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“I can recommend you to the director, but you have to understand that Director Li Wei isn’t someone who’d openly agree just because of a sponsor’s recommendation.”

Charles didn’t expect the pretty-faced starlet in front of him to receive recognition from the famous director. He knew of Tang Feng’s quick fall from fame after having being a huge hit when he first debuted. The man had a good handful of scandals.

Despite that, the current Tang Feng instilled an odd sense of confidence in Charles. One that made him want to believe in the other. The person who was in front of him now was completely different from the Tang Feng he once knew.

Almost immediately, Charles understood why he was willing to settle an agreement with a small-time celebrity in a bathtub. He wanted this man in front of him.

Why would Lu Tian Chen think that Tang Feng was an annoying piece of trash? He was obviously a man that made people want to conquer and claim.

“The entertainment industry doesn’t lack visually appealing men. I can give you some opportunities.” Charles’s hands grasped the man’s ankles underneath the water. It was a shame. He had drugged him during their first time together.

Tugging his legs back a little, Tang Feng examined Charles with somewhat judgmental eyes.

He couldn’t hold back his laughter, “Can I take it that you want to buy me?”

“Are you willing to let me buy you?”

Tang Feng’s straight forwardness made yet another positive impression on Charles. He had played with a few celebrities in the past, but most of them were too smooth. They were either too obedient or too submissive, which bored him, or they were conceited, which irritated him.

“Your words are quite arrogant, but I don’t think of myself as someone who only has looks. I don’t like the word ‘buy’ either.” Tang Feng promptly rejected the other’s offer.

Charles wouldn’t become angry simply because of this. He had already expected the other’s rejection. Luckily, they still had a deal that would last for a month.

“We have one month to understand each other.” The handsome man of mixed-blood smiled.

“Since there’s no way to cancel the deal, can we change the stakes a bit? Please recommend me to Director Li Wei. I will try my best to convince him. Also, during the day, I hope you won’t limit my freedom. Is that alright?” After careful contemplation, Tang Feng tried to barter as much freedom as he could get from this agreement.

Settling the deal with this tyrant face to face was the wisest decision. Giving an abrupt rejection or refusing to compromise would only make the other person despise him. The final result would be getting himself killed. Tang Feng still held a huge passion for the entertainment industry. In his eyes, being able to live again was a second chance from the heavens.

All he wanted to do was make the most of this opportunity and do his best.

The past Tang Feng had already angered his company’s boss. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be allotted such a horrible manager. The Tang Feng now not only had to scrub the previous one’s butt for him, he also had to find someone to support him, someone who would prevent him from being buried by the management. There was one such man in front of him now—Charles.

Charles was silent for a moment before nodding. He gave Tang Feng an affirmative answer, “Sure, I really like you.”

“I like you as well.” Tang Feng coolly smiled and added, “But, next time, don’t use drugs. It feels horrible being dizzy.”

“Want to go for another round?” Charles leaned forward, filling the space above Tang Feng with his entire body. He lowered his head and kissed Tang Feng’s forehead, suddenly feeling an impulse to do it seriously.

“Seeing as how I just got discharged from the hospital, please spare me.”

“All right, I don’t want to frighten you from the start either, but how about a kiss?”

Tang Feng wrapped his arms around the other’s shoulders, offering his lips. It was a light kiss without any sexual intention, yet carried its own sort of sweetness. Charles liked this kind of kiss.


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  1. Bob Chan says:

    Damn charles. TF is quite open about this agreement. I like it that the MC isn’t acting hysterical and is actually calm.

  2. hyun says:

    Wow i like the MC

  3. DMag says:

    GOSH! I was so stupid to think that body swap – plot is not that intresting anymore xD
    Really!! I love it so much already ❤

  4. linnil says:

    Tang Feng is so cute and clam!

    I feel so refreshing reading this.

  5. Hikaru says:

    This kind of uke is so refreshing. Calm, collected, and experienced, so different from the usual. Ah I’m glad I started reading this.

  6. raimeowmeow says:

    Oohh, i already like the new tang feng… kindda sassy..

  7. Devil says:

    I like this kind of kiss too. :3

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