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It wasn’t like Tang Feng had never experienced being intimate with other men throughout his past thirty-seven years. In the early years of his career however, he had tried his best to remain clean. Adding on the fact that he had heart disease, Tang Feng mostly refused when others asked him out. That was, until he inadvertently developed a relationship with a young male performer later on.

Tang Feng simply valued self-restraint. He didn’t exclude men, but that was on the precondition wherein he had consented and would take joy in the act; unlike how he was drugged and done against his will by another man yesterday.

It was still dark outside. Dawn’s first ray of light hid stubbornly behind the mountains, reluctant to show its face. Inside, the room was dim and murky. When he woke up, Tang Feng looked at the clock hanging on the wall. It was 5:54 in the morning.

His head still felt a bit dizzy and heavy. Most likely the drug hadn’t completely worn off yet. Another man was sleeping next to him on the bed. Judging from the half-dried liquid between his thighs, this man had probably played with him until three or four o’clock before going to sleep. What impressive stamina.

As the room was shrouded in darkness, Tang Feng couldn’t make out the face of the man who had raped him. He squinted lightly, and using his years of experience of observing others, Tang Feng figured that the man should be rather good looking. The other had deep set eyes and black hair, probably of mixed blood.

Tang Feng tested his feet against the floor, his legs immediately buckled under his weight and he tumbled over. Instinctively, he clutched at anything he could and ended up grabbing tightly onto the blankets.

In the end, he still fell onto the ground, taking the blankets with him. The sudden movement woke the man still sleeping on the bed. Tang Feng heard a succession of noises, eventually ending with the click of a switch. The room instantly became bright. Tang Feng squinted, feeling overwhelmed by the sudden brightness.

By the time Tang Feng’s eyes adjusted to the lights, a stark naked man with an incredibly good body stood in front of him.

With one sitting on the ground and the other standing up, the awkward height difference made Tang Feng notice a certain “thing” he also had when he looked up. Tsk, the length is pretty good.

But it wasn’t the time to be admiring each other.

“Running away?” The man didn’t care that he was naked and gazed down loftily on Tang Feng.

“No, I just wanted to take a bath.”

Right now, Tang Feng would be considered homeless and penniless. He knew nothing about this place, nearly nothing about his identity, and even less about why his manager took him here.

Could it be that the previous “Tang Feng” had sold his body? The entertainment industry did have those kinds of people, but Tang Feng had already carefully examined his body. There weren’t any haphazardly messy marks on him, so it didn’t seem that was the case.

“My body’s too dirty, so I wanted to take a bath.” The other man didn’t respond. Tang Feng continued to explain as he stood up. Some strength had returned to his legs after resting a little, though he still felt like a soft-shelled shrimp.

The sheets slid off of his body. Did you expect a thirty-seven year old man to be embarrassed about being naked and blush like a seventeen year old? Forget it, what should and shouldn’t have been done had already happened. In fact, hiding and concealing himself would make him look even more idiotic.

Although the body he was now living in belonged to a twenty-five year old youth.

“You’ve finally thought it through?” The man narrowed his eyes, watching as Tang Feng, completely naked, made his way shakily to the bathroom. His young body glowed light honey under the lights, firm yet not bulky, every inch was beautiful. And in that place, there even remained some unknown liquid.

Tang Feng thought for a second and decided to tell the truth.

“I just came from the hospital. I suffered a concussion and can’t remember many things.” Tang Feng told him while holding onto the bathroom door.

“Tang Feng, don’t try to play tricks.” The man pushed open the door and walked in with big strides.

Bathrooms in high-class mansions truly are nice. The faucet instantly emits warm water. Tang Feng let the faucet run and sat inside the tub. He shrugged and gave a pained smile, “You can ask the doctor, or you can go find that fat guy who sent me here.”

“Does that mean you don’t remember our deal?” The man narrowed his eyes again, the corner of his mouth flicking up. He crossed his arms, generously displaying his excellent body.

Tang Feng shook his head. So he had a deal with this man.

“You live with me for a month, and we recommend Ge Chen as the leading male for Director Li Wei’s new movie.” The man walked over and entered the tub, not caring at all whether Tang Feng agreed. Tang Feng shifted backwards to make space. Good thing the tub was big. There was enough room to squeeze in two men.

Tang Feng felt dizzy as soon as he heard the man’s words. He had to sleep with this guy for a month, yet the final benefactor wasn’t him, but Ge Chen?

“I really agreed to such a ridiculous thing?”


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  1. Well, I guess it isn’t as bad?? But did the guy literally have to drug him first?!?

  2. Ame says:

    “You’ve finally thought it through?” The man narrowed his eyes, watching Fan Tong step shakily to the bathroom, wearing nothing.

    watching Fan Tong

    Fan Tong

    I reread this chapter at least 3 times.
    I don’t know how I missed this until now lol.

    • a giraffe says:

      Oh dang, we totally missed that as well. XD I’m not sure Fan Tong would be so happy to be put in that sort of situation. Thanks for the catch!

  3. Devil says:

    Oh man, this is getting interesting. O__O)> on to the next chapter.
    Thanks for the release. :D

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