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When Tang Feng saw his three-digit savings account, he had nothing to say. It seemed like the original Tang Feng didn’t waste any time in wiping out the sum from his mother’s inheritance. No wonder the middle-aged manager had told him that his house had already been taken by the bank. The three-digit savings account was all he had left of his personal property.

Putting the passbook back into the drawer, Tang Feng took a quick shower before changing his clothes. The entire wardrobe consisted of beautiful pieces from brand-name companies, but he honestly couldn’t compliment the pervious Tang Feng’s bizarre sense of taste. Tang Feng just barely managed to pick out a normal-looking, neutral colored outfit.

According to what his manager said, Lu Tian Chen would arrange a company dorm for him. Although first, he had to live at Charles’ mansion for a month.

Tang Feng walked down the stairs. Charles was already up. Because of the dim lighting in the room and his muddled mind due to the drug, Tang Feng still hadn’t properly seen the man he had gotten into an intimate relationship with.

“Morning.” Charles lifted his head in a polite smile, his hair appearing coffee-brown under the sunlight. His clothes were tidy and clean and his posture was erect. In front of him lay a simple but exquisite breakfast and a few daily newspapers on the side. Tang Feng casually scanned them. Aside from the usual business and finance papers there was also one on entertainment.

There were two portions of breakfast on the table. Tang Feng walked over and pulled out his chair to sit beside Charles. As he sipped his freshly ground and brewed coffee, he felt comforted by its familiar taste. Because Tang Feng knew he could die at any moment due to his heart problems, he had always taken good care of his quality of life.

Really, making a man who was used to a luxurious lifestyle to live in poverty again overnight was downright painful. It was like telling a woman who wore clothes worth over a thousand to revert back to wearing ones worth ten. Men were the same. They get used to smoking a good cigar, drinking fresh coffee, and driving the best car.

Drive a tractor again? Forget it, he’d rather walk.

“Entertainment news?” Tang Feng asked curiously.

Charles smiled. He was a man of great charisma, Tang Feng evaluated after having a clear look at the other. Charles had excellent upbringing, he was polite and well-mannered, yet also very wild in bed.

“For random reading.”

“Did another celebrity catch your eye?”

Rather than speaking with his “owner,” Tang Feng’s natural attitude was more like speaking with a good friend. He leaned over to glimpse at the paper in front of Charles. The sunlight that hit his slightly pale face brought forth a strange sense of haziness.

Charles squinted and suddenly bent over to kiss the man’s cheek. What a delicious “breakfast.”

“Are you this gentle to all your lovers?” Having lived in the West all his life, Tang Feng wouldn’t feel embarrassed from something like this, but these warm actions gave him the impression that they were actually lovers. But it was only a misconception. Tang Feng had seen too many of wealthy, handsome men like Charles. They were the sort of people who changed bed partners faster than the speed of a rocket’s flight. He could play with him, enjoy the feeling of being in love, and then part in good terms once everyone got what they needed.

One must never put their real heart into this sort of relationship.

Charles narrowed his eyes and smiled. “Only rarely.” To be honest, he’d never done this before. To be unable to restrain from kissing a lover he had bought with money during a meal, it was odd even for Charles. He liked kissing Tang Feng though, so he didn’t think much into it. Most likely it was because Tang Feng gave him a refreshing and novel feeling.

“Do you have anything planned later?” Charles casually asked, while stacking the papers he’d finished reading.

Taking a bite of ham, Tang Feng shook his head, “To be honest, I want to go find Lu Tian Chen.”

“Oh? You’re really in love with him.” Charles raised an eyebrow.

“No, I just want to discuss arranging another manager for me. Experience isn’t important, but the person has to be at least sincere.” Tang Feng knew the man misunderstood him, but he didn’t plan on explaining. “Plus, I want to see if I can find some jobs.”

Accepting a job meant that he must work with his manager. That was why Tang Feng needed to switch from the irritable manager he had now.

Charles looked at him and spoke, “I’ll take care of that for you. As compensation, accompany me today.”

“The whole day,” Charles amended.


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