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Before a performer becomes rich and famous, their hair, attire, and everything they do becomes a business label. A good outfit would not only win the hearts of the audience but also a set amount of respect.

They didn’t need a gigantic wardrobe, but the items in it must be refined. This is especially true for male performers. There was no need to follow seasonal trends like the females do, but every single piece they wear must be of exquisite quality.

It’s not like Xiao Yu had never gone shopping before, but this was surely the first time she’d walked into an upscale fashion store like Armani. She blinked widely as Tang Feng spoke to the sales rep as if he was a regular of the place, expertly picking items out, trying them on, then paying with his credit card. Xiao Yu suddenly felt like she’d walked into a different world.

She had researched Tang Feng previously, and before she met him, she honestly thought he would go for the idol style. But now it seemed Tang Feng was planning to change his image? He was clearly the courtly, soft-natured kind of person, but Xiao Yu had to admit, pairing Tang Feng’s face, which bore a slight classical feel, with a nice dress suit, simply made him… unbelievably handsome!

“They’re all looking at you.” Xiao Yu was inevitably thrilled standing next to such a handsome man. Quite a number of men and women shot admiring gazes in their direction. Alright, they’re most likely just envious of her.

“You’re really beautiful as well.” Tang Feng stopped walking, and extended his hand to push Xiao Yu into a salon. He smiled, “You can keep those glasses, but since you also represent me in public as my voice and spokesperson, I’ll need to remodel you today.”

“Ah?” Xiao Yu’s jaw dropped.

“Want to know how beautiful American managers dress?

“But, I…”

“An elegant lady would not reject a man’s gift. Take it as a gift of us meeting today, I’ll pay.”

In the end, Xiao Yu could only follow him into the salon.

The next morning, when Xiao Yu stepped into the office with the clothes Tang Feng bought and had instructed her to wear, complete with high heels and a new hairstyle, countless people within the company threw curious glances at her.

“My god, where did this beauty come from?

“Xiao Yu, are you sure you’re at the right place? You look like you could be working for New York’s finest law firm!

“Where’d you get your hair done?”

“Where did you buy those shoes?”

Xiao Yu honestly felt pampered. She could only answer her coworker’s questions one by one. When she finally mentioned that Tang Feng had bought everything for her, everyone stood stunned in utter disbelief.

“Tang Feng? I remember him being really stingy though.”

“Are you sure the Tang Feng you’re talking about is the same spoiled brat we know? For him to have such good taste?!”

“Like you guys, I’ve only heard some rumors and thought he’d be a messy celebrity to attend to, but after yesterday… He’s honestly just so hot, and so easy to get along with. You’ll know once you meet our Tang Feng. He’s got endless opportunity ahead of him!” Xiao Yu was incredibly proud. Tang Feng’s few gestures had already captured the young girl’s heart.

The others were curious, but they didn’t really take it to heart. Some were waiting for a show to start. It wasn’t rare seeing outdated performers buying presents to bribe their managers. Who knows, it may be all too soon before Tang Feng showed his true character.

Not to mention, many of the company’s employees saw Charles walking Tang Feng around the other day. Where did Tang Feng’s money come from? The people didn’t say that out loud, but they all knew what was truly happening in their hearts. There were tons of celebrities being raised as “pets” in the entertainment industry. Even Ge Chen, one of the big fish around lately, in order for him to get here, he had to be supported by Su Qi Cheng in the beginning.

But everyone in this circle’s very practical and condescending. They’d only gossip about the unknown performers like Tang Feng, and how he would sell his body for money. They’d never find fault in what Ge Chen had done.

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