Chapter 14: Getting Along

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“True Star Training Class”. The first time Tang Feng had heard of this silly name, he almost laughed out loud. He could tell straight away that it was a dumb name concocted by the company heads to create impact. If stars could be just trained so, then there’d be superstars all over the world.

And, as he had guessed, this training class was indeed a product of the two companies’ teamwork. It’d got enough promotion, funding, and resources. As long as you had the ability and got the chance to attend, no matter if it was an unheard newcomer or an obsolete celebrity like Tang Feng, the class could prove to be a golden opportunity.

The same evening, Charles and Tang Feng ate out at a restaurant.

With the end of the game, everyone parted in their ways. Tang Feng was slightly disappointed. He had wanted to make Lu Tian Chen sweat a little on the pool table, but then again, there’d be more chances for that in the future. Even if it was because of something the original owner of his body had done or for some other reason, Tang Feng couldn’t accept the condescending attitude Lu Tian Chen had toward him.

Fighting back when bullied had always been Tang Feng’s motto.

Otherwise, blindly accepting to become a doormat would only make others to assume you’re a pushover, or find you pathetic. Sometimes, personality does determine one’s fate. There is a reason other persons find the piteous ones hateful. No one likes someone with no willpower or resolve.

“I heard you fell into the ocean because of a quarrel with Ge Chen during a movie shoot. And that the two of you fell off together.” Charles brought up the incident out of the blue, his eyes emitting a sly glow.

“Do you think it’s my fault as well?” Tang Feng laughed. He sipped on the wine and continued, without rushing himself, “Since it seems I was the one to blame it on, I’m now suffering the consequences.”

Charles pursed his lips into a smile, staring at the man having dinner so elegantly in front of him. “It’s that it is such a pity. You were the one who loved Lu Tian Chen so deeply, yet he decided to save an employee from another company instead of you.”

“When Lu Tian Chen first stepped into the entertainment industry, your mother helped him once. I’m sure you had something to do with that.” Charles picked up his wine glass, the red liquid glowing as blood under the light.

In other words, Lu Tian Chen was an ungrateful bastard too?

But what was Charles trying to get at with bringing this up?

“I thought you two were good friends.”

“He doesn’t deserve that you love him so deeply.”

“I am no longer in love with him.” Tang Feng smiled. He was speaking the truth. Lu Tian Chen’s appearance might suit his tastes, but there was no such thing as “desperate“ in Tang Feng’s dictionary.

There are tons of men and women in the world. What a waste to linger hopelessly for just one person.

Charles blinked, “Then, would you be able to love me?”

“While the contract stands, I will love you accordingly.” Tang Feng decided he’ll just pretend being on honeymoon with a handsome guy. He liked Charles’ straightforward attitude, as well as his model-like physique.

Charles was more than pleased with Tang Feng’s reply. What rich men like him were most afraid of were those types that kept clinging on them even after the deal was done and over with. He may really like Tang Feng’s company now, but he’d be certainly tired of him after a whole month.

“I will be an excellent lover.” Charles was always open handed and never stingy, especially toward a tactful and good-looking bed partner. “I’ve already told Lu Tian Chen about changing your manager. A new one shall be here tomorrow morning. You guys can have a good talk.”

“I won’t have to accompany you to work tomorrow?” Finally, some good news. Tang Feng was pleased with Charles’ efficiency.

“You´ll just have to keep me well accompanied tonight.”




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