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During his time in the hospital, Tang Feng didn’t have any visitors. The good thing was that the various items in his bag gave him some sense of his current identity. Apparently, this body’s original name wasn’t Tang Feng. The management company felt that the original Tang Feng emitted the aura of classical China, so they renamed him that way. According to the diary in his iPad though, it seemed the previous owner wasn’t very fond of his name.

Whatever the case, as long as the current Tang Feng liked it, then it was fine.

The original Tang Feng seemed to have been obsessed over a man called “Lu Tian Chen.” The current Tang Feng presumed that the man was the CEO of his agency. It had probably been a one-sided crush on the previous Tang Feng’s part. The most mindboggling thing was that the body’s previous owner had illustrated in his diary the details of an incident where he had drunk with Lu Tian Chen and later seduced him. They developed a certain relationship afterwards. As for Lu Tian Chen, it seemed he had another love interest—Ge Chen.

What kind of complex relationship was this? “Tang Feng” liked Lu Tian Chen, yet Lu Tian Chen liked another celebrity under a rival company. It also appeared that Ge Chen had his fair share of unmentioned ties with his own company’s head as well.

Alright, the entertainment industry had always been a pot of mess anyways.

Tang Feng generally understood his situation after finishing the diary: His parents were divorced. His mom was a famed star in the country, but had already passed away, causing him to lose his source of support. He had been popular for a while after he debuted in an idol group when he was younger, but lost popularity when he went solo. To top it off, he had a crush on the CEO of his agency. Basically, he was a squanderer, abandoned by the management.

In conclusion, he was an undetermined second-rate star who had lost standing in the industry.

Although he was an outdated starlet, he had been reborn again as a celebrity. Perhaps this was what people called fate.

On the day the hospital released him, Tang Feng saw his manager—a slightly chubby middle-aged man. The original Tang Feng disliked this man; the one now didn’t like him either. The middle-aged man looked overly shrewd. For an abandoned idol with only a few years left to his contract, Tang Feng found his future to be very unclear with the other as his manager. The middle-aged man quickly filled out the release forms, seemingly annoyed the entire time.

Tang Feng carried his luggage and followed the manager to the car.

“I heard from the doctor that you hurt your head and can’t remember much,” the man said blankly as he drove.

“Mm. Everything’s a little bit blurry. I can’t really remember anything.” Tang Feng looked out the window and gazed at the scenery of S City.

After a long pause, the manager said with unclear intentions, “It might be a good thing that you can’t remember.”

Tang Feng didn’t over think it, since the way the previous Tang Feng had acted was fairly unlikable. But on a deeper note, he was a child who had grown up without love, and probably wanted to catch other people’s attention by doing outrageous things. Yet, everything kept rebounding back to him. Tang Feng hoped that that child would be reborn into a complete family filled with affection in his next life.

About thirty minutes later, the manager pulled into a high-class residential area. Tang Feng found this quite odd. A second-rate celebrity who was past his time shouldn’t be able to afford a mansion worth tens of millions.

“The bank claimed your home a few days ago. President Lu will arrange a room in the company dorm for you, so live here for a couple of days.” The manager got out of the car and looked at Tang Feng with a perplexed face. “Follow me.”

“Whose house is this? Wouldn’t it be bad for me to live here?” Taking his luggage, Tang Feng followed behind his manager. He felt that this kind of mansion shouldn’t be used by a second-rate idol like him. But the things he had learned from the diary were too limited, so he couldn’t guess if the previous Tang Feng happened to have some rich friends. His deceased mother seemed to be quite famous in the country, so it wasn’t unlikely that he’d have a few.

“Brat, you’ve gotten really lucky, to think there’s someone who’s still willing to house you,” the manager said without turning his head. His words were filled with mockery and haughty contempt.

No matter what awful things the Tang Feng back then had done, you are still his manager. Your cold, mocking attitude just then had not an ounce of professional integrity.

Tang Feng decided the first thing he would do in his new life was to change his manager.

Not long after the man pressed the bell, someone came to greet them. The one who opened the door was a maid. They exchanged a few words and the manager walked in, Tang Feng followed afterwards. The design inside was very simple, yet it was still quite elegant. One could tell the mansion’s owner was a man with good taste.

“Mr. Charles was President Lu’s classmate in college. He is usually very busy, so you’ll probably only see him at night. Your room is right here.” The manager brought Tang Feng to the second floor and pushed open the door to the room at the very end of the hall. Inside, there was a private bathroom, a TV, a computer, closets… Tang Feng was more than satisfied.

“Remember, don’t trouble Mr. Charles in any way. This is not advice, but a warning,” the manager said callously before departing.

Tang Feng felt a bit helpless. He didn’t know if the previous owner of his body had some sort of relationship with Charles, and if there were, how deep their relationship was. However, Tang Feng felt that he himself was someone who had a good personality and was quite easy to get along with. Hopefully, this Mr. Charles wouldn’t be too judgmental of “Tang Feng.”


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  1. Tina says:

    I just noticed after rereading this series for the third time. Tang Feng name is changed to Fan Tong in this sentence, ” For an abandoned idol with only a few years left to his contract, Fan Tong found his future to be very unclear with him as a manager. The middle-aged man quickly filled the release forms, his mood seemingly annoyed the entire time.”

  2. Sage says:

    I really like new Tang Feng! He’s so adaptable and happy-go-lucky. Love him!

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