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Black cars have always exuded such a dignified feeling. The chauffeur opened the door for them, but Charles didn’t step in. Rather, he gallantly let Tang Feng get on before him and only entered afterwards.

“What do I need to do today?” Tang Feng pondered quietly, while he leaned on the car’s backseat. Charles didn’t look like someone who’d enjoy playing perverted games, but how would anyone know for sure? In case that man drags him to his office to do immoral things, Tang Feng needed to prepare now and start thinking of how to reject him.

“Just accompany me.” Charles smiled softly, laying his palm on Tang Feng’s lap, but nothing more.

“May I ask what does Mr. Charles does for a living?”

“Some forms of business, mostly dealing with real estate and finances. Most of the businesses are done in Europe, though. I’ve also started investing in movies lately.” Recalling that Tang Feng had lost his memory, Charles continued, “Lu Tian Chen and I were college schoolmates. Other than taking care of the businesses I have here in China right now, I’m also working with Lu Tian Chen.”

“You don’t even remember him?” Charles looked at the man curiously.

“I don’t, but I have heard of my relationship with him during my stay in the hospital.” Tang Feng could tell from Charles’ gaze that he knows this body’s owner was in love with Lu Tian Chen. The good thing was that Charles had only heard of these things and hadn’t gotten in contact with Tang Feng to confirm about it.

Tang Feng began to feel a headache coming on. Using amnesia as an excuse wouldn’t trick Lu Tian Chen for long, but on another thought, there shouldn’t be too much to worry about, right? The one Lu Tian Chen likes is Ge Chen and he even conveniently hates Tang Feng. With that, they wouldn’t have to see each other. There’s no need for the company’s celebrities to meet with their company president everyday anyways.

Other than Charles’ plans for his trip in China, the two somehow landed on the subject of sports. Because his body didn’t allow for any extreme activities in the past, Tang Feng pretty much only played billiards. Coincidentally, Charles was a self-acclaimed expert in it. The two chatted for a while before Charles suggested for them to have a match in the afternoon. Tang Feng pleasantly accepted the challenge.

The car stopped in front of a skyscraper in City S. In front of the building was a large marble slab. Four words were brilliantly engraved on it: The Tian Chen Group.

Tang Feng had gained some understanding of this person called, “Lu Tian Chen” during his stay at the hospital when he flipped through magazines and talked with the nurses . Lu Tian Chen is the Tian Chen Group’s founder and CEO. When he was young, he utilized his family’s status and his personal endowments to successfully establish his current enterprise. The company owns many business in a vast variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing automobile components to finances, and now, entertainment. If there was an industry capable of generating a profitable income, he would stick his feet in it. In City S, this man was practically a legendary figure.

As for the Tian Chen Group… that’s Lu Tian Chen’s stronghold.

Charles clearly knew of the animosity between Tang Feng and Lu Tian Chen. But now, Tang Feng has forgotton about him. To bring Tang Feng here, it’s a wonder to what Charles was thinking.

Tang Feng looked at Charles doubtfully while Charles strode towards him, beaming a gentleman’s bright smile, “I forgot to tell you. While in China, I’ll be working in the Tian Chen Group. But since you forgot about Lu Tian Chen, nothing should happen even if you two meet again. Either way, you’re still an employee under his name, so it’s no good to argue with him.”

From what Charles was saying, does it mean that he wanted to be a mediator?

“Thank you.” If he could bury the hatchet with Lu Tian Chen, Tang Feng would be more than happy to.

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