Chapter 11: Lu Tian Chen (Part 2)

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Lu Tian Chen and Charles, looking for something to say, began chatting casually. The topics of their conversation had no bounds, shifting from the current state of the economy to the entertainment company’s newest investments. Tang Feng tactfully did not intervene. In this kind of situation, choosing to listen respectfully was the best approach. One could guess the kind of person someone was from their words.

So far, Lu Tian Chen and Charles both counted as the rational type.

Tang Feng suddenly really wanted to meet Ge Chen, who Lu Tian Chen was supposedly crazy about. Being able to make such a rich, rational, mature, and handsome man to lose himself in love, it’s no wonder that man was now a famous celebrity.

“Tang, what do you think?” Not allowing Tang Feng to keep to himself, Charles with one sentence let the focus fall to him. Lu Tian Chen acted like it was only natural and also turned to him.

Tang Feng had just spaced out a short time ago and wasn’t listening to the contents of their conversation at all. He only faintly remembered Charles bringing up a new movie and a little bit about the newcomers’ training. Pretending to be better than one actually was in order to impress others wasn’t a good idea.

He put down the glass cup that was coincidentally at his lips. Tang Feng smiled apologetically, looking toward Charles with a slightly pleading gaze. He knew that powerful and accomplished men would readily fall for that kind of expression. Back in the old days, he had known quite a few investors and moviemakers. They seem frightening with their distant and cold attitude, but in reality you only needed to soften up a bit and they would treat you well.

The only condition was that, in front of these arrogant and egotistic accomplished men, if you didn’t understand something, you didn´t pretend that you did, or make as if you understood it more than they do.

“Oh… I was spacing out a bit earlier, so if you don’t mind, could you repeat yourself?” Tang Feng said with a soft tone.

Instead, by openly admitting his mistake and looking a little embarrassed, it would actually cause people to have a good impression of him.

Charles really ate it up. Because they were in public, it meant that even if he were a pervert who wanted sex, he still wouldn’t be too obvious about it. He reached across, grasping the hand of the man sitting across him, and smiled warmly: “My darling Tang, your confused expression is causing my heart to skip beats.”

Tang Feng smiled discreetly.

“Tian Chen, you don’t want Tang Feng anyways, so why don’t you give him to me?” Charles glanced aside at the Lu Tian Chen, the very intrusive third wheel. The latter was at that point sitting with a bored expression. Upon hearing Charles’s words, he only laughed indifferently.

As Lu Tian Chen glanced at Tang Feng his tone was a little cold: “That would be his honor.”

Tang Feng knew that Lu Tian Chen despised him, but he didn’t think that it was to this degree. Giving him away to someone and still saying that it was his honor? He didn’t mind having a partner in bed, but that’s only if both of them weren’t in some goddamn master-slave relationship. Their manner of discussing who he belonged to, right in front of him, was just deliberately hurtful.

“Actually, it is my honor to have a wonderful boss like President Lu.” Tang Feng countered with a sentence, smiling and not displaying too much emotion.

Lu Tian Chen looked in his direction. Hiding his scorn, he laughed coldly and did not speak to Tang Feng again. Charles just acted like he hadn’t seen anything and suggested that after the meal they play pool together in the afternoon.

“Sure.” Lu Tian Chen readily accepted.

Tang Feng laughed coldly inside. Just wait, if Lu Tian Chen dared to match him on the pool table, he’d definitely beat this condescending bastard until he was on his knees begging for forgiveness.




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