 chapters.

  2. snowrabbit says:

    how i wish the chapters are longer..
    good job translating this novel, hope the new chapters comes soon~~
    really cant wait to read it all up!

  3. d1r31 says:

    Thank you for the translation.

  4. misy says:

    yaaaaay……another chapter…….thanke you for your hard work……i honestly can’t wait for the rest chapters …..but i have to ENDURE and wait (;.;)…… please know thatt i’m breathing with this story…..i love tang feng and how he astonish others………thaannkke you soooooooooo much for your translating \(>.<)/

  5. blackitty says:

    thanks for giving me my fix. you are amazing thanks a lot.

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