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If there were two floors reserved for dining in the building, then naturally there’d be a place for entertainment and leisure. With billiards being a hobby favored by a lot of men, pool tables were certain to be present.

Although Tang Feng wanted to give Lu Tian Chen a lesson, the first match was unfortunately between Charles and Lu Tian Chen instead. Of course! As an outdated idol with no power or status, what else could he expect than to serve as audience? Though in all honesty, neither of the other two men were experts, only Charles seemed more used to the sport as he had grown up overseas.

A little thirsty after having watched them for some time, Tang Feng glanced at the two CEO’s currently immersed in the game and walked out to grab something by himself. Outside the billiard room was a coffee machine. He placed his cup under the spout and waited for the coffee to drip. While doing so, another man holding a cup walked in his direction. Out of good conduct and habit, Tang Feng politely greeted the fellow with a smile.

“It’s you?” The man looked back at him with mild astonishment, his perplexed expression showing an odd mix of distaste and pity.

Tang Feng had expected that people who knew the original owner of his current body would show up all the time. Retrieving his coffee and taking a sip, Tang Feng found it a tad bitter and so added another spoon of cream. He then took his time to turn around and give the man a faint smile. “Please excuse me. I´ve suffered a concussion and forgot a lot of my past. It seems we knew each other before. Is it alright if we introduced ourselves a second time?”

Tang Feng scanned the person in front of him, discerning at first glance that he was of a first-rate upbringing. He wasn’t handsome but did emanate a gentlemanly charm. Charles also seemed a gentleman, but underneath that guy, it was obvious that a thug lurked.

“You lost your memory?” A little shocked, the man stared at Tang Feng for some time before uttering with a smile, “No wonder. You’ve changed quite a bit from before.”

“Tang Feng.” He reached out his hands. Tang Feng wasn’t keen on making a new friend, but at least this way he could avoid creating a new enemy.

“Su Qi Cheng.” The man shook the hand generously, “How’s your health?”

“I’ve fully recovered now. My memory’s probably going to stay this way forever, but it’s still better than ending up with dementia,” Tang Feng said with a hint of self mockery. He withdrew his hand and started to leave.

Su Qi Cheng grinned at Tang Feng’s sense of humor. He followed and asked, “Are you alone?”

“No, Lu Tian Chen and Charles are playing billiards inside.”

“Oh.” Su Qi Cheng nodded, “What a coincidence. I’m accompanying someone for the same reason.”

And who was he accompanying? Tang Feng found out soon enough. A young man dressed entirely in white stepped from the restroom toward them. An almost imperceptive shadow crossed over his face when he saw Tang Feng and Su Qi Cheng chatting together, but his expression maintained a lovely smile.

“Qi Cheng.”

Tang Feng looked at the youth in white, who could be counted as rather pretty, despite for the fact that he looked a bit thin and fragile. Dressed on those loose white clothes, he looked particularly delicate. Tang Feng personally favored strong, healthy men, but there were those who fancied cute types that brought out their instinct of protection.

“Ge Chen.” Su Qi Cheng’s light response took Tang Feng by surprise.

So that iceberg also liked these weak, pitiful types, and here he thought Lu Tian Chen would prefer the type that were more of a challenge to conquer.

Not out of jealousy or anything, but Tang Feng was vaguely disappointed with Lu Tian Chen’s taste.

“Tian Chen and Charles are also inside. Why don’t we all play together?” Su Qi Cheng’s eyes sparkled upon seeing Ge Chen, striding over to embrace the young man’s waist.

Tang Feng placidly drank his coffee on the side. Su Qi Cheng’s probably the rival CEO of Lu Tian Chen’s entertainment company. How did they all know each other?




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