Chapter 13: Gamble

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There actually weren’t many people in the upper class of modern society. Even fewer were in the entertainment industry. Therefore, it wasn’t a rare sight for presidents of two entertainment companies to know each another. They might even work together for mutual benefit. There was no such thing as a permanent friendship, after all, just profit.

Even so, it was a rarity for two company heads to be as close as Lu Tian Chen and Su Qi Cheng. What truly intrigued Tang Feng was, wasn’t Lu Tian Chen in love with Ge Chen? Even if Lu Tian Chen and Su Qi Cheng had been classmates in college, they’re love rivals now. How could the two play and chat together so casually?

Leaning against the back of the pool table, one arm on his waist and the other holding a cup of coffee, Tang Feng watched the other four as an outsider. Tang Feng knew that life often contained more drama than even television shows, but he couldn’t avoid feeling helpless after coming across such a cheesy setup so early in this reborn life.

Charles was in a battle with Su Qi Cheng. Compared to Lu Tian Chen, whose skill level was a match for Charles’, Su Qi Cheng was simply being slaughtered. Those two big men hovered around the pool table while the other two stood at opposite ends of the wall, flirting with looks and occasional giggles.

Tang Feng was speechless. Was Su Qi Cheng blind or was Tang Feng the delusional one?

“Ha, looks like I’m the winner.” Charles had defeated Su Qi Cheng with an admirable score of 137. Charles then busted into a couple of dance moves before making an elaborate turn to point at Lu Tian Chen and Su Qi Cheng. He grinned, “According to the rules we’ve agreed upon, now I have the right to ask a favor from you both.”

“As long as you don’t have me kiss Tian Chen, anything’s fine.” Su Qi Cheng forced a smile.

Charles, who liked playing billiards O’Sullivan-style, smiled mysteriously. He then walked straight to Tang Feng, who was isolated in the corner and ignored by everyone at this point. Charles wrapped his arm around the other man’s waist and forcefully pulled Tang Feng into his embrace.

“Honey, I’ve missed your scent.” Charles rested his head against Tang Feng’s neck and took a deep breath.

“The soap I used yesterday was from your bathroom.” Meaning, the smell of my body is exactly the same as yours.

Having those words thrown back at him, Charles laughed heartily. Tang Feng seemed to have grasped this man’s personality, which was a bit wild and self-absorbed. He might maintain a calm and gentlemanly behavior most of the time, but just turn around and he’d be a rogue with a black sense of humor. As long as you didn’t cross the line, though, Charles would remain fairly bighearted. He wouldn’t get mad at you just for talking back here and there.

Instead, he’d find an occasional dispute amusing.

Tang Feng was more than happy to stand up to Charles. Allowing others to intimidate him without fighting back simply wasn’t his way of doing things.

“What do you think? My dear Tang is so charming, isn’t he?” Charles kept hugging Tang Feng as he swept his gaze across the faces of Su Qi Cheng and Lu Tian Chen. One wore a faint smile and the other looked back aloofly. He said meaningfully, “Add a name to next week’s True Star training class. My beloved Tang will be joining.”




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5 Comments so far:

  1. kumastories says:

    this entire story screams of S U G A R D A D D Y … (At least the sugar daddies are young and good looking. But man… the entertainment industry is fked up or what…)

  2. 梅花 says:

    lol what is going on, is everyone in this world’s upper echelons of society either gay or bi? Not that I’m complaining, hohoho

  3. knownassociate says:

    Hmmmm, does Charles have the feel of Triad about him?

  4. Cielot says:

    “The soap I used yesterday was from your bathroom.”
    After I thought I couldn’t like his Tang Feng’s character anymore than I already do, he goes and makes witty remarks that I love the most. Charles is interesting as well; I really like his personality. I’m hoping the dialogue stays this witty the whole story. I’m bad with drama, please stay this lighthearted a story ( I doubt it though).

  5. Hikaru says:

    Nice. I’m starting to like Charles more.

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