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Tang Feng followed Charles into the company building. Tang Feng figured that the people here knew him, or at least the front desk ladies did. Seeing him with Charles, everyone at the front desk was stunned for a moment before glancing in the direction of the two men. Their gazes weren’t friendly or hostile, just extra curious.

Tian Chen Entertainment was situated within this building, and employees often fancied the President and anything related to him. Therefore, it’s not unusual for these ladies to recognize even a smalltime celebrity like Tang Feng. Some people felt a bit confused though. Why would Tang Feng, who used to chase after President Lu so ardently, be with Charles now?

“They’re all looking at me.” Tan Feng smiled wryly as he entered the VIP elevator.

“It’s because you’re beautiful.” Charles coolly wrapped his arms around the other man’s waist.

Beautiful? A face that’s too beautiful isn’t fit for the entertainment industry. Tang Feng glanced at the two figures reflected in the side mirror. His own face wasn’t extremely beautiful or anything, but it was a face that people would remember. In terms of beauty, Charles was high in the ranking as well. As a mixed-blood, he possessed a sort of wildness and refinement.

The elevator stopped at the top floor. Charles stepped out and, as though no one was looking, moved toward the lavish office with his arms still around Tang Feng. There was one main difference between the front desk ladies and Charles’ secretary. The ones downstairs couldn’t control their eyes or mouths while the secretary here expressed no curiosity or suspicion, if she even felt any. The look she gave Tang Feng was incredibly ordinary as well.

There’s a reason why some people could work in higher positions and others could not.

“I have work in the morning. Over there are some magazines and a computer, and if you need anything, go talk to Anna. You just have to stay in the office.” Charles sat erect at his desk while Secretary Anna immediately presented him with coffee. Of course, she didn’t forget Tang Feng’s portion either.

Charles spent the entire morning taking care of documents on his computer. Apart from occasionally sipping his coffee and glancing at the nearby couch where Tang Feng was playing on the iPad by himself, Charles didn’t say a word and dedicated his attention to work. Tang Feng was sensible and so didn’t bother the man. He simply went online to look up some information.

The first thing he searched for was information on Tang Feinnes’s death. The movie star who’d died of a heart attack last month had already been buried, and, as his will desired, his money and property were all donated to charity. Countless people were sad to see a genius leave the world.

It was a peculiar feeling to see news about his own “death.” Tang Feng suddenly felt invigorated. He’s going to use this body and the experience he’s attained in the past thirty-seven years to climb to the top again.

He then looked up some news on Lu Tian Chen. The man was handsome and naturally dashing. If Charles was a wild gentleman, then Lu Tian Chen was like royalty. His whole body emitted majesty, and, from the piercing eyes alone, Tang Feng could tell that this person wasn’t as simple as his appearance suggested.

Almost forgetting to look up Charles, Tang Feng quickly searched him up. Charles was a tycoon from a well-off family in Europe. He’s a bit of a mysterious person and was currently collaborating with Lu Tian Chen on entertainment investment.

Tang Feng felt that something was off — the feeling usually present when two plutocrats collaborated together. These two probably aren’t just businessmen, are they? He raised his head to eye Charles, and the latter just so happened to look back. Charles generously beamed him an enchanting smile.

“Bored?” He closed the documents and stood up. Weaving out from behind the desk, Charles strode toward Tang Feng.

“Are you done with work?” Tang Feng felt perplexed as Charles edged toward him. He hoped this charming man was just a simple businessman. If Charles really dealt with the criminal underworld, then that meant Tang Feng couldn’t afford to offend him.

“I suddenly wanted to kiss you.” Half-kneeling on the couch, Charles hugged Tang Feng’s waist and pressed himself on the man’s body, kissing his soft lips. It wasn’t a light peck this time. Charles pried Tang Feng’s teeth open and invaded his mouth. The kiss was like an attack, aggressive and filled with the spice of smoke. As someone who’s done very little kissing, Tang Feng simply accepted the kiss.

Charles kissed him with such ferocity and force that it seemed Charles wanted to swallow him whole. The hand clinching Tang Feng’s waist also began to massage to and fro. Right when Tang Feng thought the man was going to go in heat here, Charles let go of him. Charles smiled gently, tracing his finger across Tang Feng’s slightly swollen lips, and said in a husky voice, “You’re hungry, I bet. Let’s go grab something to eat.”

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    Wow, I can’t believe it, I really love this novel XD
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  2. Hikaru says:

    The main character is so interesting. It’s nice to have a smart uke for once, or at least one that knows what he s doing.

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    Charles, why did you stop? :O Haha.
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    Believe me, you are a life saver! Thank you so much for the updates and keep up the good work!!!!

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