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As Tang Feng didn’t need to go to work the next day, he could sleep until he woke up naturally. Tang Feng vaguely recalled Charles getting up next to him at eight in the morning. The other man said something but Tang didn´t hear it clearly. He turned over and resumed his sleep.

Two hours later Tang Feng regained consciousness. He climbed down the bed with some difficulty and was still half asleep when he walked into the bathroom. The man who re-emerged from it half an hour later was completely awake.

Tang Feng sat on the side of the bed, and read the note Charles left him while putting on his pants:

My beloved Tang, by the time you wake up, your manager should already be waiting for you in the living room. This credit card’s limit is forty million; you can go shopping if you have nothing better to do. Remember not to blow it out.

—Your Perfect Lover Charles.

“Seriously…” Did Charles actually plan to be his sugar daddy?

After choosing a plain outfit to wear, Tang Feng slipped the credit card into his pockets and climbed down the stairs. Currently, he was dirt poor, but he didn’t really want to depend on Charles for money. He would keep tabs on the bills for the time being and pay Charles back later.

It was 10:45 am when Tang Feng went downstairs and saw his manager sitting in the living room. She looked to be in her early twenties, as if she had just recently graduated from college. She even had a pair of large black-framed glasses propped on her face.

“Hi! You are Tang Feng, right? I am your manager Zhang Yu. You can call me Xiao Yu.” The girl, who had been sipping tea with a bored expression on her face, immediately stood up when she saw the man come down. The eyes under the large spectacles stared at Tang Feng as he approached her, her mouth hanging slightly open.

“What, do I look like a monster?” As expected, that bastard Lu Tian Chen just couldn’t be counted on to pair him up with a good manager. But a hard-working young girl was still better than a snobby, fat, old man. Tang Feng gave a friendly smile and extended his hand forward. “It’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Tang Feng.”

“Ah, hello.” Xiao Yu rushed to return the handshake, slightly embarrassed. “First, please excuse me for staring at you. It’s just that you are very different from what I had imagined…”

“Haha, how different?” Tang Feng turned his gaze to the teacup on the table “I still haven’t eaten breakfast, so let’s eat together. You aren’t allowed to refuse.”

“Sure, thank you.” Xiao Yu said with a smile, “You are even more captivating you’re your photo.”

She was telling the truth. Until their meeting today, she had thought of him as nothing but a pretty face. When she was assigned to Tang Feng, all her co-workers had felt sorry for her, but now she knew she had hit the jackpot.

“You have a pair of beautiful eyes yourself.” Tang Feng laughed. “Thank you for the praise.” He smiled fondly.

Tang Feng’s words and actions did not match his appearance. Xiao Yu watched the man’s tall, straight back and couldn’t stop her heart from fluttering. Exactly who had told her that Tang Feng was a foul tempered, hard to manage, and stupid performer?

The man standing in front of her was clearly a gentle and considerate future star full of charm!

Xiao Yu had a strong premonition that when this man reappeared in public, everyone would be in for a huge surprise.

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