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The Tian Chen Group had its own diner. The place was incredibly large, covering a total of two floors. One floor was where regular employees ate, and the other was reserved for parties and special events.

It was around noon, the time when most people had just finished their morning duties. Quite a number of workers chose to purchase their meal from the resturant. There wasn’t a set menu, and the restaurant was separated into two areas. One was the buffet area, where a large variety of food, ranging from western to eastern food, was available and free for all employees to eat. The only thing the company didn’t provide was alcohol; Coffee and regular beverages were served.

On the other side was the a la carte area. If you wanted something more gourmet or would like to dine in a quieter area, this was the better option. You’d need to pay after eating here, though.

As a high-up executive in the Tian Chen Group, Charles didn’t need to pay to eat at the a la carte area.

Stepping out from the VIP elevator with Charles, Tang Feng could feel pairs of eyes staring at them. The people working at Tian Chen tend to dress fashionably, so he couldn’t tell the celebrities apart from the office workers.

Charles took Tang Feng straight to the a la carte area. They were the only ones here right now, and soon the waiter came over to bring them menus.

“Let me guess what you like to eat,” Charles flipped through a few pages casually. His fingers tapped on the table, as his mouth stretch to an amused smile. Paired with a well-tailored suit and a beautiful sitting posture, the man looked cunning and charming.

Tang Feng took a sip of his lemon water and grinned. “Sure.”

“You don’t like to eat animal intestines.”

“How did you know?” Tang Feng was rather surprised. Charles was right. He didn’t eat animal intestines, or any inner organs, for that matter.

“Because my eyes can see though human hearts, haha.” Charles ordered quickly, and the waiter left with the menus.

“What else can you see from me then?” Setting the glass of water down, Tang Feng crossed his fingers on the table. The soft midday sunlight passed warmly through the windows and left Tang Feng with a gentle, quiet feeling.

Charles tilted his upper body slightly, his gaze dropping to the other man’s face. With a smile hovering on the corners of his lips, Charles voiced lazily, “You’re enchanting right now.”

“I have eyes that can see through hearts as well. I wasn’t the only one you’ve said that to, Charles. You’ve definitely dated more women than men.” Tang Feng guilelessly unveiled the man’s little trick. Charles smiled.

“Hahaha, Tang Feng, I bet the number of men and women you’ve seen won’t be any less than mine…” Charles burst into a hearty laugh, attracting some attention.

“Charles, what’s making you so happy?” If Charles’ voice was deep and sonorous, then the voice of the man who just spoke was like the night, cold yet enticing.

Tang Feng turned his head toward the source of the sound. It wasn’t uncommon to see Lu Tian Chen in his own building. Upon seeing him, Tang Feng could understand why this body’s previous owner was so infatuated with the man. Lu Tian Chen looked more handsome than the magazine photos and emanated an icy charisma. People tend to be attracted to these mysterious types like swarms of flies.

Thankfully, that didn’t include Tang Feng.

“Tian Chen, you’ve got horrible timing. I’m eating with my beloved Tang right now. Though I have to thank you — if you hadn’t introduced him to me, I wouldn’t have gotten to know such a charming person.” Charles greeted Lu Tian Chen, the two appearing to be close friends.

“Oh, is that right?” Only now did Lu Tian Chen bat a single eyelash at Tang Feng. Lu Tian Chen directed an impersonal judgmental gaze at him, and Tang Feng smiled back politely. Lu Tian Chen was taken aback but quickly recovered his frosty demeanor.

“That’s all the more reason for you to treat me to dinner, then.” Lu Tian Chen walked over as the waiter hurried to bring over another chair.

Great, now the three of us would be sharing a table. Tang Feng drank his water in silence.

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